100 thoughts on “Osaka Japan Street Food Tour! Dotonbori Food Guide

  1. Let's get one thing straight here, scientific studies have long proven that double dipping doesn't get anything from your food into the sauce.

  2. Okay, so how much longer we gotta wait for those jump rockets and teleporters to get released. LOL! Osaka for lunch and back to where ever you are from… yes indeed.

  3. Dreamt of doing my food vlog in Japan too 👍👍👍
    Visit Philippines 🇵🇭 small foodie vlogger here ! 😀😀😀

  4. I’ve been to the giant crab restaurant and it’s unbelievably good. This was after a ton of Takoyaki and how I ate that much I don’t know. One of the best experiences in my life.

  5. I love out of all the anime references you could’ve used, you chose Shakugan no shana for the melon bun👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💕💕💕

  6. ASIA MAP EAST OF ASIA MAP JAPAN TOKYO CITY OSAKA CITY MISHIMA CITY KOI TEMPLE ISLAND CITY SHINJUKU CITY KAWAII CITY KRICHIRMIO CITY BIT CRUSHER CITY KIMAKU-NODICH ISLAND CITY KOBE CITY KYOTO CITY JAPANESE LANGUAGE 若干だったの画像誰我慢でSHABWSAU. じゃあねぇフランスがあったらなぁひゅnしてだがごとしじゃんなあ友人じゃなくてじゃなくてだとかがあったらなあだけどだったのばかりがあったらなあ普通と再びじゃなくてじゃなくてじゃなくてじゃなくてさえがあるのでねぇフランスがあったらなあうお座があったらなあよろしくお願いくらいにみたいだそうだってことがんばりますかなぁ不安があるのでねぇ今回があったらなあ空気があったらなあ今度があったらなあ気持ちがあったらなあ影響してみないようですかなあエアコンがあったらなあ笑顔でのかなぁ英語があったらなあ映画でのねぇフォークがあったらなあフォームですなあ残念ですなあ雑誌があったらEAST OF ASIA MAP JAPAN OSAKA CITY TRAVEL

  7. People are staring at you because it’s disrespectful to be standing on the side of the street eating food in Japanese culture. Let alone standing on the side of the street eating food and taking pictures of yourself eating food.

  8. Pablo’s classic cheesecake is unbeatable. The chocolate is excellent too. They opened a chain here in Australia, and it’s twice the price and doesn’t begin to measure up.

  9. That Mattari Purin is the bomb! I passed that shop when I visited Dotonbori, and they only had 10 cups left. I got myself one and immediately obsessed with that thing! Even the 7-Eleven's purin taste nothing like that Mattari Purin.

  10. Liked your videos on Japan, it gave me a real good idea of everything when I planned my trip. Went to Japan recently and started posting my Japan series on my channel. Keep up the good work

  11. What if I carry a bowl and when I visit the restaurant I take some sauce in that bowl and dip my food as many times as I wish ?

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