Paradise Pier Hotel Secrets Revealed

Paradise Pier Hotel Secrets Revealed

today I’m provost Park bass where we
talking all about Paradise Pier Hotel me and goofy are gonna be hanging out all
day here the Pacific Pier Hotel was built in 1984 by a Japanese corporation
and the name of the hotel was the Emerald hotel then they changed the name
from it one more time then they changed the name from the Emerald Hotel to the
Pan Pacific Hotel then in 1995 Disney bought the hotel and change it from the
Pan Pacific name to the disney Pacific Hotel then in the year 2000 dizzy
changed the name to the name that it’s currently known as as the Paradise Pier
Hotel so let’s talk about the Paradise Pier by the numbers it’s the smallest of
the three hotels on property it only has 481 rooms pretty tiny for a Disney hotel
there are three restaurants the Surfside lounge the slurpin USA which is by the
pool and the PCH Grill there are four elevators in the Pacific Pier Hotel
three of them are internal and one of them is a glass elevator elevator number
D elevator number D number D Lobby the Pacific Pier Hotel stands at 15
stories high when you say the Paradise Pier Hotel you get two different types
of views one is the park view which is amazing overlooks Disney California
Adventure the other is a pool view overlooks the pool and the Calvary
scream and waterslide california’s streaming waterslide so the theme of the
Pacific Pier Hotel is casual Beach everything is supposed to represent
having a fun day at the beach the Paradise Pier Hotel is the only hotel
that has a 13th floor the other hotels have skipped that numbering because it’s
considered bad luck but in Japanese culture 13 is a very lucky number so
they’ve included it in this particular hotel the elevators in the Pacific Pier
Hotel are a little odd there are no buttons to push inside the elevator so
what you do is you push the button to the floor you want to go to on the
outside then it points an arrow to tell you which elevator you should board see
no buttons so right behind me is where my very favorite Hidden Mickeys is more
of a light illusion than anything they have three bright lights aimed at this
painting and when you look at those lights through a camera lens you can see
they hit a Mickey there’s lots of little things that are fun for kids to do here
at Paradise Pier Hotel one of them is the sand castle theater the kids get to
sit a little Beachcomber chairs and watch classic Pixar films the Surfside
lounge is open from 6:00 a.m. midnite that offers pastries coffee
little sandwiches and salads it’s a great place to grab a little quick bite
to eat this makes Paradise Pier very unique it
has the only restaurant where you can dine with none other than Mickey Mouse I really enjoy this little water container
every game of state here it’s been different we’ve got strawberry water
when you had orange water and then have lemon water it’s those little perks that
dizzy does right now here’s some real insider information on July 10th they’re
gonna be moving Mickey Mouse to the cuff on your grand hotel and having Donald
Duck come here so if you’re staying here after July 10th 2018 now you can have
breakfast with Donald Duck the Paradise Pier Hotel offers a 24-hour fitness
center known as Mickey’s Beach the Paradise pool is located on the third
floor it’s amazing it has a pull a little splash area for kids and a
waterslide no one has the California’s streaming for those of you that little
ones they also have a little tiny kiddy pool right here it’s only one feet it’s
only one foot deep once the eat so in one foot it’s just one foot that’s one
foot basically 12 inches of water is what I’m trying to say here the pool
they have a pool party right here they have a DJ they play games there’s all
kind of music you’re probably thinking Chris what’s the age limit to a pool
party well well well dizzy has no age limit everybody’s welcome to pool party
sometimes traveling with little ones can be difficult Disney tries to make it as
easy as possible every single room here at the Paradise Pier Hotel has a pack
and play in the closet that’s right you don’t have to bring your pack and play
there’s one provided for you in every single room the true bonus of staying
here at the Paradise Pier Hotel is the magic morning that’s right they give you
a bonus hour at the parks every other day it’s gonna need Disneyland
then on the opposite days relieved California Adventure so make sure you
use those bonus hours and don’t let them go to waste because you basically get
the park all to yourself after you spent a long day the park you come back the
hotel and on Thursdays and Fridays nights at nine o’clock right here they
show a family movie and dizzy movie they put a big screen up you sit down watch a
movie snacks and just kind of come up with your family it’s a really great way
to end the day that’s how it’s done kids what is your name here and who’s your
favorite Disney Princess Ariel is a good one my favorite character is Donald
favorite character Buzz Lightyear Buzz Lightyear all classic characters
everybody thank you so much hi if you forget something don’t worry you can
shop at the Mickey in Paradise gift shop I’m overloaded with Mickey there’s so
much Mickey here something that really makes the Pacific Pier Hotel stand apart
from the other two sister hotels is the fireworks show that’s right this is the
only hotel that has a balcony dedicated to fireworks show they will even pump in
the firework music and characters voices so you can hear the whole show and watch
it right here from the Pacific Pier Hotel on level number three Hey
I don’t think I’ve told you yet ice what you guys to know I think you’re awesome
thank you so much for watching this video if you haven’t already go ahead
and hit the subscribe button right up here I also have some other videos about
the other hotels here at Disney California Adventure and if you have any
comments or suggestions for future videos
put it down the comments down below I want you guys to know that I think
you’re awesome have a great week I’ll talk to you later bye bye

100 thoughts on “Paradise Pier Hotel Secrets Revealed

  1. The fact that I didn't catch the number d mess up until the end is funny, because I was wondering why you kept on playing the clip 😂

  2. Hello provosts your videos are amazing I love them so much I watch them every Sunday and Wednesday’s I hope i meet you guys some day and in August I’m going to Disney world and know you do your videos at Disney land but I e never been there but I’ve been to Disney world a lot I didn’t know a lot of the secrets I love your videos keep up the good work bye

  3. Have heard a few mixed reviews of Paradise Pier but really interesting video sharing some of the secrets and history! Hopefully will get to check it out one day!

  4. Disney really needs to update this hotel!!! The hotel is looking dated; and with Pixar Pier and all the updates Disney is making to DCA; perhaps Disney can explore updates to this particular hotel? Anyway, thank you for doing this video, we've never visited or stayed in this hotel so it's great to see it through your video.

  5. One other thing, The Paradise Pier has something called the "Club Level" rooms. A few years ago it was called the "Concierge Level". For a fee (Always a fee…) you gain access to a special area where you can get all kinds of great snacks, drinks, and for the adults, complimentary wine, beer and appetizers from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM!

    The price varies a bit depending on what room you get but it is usually around $100 extra for this service. For those with younger children say 5-15, it's great as you can take the kids there and snack until you can't snack anymore while watching movies or just planning your day!

    If you want to spoil yourself a bit, you should experience this at least once!

    Oh and the 24hr exercise room better known to our family as the "Wastelands" as we never see anyone in there… LOL!

  6. We stayed right next to you!!! We where in room 1240 on the same days. We are the group you saw at the pool. Thanks for putting us in the video my daughter had to call me at work because she was so excited. Keep up the great work.

  7. I love PPH! It’s great! I think you captured ALL of its greatness!
    Also, how often are you at the parks? We are going next Tuesday for my birthday! So excited to see all of the secrets you’ve uncovered that I’ve missed 😆

  8. once hes able to do full sentences, why not have your kid host a video of his choice?

    or do a lore video of rides? like pirates. WE WANTS THE RED HEAD!

  9. I became a subscriber about three weeks ago and have binged-watched all your videos! They are informative, entertaining and funny! 🙂 I am hoping to go to DLR next year and will definitely use your videos to prepare 🙂 My question is: Are the character dining experiences worth it? I'm thinking about it for my family

  10. Great video PPP crew, great interesting fact about the pier, the fireworks deck looks good, that’s a good idea after a long day.

  11. Hey provost Park pass! My family have been thinking of spending three days in a Disney hotel when we go to California this Christmas. For the rest of the trip we’ll be staying with our cousins. Do you think that we should stay here? Also is the pool open in December? I live in Ireland so your jacket weather is our swim weather hahaha

  12. I wonder if they’ll ever change it to the Pixar Pier Hotel, as there are already Pixar movies playing, luxo ball pillows, and Pixar themed merchandise in the stores. Or I guess they could simply rename it Paradise Park Hotel

  13. Your now one of my favorite YouTubers!! I just found you a couple days ago and I don’t know how you don’t have like millions of subscribers!!! Your A M A Z I N G!!

  14. I'm awesome because Chris said I'm awesome and i believe him 😎
    Great video like always!!!
    one foot water…*bada-dum ptsss* 😂😂😂

  15. I stayed at this hotel a few years ago. Surprisingly, it was almost completely empty. I remember my family and I being the only ones eating at pch grill.

  16. Before it was the Paradise Pier Hotel is was called the Disneyland Pacific Hotel. I remember when they changed the name and I was always so tongue tied every time I tried to say Paradise Pier. I noticed in your video the beach ball pillows on the beds (that my kids love to play with) are now Pixar themed pillows. Hmm, interesting. I wonder if they'll change the name soon?…

  17. Provost iv been waiting for this video. You don't find many videos about the Paradise Pier hotel, I just wish this video along with many of your other great videos was longer and even more in depth. I can't complain this was a fun video, thanks Provost.

  18. The end on the lounge chair was fantastic, classic Chris always having fun and it spreads to us through the videos you share !!!

  19. Genuinely enjoy watching your videos and seeing all the changes in the parks and seeing those cool hotels too! My dad took us to Disneyland ALL THE TIME for our family vacations! It was awesome. So thank you for doing what you do so that I can still see what's going on down there. I live in Idaho now, so I gotta plan ahead to take MY family. 😁

  20. 6:29 That looks like concept art for the Surf City section of Disney California Adventure, that later became Paradise Pier. What if they would have went that route? Here's a fun fact: The rollercoaster would have been called Surf City Wipeout.

  21. I don't know if you knew this Chris but this hotel use to have tea time with Mary Poppins back in the day I want to say early 2000's

  22. My daughter and I stayed here for her birthday. We booked the cheapest room, but once we told the front desk it was her birthday, they upgraded us to the Laguna Suite at no extra charge!!! We lived like kings!

  23. There is a balcony dedicated to the fireworks at Disney's Grand California Hote, as well as the music and voices pumped in. It is only for people who bought access to the veranda club but still is there. Thanks for doing a tour of the hotel. I love the name of the water slide California streaming.

  24. You sold me, if I get out to Cali, I love the idea of being just off from the center of all the hub bub. Plus beach theme is awesome.

  25. I remember this place back in the day when it was The Emerald and then the Pan Pacific. Anaheim was so different back in the 1980's when I started going to Disneyland. Crazy to see how much it’s grown.

  26. Never stayed at this hotel, but on multiple occasions used to eat at the “Character Breakfast” they had at the restaurant there. One time, my daughter (when she was 5 years old) was chosen to be Merlin’s (from Sword in the Stone) assistant during his magic show during breakfast.

  27. The elevator system needs some tweaking. We stayed there, and when the parks closed and we returned to the hotel, it took an hour to wait in line and get on an elevator. Other than that, great hotel.

  28. @Provost Park Pass. I was just rewatching this. video, and I have to agree with Chris👔. the elevator control panel even told him to go to elevator #D @ 2:35.

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