100 thoughts on “Our Unexplainable Night at Haunted Mission Inn Hotel

  1. 200,000 LIKES and we will go to the MOST HAUNTED HOTEL IN AMERICA!!!
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  2. straight up tho, I rewatched the backpack fall like 10 times and it genuinely looks like something pushed it over. Like a majority of the bag was on the bench and it's not like after hours of filming, the bag just suddenly became top heavy. And also, did y'all notice how that water bottle kept rolling in a constant way until it just stopped on the floor??? hellaaaa creepy

  3. I over looked this multiple times and it looks like it was pulled off because it turned from that Sid to the front while falling off

  4. Is anybody else annoyed when they wait around for something to happen, and then when something does, they leave?? Imagine the content

  5. one thing that got my attention in 40:02 when they were in the elevator if i am not mistaken there is two mirrors facing each other , doesn’t that make a vortex this is what caught my attention so like i was 😳

  6. the bag falling is so suspicious..like the bottom of the bag is on the chair and the way it turned seemed like it was by force. its strange

  7. A short will not make the light turn on if it's off then it's off but if it's on and it flickers the flickers maybe could be but not turning on not that no not a short I also love how you guys think they could be Nixon's ghost not possible but okay glad you guys have fun. That looks like an awesome Hotel

  8. Ghost: hmh whats in this backpack..*back pack falls over*
    Sam: Yo
    Corey: nope, nope, im out. LETS GO
    Ghost: sorry i just wanted to know what was is the backpack

  9. The cage they found just reminds me of an old french movie that they kept dogs and a big lion in cages for fights…just, idek…

  10. I love how jake is all calm in the thumbnail

    Also my guys I think the lamp short circuited because it made no noise and didn’t shake. BUT THATS JUST A THOUGHT

  11. ok it didn't look like it was pushed over it easily could have just fallen because of the weight of the bag and look at the chair thing, its got a curve to it which would have aided the bag to slide off and fall over.

  12. when the light flickers when it’s on since there i’m a creepy floor and the room is haunted there r ghost that r in there

  13. I know a lot about these ghost stuff. When you said the shadow man you summoned him. Please be careful. I saw the shadow man multiple times and it is not pleasant… PLEASE don't say his name again

  14. Does anyone realize that between 35 and 37 minutes in the video of how bad Corey was twitching or jerking in his sleep as well as his foot moving oddly

  15. I enjoy your videos, but get disappointed when you guys bolt every time something happens. Isn't the point of these investigations to get evidence?

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