33 thoughts on “Orange Is The New Black – Poussey’s Death Scene | 4×12 (4K)

  1. It’s not Suzanne’s fault. He was pulling on her and she was trying to get away and she started crying and said she did a bad thing which at first the audience believes is her fight but after Poussey stops breathing could be interpreters as her having tried to save Poussey and failed. She was trying to get away from danger and when the guard was on top of Poussey Suzanne tried to fight and pull him off of her.

  2. Crazy eyes was all her fault for Poussey’s death when she keep hitting guard then Poussey can’t breath to die. Guards and Piscatella not kill Poussey.
    Season 5 Taystee started riot and pissed off about guards and piscatella for Poussey’s death but they never did kill Poussey. Crazy eyes are all her FAULT 100%! Why Taystee still love crazy eyes? Wtf

  3. Does anyone know if it’s ever been clarified why Suzanne was hitting Bayley? I’m so curious to know if she was she trying to help Poussey or if she was hitting him as part of her breakdown from the escalating situation in this scene?

  4. I’m so confused what happened. This isn’t realistic at all. If your lungs can’t expand yeah you pass out but once the pressure is relieved you breathe on your own as long as you have brain function which wouldn’t stop after a couple minutes. And not a single guard is trained in cpr? Like wtf, start cpr. Her airway wasn’t obstructed or damaged so she wouldn’t have died from this lol.

  5. What kinda lazy death is this. Someome cant die in seconds like that. Atleat put his knees on her neck to make it more believable. No way is hes staying in thst position if hes getting attacked

  6. Worst acting I've seen in awhile, "i DiD a BaD tHiNg"…Also no one would die that fast with just someone putting their knee in your back, fake fake fake.

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