Ottawa Restaurant, Canvas Resto-Bar,  Local Business

Ottawa Restaurant, Canvas Resto-Bar, Local Business

My Name is Charles Beauregard, owner, worker
of Canvas Resto-Bar. My background is fine dining, and I would like to think that my
little neighborhood bistro has got something about a lot of fine dining touches, yet it’s
done in a very,very unpretentious manner, and it’s genuine.
It’s a real sense of village and community here. I live here, my son goes to school here,
most of my employees live in the neighborhood as well. Private functions is something that
we really, really, excel at in the little neighborhood bistro. It really depends on
what our guests need. I make it happen. I’m gonna make this work and make you look like
the superstar you are, and the kitchen always backs it up.
People have been blown away by what we do. The food’s great. The ambiance is fantastic.
I don’t think there is a restaurant in the city that gives more hugs than my restaurant.
Canvas Resto-Bar is located at 65 Holland avenue, at the corner of Holland and Spenser.
Monday to Friday Lunches go from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm we are open 7 nights a week
as of 5:00 pm and don’t forget our fantastic Sunday brunches from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.

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