Nutritious Chia Energy Bars | Granola Bar Recipe

Nutritious Chia Energy Bars | Granola Bar Recipe

hi guys my name is Christina if you’re
new to my channel let me introduce myself I’m a nutritional health coach
and I applaud delicious healthy recipes nutritional and lifestyle tips every
week in this episode I will show you how to make my delicious energy bars
I made them the other day for a company I had a presentation on about well-being
corporate well-being and they loved it and so I thought okay you know what I’ll
make a video and share the recipe for the rest of you in a bowl Masha banana and then and a cup of oats melted
coconut oil the date syrup crushed cashews and also cup of chia seeds mix
all the ingredients very well spread the Minx on a tray and leave to cook for 15
to 20 minutes until all ingredients stick together and it’s great it’s
delicious it’s just YUM if you have any energy bar recipe or recipe you’d like
to share d comment on the section below let me know your thoughts about this
recipe and I’ll see in the next episode bye guys

21 thoughts on “Nutritious Chia Energy Bars | Granola Bar Recipe

  1. Great recipe. So simple too. I’m going to try making these today! Is there a substitute I can use for the date syrup? I heard dates used as a natural way to induce labor … I’m 24 weeks pregnant and don’t need that 😂 but I do need an energy boosting snack.

  2. Yes!!! stoked to learn about this recipe. I am finding myself wanting a little snack late afternoon. I never knew how to make these, thank you!

  3. I do!!!! WOW …. those pictures are amazing! I'm going to try this. Oh.. I'm so exited… it looked easy… and doable… can't wait! THanks so much. I was just thinking about this the other day when a person was selling them at the farmers market and I thought, I have to find a recipe and try this.. and here you are… Perfect timing! Can't wait to give it a try! Thanks Christina! ~Elizabeth 😊

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