OGC Nice Awards 2019 : Les Awards en Nissart

OGC Nice Awards 2019 : Les Awards en Nissart

The Awards in Nissart (the language!) The Most Nissart The most Nissart means the
most typically from Nice?
Cardinale, Herelle! Christophe Herelle.
Yoan Cardinale. Malang Sarr. The one from Nice, obviously.
Gautier. Malang. Gautier and me. I would have thought Chris because
he was born here, he left and then he returned. I was born in
Nice at the Saint-Roch Hospital. Malang and Chris, yeah? Christophe
is Nice through and through. I’d say Gautier. I once heard
Christophe telling people places
in Nice that I’d never heard of… No, it’s not me. Malang or Gautier. Malang even has a
stadium named after him. Gautier or Malang. Or you? That’s
just because I’ve been here for a long time, but they were born here.
Gautier or Malang. Malang… I think Malang more than the others.
  Malang! Malang, yeah! There are lots that are going to say me.
So I will say the others! Cardi, Gautier, Malang…
I’ll say Malang. I can’t say myself. Gautier and Malang.
I think they best represent Nissart! The Most Nissart The fan favourite Lou Pichoun. It means baby I think.
  Lou Pichoun… the little guy… The protege? Maybe Andy,
because Andy is from here too! I see a lot for Youcef
on social media. All the Algerians that
follow him on instagram… It’s always him in
those votes you do. Yeah, like the Aiglon of the Match,
he wins it even when he doesn’t play. Even when he doesn’t play
he gets 80% of the votes. It’s you. Why? Because…
Youcef ATAL!
Maybe… Malang, without a doubt. Probably Youcef. Yes,
we’ll say Youcef. I think Youcef. Youcef. Yes, Youcef Atal. Youcef.
Yeah Youcef! Oh la la! Youcef! Malang has been here the longest,
but since last, has to be him. And he won the AFCON, so Youcef. Kasper no?
Kasper too! Kasper is new and the fans love him. Walter Benitez Walter. Yeah, it’s Walter! The favourite is Youcef,
but you have to be thereabouts.
Yes, but for me it’s Youcef. A little. But Walter too.
  I hope. But I think it’s Youcef. It’s probably Youcef, even if Walter
is a big fan favourite as well. Youcef can do whatever
he wants. He wins. The Fan Favourite The Stingiest Rachou? Sounds like
Pokemon! That’s what I thought! Arrgghh. We just spoke about it…
Rachou… What? Rachou… Stingy? What is it?
PLM. I’m going to have to stick
up for myself. Rachou, rachou…
  Wow, you’re really at home here!
You see guys! That’s smart! I was going to say that!
Rachou means stingy. Stingy… that’s him. He’s lying! That’s him! I’d say Clementia. Clementia. He’s lying. He’s lying. I heard
people saying Pierre. Say why then? Because it’s you. You know, when he
arrived he stayed in the hotel for two or three months because the club
was paying. I’ll tell you the truth. I stayed in the hotel two or three
months, but the club only paid the first month. I paid the rest because
I couldn’t find a place I wanted. It’s true some guys don’t want to
share shower gel. Like it costs €11! I’d say Remi Walter. I’ll say Yannis
Clementia. Oh yes! Yannis! Yannis. I will say Yannis.
Why? He never pays for anything. He tried
to pay his hairdresser in coins. He went to the hairdresser
and he paid like €13 and paid €14 and he waited
and waited for ages for his change… Remi Walter, sure.
  Remi as well. Remi Walter. We go out together, but he never
pays! Don’t forget Danilo too… because when he’s fined,
he never wants to pay. Pierre. Pierre Lees-Melou. When we play at poker or something. They never pay. As long as PLM is at the club, just give him the award straight
away and move on to the next one. Maybe it’s because he knows the value
of money because he didn’t
always have it easy and that’s why. They say me because I’m not into
flashy cars and expensive shoes, so they say I’m stingy. But that’s
not my thing, that’s not living… Tell them that big cars and
bigger shoes aren’t the way… It’s true I pay attention.
I know where I came from…
I know what money’s worth… But if they want to spend it on sports cars and expensive shoes,
that fine. It’s just not my thing. Pierre and Remi. I think Pierre is
reasonable. It’s not the same thing. Bassem. It’s Bassem for me… The stingiest The blunderer It is someone who makes mistakes. A blunder. Kheph!  
In the dressing room or on the pitch? Either.
You can’t judge mistakes on
the pitch… The biggest blunderer? You mean someone who says
something they shouldn’t? Alexis.
Are you crazy? Around two weeks
after arriving at the club, he was playing with a ball in the
physio room. He broke the ceiling! Can I explain? Let me explain.
Is it false?
It’s true, the thing fell. Cut it there! No, why?
Because he was looking for me. He took the ball,
he threw the ball and then ran off. So I took the ball and
kicked the ball at him. And then it bounced up against the
ceiling. An assist then?
I didn’t do it alone! I will go for Yannis Clementia,
because in training,
we were doing a drill… where the goalkeeper plays out
to the defender and the defender
then starts a move. It was my turn and
I played it out to Dante. The coach walked into the box with
his back to the keepers
and my pass just missed him. I turn around and Yannis says to me,
Cardi’ you got away with one there! Then it was Yannis’ turn in goal. So he plays the ball out but there is
a problem and he hit the coach with
the ball. On the back of the neck. He was super embarrassed
and didn’t stop apologising.
The coach said no problem, carry on. He was so caught up in what had
happened that he hit the mannequin
just next to the coach. I don’t know what was wrong.
I think he was ill as he couldn’t
clear it. Maybe a bit stressed! He hit the mannequin by the coach on
several occasions. I think it’s me! The person who does a lot of nonsense.
Who is it?
It’s you!
  We are going to change the
words ‘it’s you’ because there are
lots of ‘it’s you’. Why is it me? Because you always do strange things.
What I have I done to you? The blunderer The nosiest  
Ficanas? Ficanas….? Ficanas? What does that mean? Ficanas is a…
I have forgotten… Someone nosy… Cardi’, he loves
sticking his nose in That’s got to be PLM for me.
Because of everything that happens
of reality TV. He is like Jeremstar. He knows who is with who.
He knows if they have broken up.
He knows everything. Cardi’ likes
to be up to date with everything. Cardi’ likes those little stories.
He knows everything. Yeah, it’s Cardi’. He wants to
find out everything. Adam…yeah, Adam! No matter the
discussion, he will come over and say
what’s up. He is like a little kid. There is
Yannis too. I would say Remi Walter.
I would say you. Me, why?
You love a bit of gossip! Wylan too. Or you get involved, if there are
little sparks, you are going to
come along and fan those flames. I plead guilty! The nosiest The
craziest The craziest?
Yes. Craziest in what sense?  
Cardi’ is crazy!
He is a great guy but he is crazy. I would go for Cardi’ and Patrick too. He shouts, he wants to hit everyone.
He is crazy! Cardi’ is the craziest
when he is excited.
He is uncontrollable. I would say Cardi’.
Yeah Cardi’ or Youcef. I say I am not crazy.
That’s what I was going to say! I think it’s Yoann.
There’s got to be someone else? Youcef is crazy! I will say Cardi’ Stanley. That’s true that! He is a fake calm! He isn’t a fake calm.
But you need to really know him and
talk to him, to know that he is crazy. If not, you can’t see it because
he seems very, very serious.
But he likes to muck about still.  
Chino! Adri’ because I have known him for
a long time and I promise
you that he is crazy! No… Patrick, because he is a bit of a mascot
and winds everyone up, even Walter… But if Walter gets angry.
Patrick would disappear, I think. The craziest

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  6. Elle sont vraiment bien ces video tu voit la complicitรฉ d'un groupe c'est bien de partage sa je pense que Nice est le seul club ร  faire sa en plus la plupart des joueurs sont cool

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