NYC Hidden Secret Spots and Restaurants

NYC Hidden Secret Spots and Restaurants

I’m Jen your local New York City guide
and this list goes beyond your stereotypical secrets list for example
did you know that there’s not just one but two waterfalls between skyscrapers
in the middle of midtown Manhattan I’m gonna share the top secret hidden gems
the top things to see to do to eat and drink so if you’re a New Yorker you
probably want to stop watching right about now if you’re visiting feel free
to take notes or check out my article linked down below with a map and all the
details. If you enjoyed this video please subscribe. Click that like button share
it with friends and let’s go number one City Reliquary if you’re the kind of
person who likes to save ticket stubs or foreign currency you will love this
not-for-profit community museum that displays quirky New York City artifacts
paid $7 general admission or $5 for college students educators our seniors
to learn about New York history among forgotten relics of the past they have
everything from the very rocks the city is built on to a piece of the Flatiron
Building and some well aged New York City tap water with funny labels this is
a real hidden gem located in Williamsburg that deserves a visit. It
feels like a tiny New York City apartment packed with collectibles some
that make sense to keep and some that are questionable but in this you’ll find
the real essence of what it means for New Yorkers to be from this crazy place 2. The New York transit museum this is one of my favorite museums that not many people know about. The new transit museum entrance blends into its Brooklyn home looking just like another subway
entrance. Take the stairs underground to visit this museum that is housed in an
old abandoned subway station in addition to exclusive access to tours like city
hall. The best part is the underground city block platform which houses 20
vintage subway and elevated cars dating back to 1907 travel decades through
different ads and designs by simply walking between subway cars permanent
and rotating exhibits educate kids and adults about subway construction, how
tickets and tokens have changed, how the subway map has evolved and much more! 3. City Hall City Hall subway station
is the famous abandoned station often included in movies for its beautiful
vaulted architecture it opened in 1904 but was decommissioned in 1945 because it’s curved track was not ideal for new longer trains you can still see the
abandoned City Hall on a tour or you can see it by staying on the 6:00 train
after its last stop at Brooklyn Bridge City Hall as it turns around to go back
uptown. If you’re curious what the tour or
subway views of the station are I made an entire video all about the city hall
tour. 4. Tudor City Tudor City is an
apartment complex on the edge of Turtle Bay and Murray Hill in Manhattan when it
was built it was the first residential skyscraper complex in the world named
for its Tudor Revival architecture style. It meant to symbolize the comfort of
suburban living when the middle class began moving out of the city it is
conveniently located near Grand Central and around the corner from the UN the
bridge connecting the series of buildings over 42nd Street has unmatched views of the Chrysler Building and is one of the most famous spots to watch
Manhattanhenge this phenomenon is when the sun sets directly between the
Manhattan street grid though it can be a crowded hilarious mess. These few days
per year it is almost empty any other day! 5. Freeman’s hidden away down an
unexpected alley in the lower Eastside you will likely only find this
restaurant if you know where to look. Inside it feels like a hunting lodge but
outside the cute blue door and lights is the reward for walking through this
alley of graffiti there are multiple manmade waterfalls in
New York City both inside and outside of office buildings and in Central Park
but here are my two favorites that happen to be right around the corner
from each other and are both miraculously nestled in a small oasis
Park between skyscrapers 6. Paley Park I stumbled upon this park
by accident one day after lunch in the area it is such an amazing feeling when
you find a gem like this by accident this is one of those special places that
feels like a total escape from the bustle of Midtown though it’s not the
only man-made waterfall between skyscrapers. 7. Green Acre park waterfall. Green
Acre Park built in 1971 is a lovely little park on 51st Street between
office buildings near 3rd Avenue mostly locals enjoy eating their lunch here
with views of this stunning multi-tiered waterfall While Saint Patrick’s Cathedral might be
the most well known in New York City the largest Cathedral in the world is
actually uptown it’s the st. John the Divine in 1892 to compete with the
Catholic st. Patrick’s Cathedral this Cathedral is technically never finished
since they wanted to use only gothic construction methods which might have
taken seven hundred years to complete. Finished or not it is the house of the
bishop which makes it a cathedral and the largest in the world it also houses
the largest Rose window in the United States. The history in stone includes
figures from Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. to Gandhi. The
stained-glass windows include modern imagery like a 1925 TV, a train, Betsy
Ross, and the sinking of the Titanic. Take a vertical tour to see the stained glass
windows up close and the views from the roof many visit this Cathedral without
seeing my favorite part which is actually the trio of peacocks that are
wandering around the grounds you can take photos but don’t get too close
because they will honk at you and let you know that you are too close but they
are just such beautiful creatures I love being able to visit here it is so
peaceful I feel so at peace visiting this Cathedral I highly recommend it for
everyone everyone is welcome the Episcopalian Church is very welcoming so
they have signs that say you know they have mass in Chinese they have Serbian
they have all sorts of interesting unique cultures that are represented and
languages that are spoken here so even in this you know poster from the 19th
from the original 1920 welcome to people here in New York they recognize that New
Yorkers were very diverse and that is why they wanted to welcome everyone who is super diverse and it’s just really beautiful here it’s so peaceful doesn’t
feel like you’re in New York I highly recommend it even if it’s a little bit
longer uptown! It is worth it trust me there are no
crowds here like Saint Patrick’s is where that this is a secret hidden
gem mmm… I love it Next only one block away from st. John
the Divine is THE restaurant I’m gonna give you a second to guess where it is
you know you’ve seen it a zillion times in that show… Jerry Seinfeld … yes Seinfeld they hung out at this diner in probably most of the show and this is it right
behind me only a block away from St. John the Divine a lot of people walk
past this without realizing. This 15-foot tall statue survived the
atomic bomb in Hiroshima it was 1.5 miles away from the center
and it still survived and is radiation free it was shipped to New York in 1955
it now resides in a fenced-in entrance at a Buddhist church along Riverside
Drive in the Upper West Side. Travel uptown to visit Europe, I mean the
cloisters, this is included in the Met and if you are New York resident you can
pay as you wish located in Fort Tyran Park in Washington Heights the four
cloisters were transported from Europe before World War 2 it is a peaceful
area for a stroll in the museum’s collection as a number of famous
medieval tapestries and artwork I also have to say there is no video allowed
inside so I had to respect that okay I I almost forgot the ending… get back into position okay okay man
no no no no got a lower it so that that’s better okay
okay I’m gonna keep this in the outro I don’t know what do you think okay
pretend I’m not between cars and tilt it a little bit pretend I’m taller yes okay
tippy-toes … wait I gotta wait for the plane to go by this is what
happens behind the scenes in case you’re wondering I’m on my tippy-toes I think I
could tilt it a little bit better okay great I’m too short okay how’s the light,
where’s the shadow yes yes less car what is kind okay this is it it’s crooked
hold on okay we are straight we are not in focus and this is what it looks like
when I’m recording the setup that it takes okay so we are ready for the outro okay Oh what an outro I have built the
suspense I hope it’s as good as it’s supposed to be and I can get any one
take because I got to: thank you so much for watching this video on top secrets
here in New York City if you enjoyed it please subscribe, please click that like
button do all that good stuff comment down below your favorite secret thing or
if there’s any that I missed I would love to know I comment back on every
comment I can and with that as always say yes to new adventures and I’ll see
you next time hey I did it! Woo okay yeah okay I guess that’s I
think that was good the helicopter didn’t expect that it got it…
it’s getting louder only in New York!

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