Norwegian Bliss Balcony Mini Suite – First Look

Norwegian Bliss Balcony Mini Suite – First Look

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cruisers and book your activities right in the app this is stateroom 14776 a deck 14 mini
suite and I am now going to flip the camera around and show you a little bit
around the room alright so this is what you see when you first enter the room
this is the rest room here on the right and the card slot which you to power the
room you have to keep your card there and we have the makeup room and do not
disturb signs and the thermostat here why don’t we just step into the bathroom
real quick and take a peek very spacious bathroom again this is a
mini suite standard toilet stuff you shouldn’t flush and a quick look at the
vanity or I should say the sink and then fortunately you’re gonna have to see me
now hello all right there’s a sharps container there which is awesome lots of
glasses and it looks like they have a hand soap a dispenser of hand soap how
handy is that very cool so let’s swing around and see what we have here on the
shelves looks like we have a body bar and some lotion and again that sharps
container next to the double sink ok let’s take a look at the shower I’ve
heard wonderful things about the showerheads here this is so spacious for
a cruise ship now interestingly enough this mini suite does not have a bathtub
so this is a full shower stall with a very fancy showerhead by the way and it
looks like we have shower gel and some kind of conditioning shampoo and there
are several different settings for the shower I’ll have to report back to you
on how that works nice little stability bar here and happy
to report there’s no sticky curtain ok let’s jump out and take a look at the
rest of the cabin we have a couple of little hooks here and I did forget to
mention there were a few hooks on the back of the bathroom door so we’ll pop
over to that and let’s spin around and take a nice wide look at the cabin so
you can get a general idea for how big it is there’s a nice mirror here pop
over to the bed which is currently set up in the
king formation and our nice brand-spanking-new pool towels since
this ship is brand new very nice I see two lamps beside the bed and if I’m not
mistaken I think there might be some charging in those let’s see looks like
there’s a USB connector in that one and we’ve got a light switch there and some
handy little storage part in our suitcases I’m going to go ahead and flip
over to the other side and we’ll see if there’s another USB connector all right
very nice little shelf there that’s handy and yep USB right by the bed folks
okay very nice leather kind of backboard here on the bed let’s go take a look at
the closet if I can get to it okay open that up real quick and give you a quick
view all right so we have several shells on the right and then we have a safe
more shelves on the bottom let’s take a look at the safe and see if this is
credit card operated or combination all right
this is a four-digit code safe with plenty of instructions and I’m having a
little bit of a hard time getting into the other part of the closet so bear
with me okay so it’s a little too tight for me to get into the closet to show
you so I’ve stepped over by the bed this is the hanging area as you can see it’s
very very close to the bed probably a little bit tricky to get in there to
film it so I thought I’d give you a more wide angle okay then we’re going to
sweep around to the couch here I assume that if you have three or four people
this could be a sofa bed but honestly I’m not quite sure
all right flipping around to the TV console you have a nice little place for
books and magazines alright so here’s some of the shelving underneath the TV
that I wanted to show you ample storage and then we’ll sweep up and take a quick
look at the television nice flat screen here shows you the date the time and all
the different things that you’re able to do and also a little summary of what is
going on the ship is it interactive no it’s not
interactive it looks like you have to use your remote for that sorry okay
let’s take a look here at the countertop very nice high-tech phone little notepad
and we have our freestyle daily yay and my son’s hat that he just got on board
as well as one of my favorite features of Norwegian mini sweets and that is the
coffee pot it looks like we have a little stool right here that can double
as a table that’s handy so you can use this as a stool or you can use it as a
little table and then we have our hairdryer here and I’m assuming the mini
fridge here probably locked yep it’s locked
alright let’s check out the charging over here look at this guys three
outlets so I’m not seeing any USB ports in this particular area but we do have
three outlets and like I mentioned two USB ports here’s a nice wide view of the
balcony we are currently docked in San Pedro so you are seeing San Pedro
heading over to Ranchos Palos Verdes in the background there and the parking lot
of the cruise terminal let’s step outside nice and spacious plenty of room for two
tables and a little excuse me two chairs and a little table here and let’s take a
look and see what we can see off the ship looks like we are a sort of midship
there is the bridge we have a completely covered balcony as you can see here on
deck 14 spin around quick look at the terminal here there’s a regent ship over
there in town today and that is the back of the ship and right up there is the
drop water slide so yeah pretty beautiful cabinets flip back around one
more time so you can see what the room looks like from another angle here we go

17 thoughts on “Norwegian Bliss Balcony Mini Suite – First Look

  1. interesting. i will be one deck above in 15778. there are tubs in some of the mini suites i have seen and also the bed is next to the door in most of them. very odd that they are not all the same.

  2. We were on the inaugural Bliss cruise to Alaska in a Mini Suite on 13. Loved it! Especially the extra space in the shower & the massaging showerhead options. Very relaxing. Far better than trying to squeeze into those tiny corner showers.

  3. You need to edit this video, it is NOT a King bed, they convert to Queen only. Not very big at all, was looking forward to a mini suite..:-(

  4. Thanks for the tour – I'm booked in a balcony on the Bliss in August and got my upgrade bid offer for mini-suite. This will help with my decision!

  5. Just came off carnival horizon, immediately booked a Norwegian cruise mini suite and now i am about to change my room. This is not impressive.

  6. A suite in a hotel or other public accommodation such as a cruise ship denotes, according to most dictionary definitions, connected rooms under one room number. … In addition to one or more beds and bedroom fixtures, such "suites" include a living or sitting area, often equipped with a sofa bed.

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