Nicest Hotel Room in the World

Nicest Hotel Room in the World

Good morning, Hank, it’s Tuesday. So funny story, Last night the Tour de Nerdfighting was in Houston. We had a great time, and after we got done signing, it was like midnight. and we went to the hotel and they told us that they had accidentally sold our rooms and they were very sorry. I was pretty cranky because I really wanted to go to bed but then we had to go to a different hotel. And walking into the other hotel, I could tell it was kind of nice and the guy behind the counter was like,
“We’ve reserved one of our best rooms for you” And I was like whatever, I just want to go… OH. MY. GOD. Armoire? More like Armoi-some I mean, Hank, this place is literally bigger than my house. I’m not even sure that I can sit in all of the chairs. ♪ – [Music] Song About An Anglerfish – Hank Green ♪ We just noticed this is an actual Picasso print. It’s pretty unbelievable. There’s like – Hank: It’s not even nailed down. I love how the things in this hotel are not nailed down.
John: You could just take it H: There’s a certificate of authenticity.
J: Are you serious?
H: Yeah. (J: Oh my!) “Seated Woman”, Author: Pablo Picasso. J: (laughs) Hank, you’re holding a Picasso while eating Pringles
H: First! ♪ – [Music continues] Song About An Anglerfish – Hank Green ♪ J: You’re retiring and becoming a professional art thief! No more Tour de Nerdfighting for you. H: This is really easy. (laughs) I never really thought art thievery would be so easy. J: All of which goes to show you, Hank, that sometimes disasters can turn out armoisome. I’ll see you on Friday, and by Friday, I mean right now because you’re holding the camera!

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  2. This is probably my favorite vlogbrothers video ever because it's basically John and Hank just hanging out. It's perfect.

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  4. This is one of my favorite Vlogbrothers videos of all time… how did I not see this one until tonight? He's holding a Picasso while eating Pringles and Hank's reaction is to immediately say "FIRST!" SO INTERNET. xD

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  8. John is in a fancy hotel room that looks like a museum and is wearing a keep calm and dftba t shirt. I dunno why I find that so amusing.

  9. I love that end shot when hank flips the camera around and doe an evil laughXD haha I never thought art thievery would be so easy!:)

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  11. Is it weird that Hank's song angler fish seems to contradict John's point in the fault in our stars about the taste of chocolate not being affected by the existence of broccoli. I mean John's saying there that there's no need for you to have experienced great pain in order to experience great joy and Hank's saying that it can't feel lonely because it has nothing to compare it to, it's an inverse situation sure but the point's being made are still contradictory. Or maybe I'm thinking about it too much… 

  12. I love this video and it's awesome but then it's like UGH! The ONE TIME they come to where I live and I'm not a made-of-awesome nerdfighter yet. 

  13. If you search holding a Picasso and eating Pringles this video shows up. So I can definitively say that Hank Green is the first person to hold a Picasso while eating Pringles.

  14. I love when Hank kind of looks at his pringles and the painting and is like "Shit, I am hold a Picasso and eating pringles" and his reaction is to just go "First"

  15. If I ever have the chance to hold a can of pringles and a picasso at the same time, I'll do it, and I'll now that I've won at life.

  16. I love this video immensely because "A Song about Anglerfish" was my introduction to Nerdfighteria and I guess really the vlogbrothers, so hearing it in this video just made me very happy. And seeing John and Hank together makes me very smiley as well, and then there's them just going around the huge hotel room sitting in all the chairs, and then there's the Pringles, and it's just absolutely beautiful. This is why I love Nerdfighteria, why I love John and Hank, and it makes me very happy.

    In order to part, I am going to say DFTBA and Best Wishes!!

  17. Fun Fact! This was the first vlogbrothers I have ever seen. It’s weird to think that one video can make such a change in your life.

    Just like how being called a nickname your whole life causes your 13 year old self to struggle with spelling your actual name.

    This audiobook comes to you in two parts.

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    So many Dad jokes, only 240 seconds to tell them.
    From Tokyo to Chicago, we are all united
    Using street lingo, this is where all the true gangstas at Nerdcon:Nerdfighteria live

    Part 2
    ([It all started with owl letters] – [In this case, we meet the pen that is a sword])*[Julie Andrews is a perfect _] – [Who is 6 afraid of?].
    At the San Diego Zoo, the king of the lizards is feeling home sick. To make the call, the first digits are…
    Without the pig, it’s elemental, but don’t be fooled by the radiation, you’re looking for that bright light. earday anceFRay.
    This former disco nightclub sets the stage.

    All the hints you need to find your next video have been planted. Can you find them?

  18. that does not even look like Picasso's blue period print of drawing and painting realism period. for me being a modernist(as opposed to post modernism, the epoch we are in now) it would be like visual torture. way too busy !!!

  19. 0:26
    1:22 "first" Dang I would have put my pringles down, put the Picasso back and brought some incense and flowers and worshipped it

  20. I drove by that hotel all the time for church. There’s a high likelihood I drove by this hotel while they were staying there.

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