MYSURU’S favourite Andhra-Style BIRYANI At HOTEL RRR | Chilli Chicken |Mutton Pepper Fry | Biryani

MYSURU’S favourite Andhra-Style BIRYANI At HOTEL RRR | Chilli Chicken |Mutton Pepper Fry | Biryani

Mmmh! I’m moaning in pleasure and pain! Mmmh! One tasty biryani! Mysuru loves its biryani and that’s no surprise, because in Karnataka we love our biryani! And the biryani that is most popular here in Mysuru… … at least so it seems, is the biryani that’s
served at Hotel RRR. Now, this restaurant has been in
existence for the last 40 years… … and people swear by its Mutton and Chicken Biryani! And that’s what I am here to taste today. So, we’ve arrived a few minutes before seven. The restaurant opens at seven ‘o clock, so we’re the first customers in. And I’m told it gets crowded… … as the evening progresses and it’s hugely popular, especially during lunch time. So, I’m told that RRR serves an Andhra-style biryani and that’s what we’re here to taste. So, you’ve got these condiment jars here, let’s see what’s in them. Aah! Very typical Andhra-style. So, this is the… …chilli that’s soaked in curd and then fried. Then you have the lentil powder. This is a great combination with the rice. So, you take the plain rice, put some of this on and put some ghee on it… … and bring it all together. But we’re not going to have any plain rice. Of course, some pickle. This must be a fiery… … Andhra pickle made perhaps with Guntur chilli. And then you have some salt. There’s always something nice about eating off a banana leaf. So, it’s a very short menu, as you can see. I think there are all of, maybe ten items at the most… … in this menu and that’s always a good sign! You know, when you have a restaurant that’s… … been around for the last 40 odd years, and doing only seven or eight or ten dishes on its menu… … you know that they’ve held onto a good
thing over the years. So, I’m here for the biryani… … and that’s what people rave about here.
But when you’re… … at a restaurant that’s 40 years old, that has a culinary legacy that goes back… … you want to order one or two other
dishes and just get a… … more in depth flavour of the place. So, let’s wait for the Chicken Chilli, I’m told it’s spicy! And the Mutton Pepper Fry at RRR. This is Andhra Chilli Chicken Mutton Pepper Fry. My first time at RRR, so I had to take some pictures just to document it. And I am going to go for the Andhra-
style Chilli Chicken. This is a loaded chicken! You can see the
chicken that is… … covered in this sauce and then you have the chillies… … and then you have the chilli seeds. And that’s going to really be the spiciest part… … of this Chilli Chicken. Aah! That chicken feels soft to the touch! Lovely! Mmmh! I’m moaning in pleasure and pain! That chicken is soft, juicy but spicy! Right now, I’ve got a bit of chilli fire in my throat, but it’s so tasty! The chicken is soft. Every bit of that chicken has… … soaked up… … has soaked up that chilli sauce. There’s not a single morsel. There’s not a single… … piece of this chicken that is left untouched… … by this chilli sauce or this chilli gravy. It’s as good as that! And for those of you who like your chicken
even spicier… … well, you’ve got some whole chilli as well. You know, so this is okay. It doesn’t taste as spicy because I think the spice comes from the seed. Or did I speak too soon? It is spicy! This is a spicy chicken but it is a tasty chicken! Sprinkle some lime over this chicken… … just to tone down the spices a wee bit. So when you taste the chicken with the lime… … you of course, taste the lime first and then… … the chilli once again makes its presence felt. I think this piece of chicken is cooked so well. Every morsel, every bit of this chicken is… … coated in that gravy. It is so flavourful! You know, I always believe that when it
comes to chicken… … chicken by itself and especially broiler, which is… … the poultry that is typically used, has very little flavour. So, it really needs the gravy, the sauce, the masala to… All that spice! Mmmh! So good! Time to taste the… … the Mutton Pepper Fry. I’m going to take the Mutton Pepper Fry right here. So, I also see a piece of kidney here… … I think which comes as a nice bonus. So, the meat is… … in a masala that’s obviously roasted very well. It’s got a dark roast. Onion, black pepper, some you know, powdered methi… … which kind of gives it that roasted flavour and I think that’s what I’m… … looking forward to when I taste this mutton. Oh! This mutton just feels so right… … on the bite, as I even break this. So it’s got all that masala and its got that… … I’m sure this is a piece of mutton that
has its bite intact. Mmmh! This piece of meat is going in a whole new direction… … as opposed to the chicken. The chicken
was spicy, hot… … but this mutton is so flavourful. I can taste the toasty notes of the masala… … and of that onion that’s rendered… … so beautifully well, that combines so seamlessly with the masala… … and that pepper. So, unlike the raw chilli heat, you’ve got the warmth of the pepper… … that takes over your palate as you taste this Mutton Pepper Fry. So good, so good! You know, there’s a reason why… … places like RRR still command… … a loyal following even 40 years from the
time that they opened… … and that reason is pure and simple. It’s the food here. If your food speaks… … no one, nobody needs to speak for the establishment! You know, I’ve been holding on to this… … piece of kidney that I have right here… So, that kidney is a combination of all sorts of things. So, it’s got that meatiness, it’s got that… … slightly briny flavour that you would
expect from kidney. And with the masala, it goes so well! A piece of cucumber just for that touch of fiber. This also has some toasted cashew. Of course, there’s a generous amount of the oil… … or the fat that’s also rendered into this. So, I suspect they cook the meat with the
fat on the bone… … and that renders, that breaks down into the masala. This is such a flavourful piece of meat! I love this! Get a cashew. Actually this is… … not roasted cashew, it feels tender to the touch. Mmmh! So you’ve got… You’ve got the biryani here. And you know they’re serious about their biryani when they serve you two gravies along with it. And this apparently is a chicken gravy. And this is a mutton gravy. All the trimmings of the mutton… … is cooked into this gravy… …and therefore absorbs the flavour of the mutton. Like I’ve always said and those who follow Food Lovers TV will know… … when you have chicken and mutton, always begin with the chicken. Little bit of the rice. I can see there’s whole spices. I think this is some star anise that’s here. I can see tomatoes. There’s some cloves in the biryani. So you know this is going to be a flavourful biryani! I’m just trying to look for a piece of
chicken that I can nudge… … onto my banana leaf. So I’m told, this is a… … basmati rice that comes from a local store here. So, it’s the long grain rice. Mmmh! Very, very mellow and gentle in its aromas. Albeit a chicken biryani, this takes you by surprise. Every grain of rice seems to have absorbed the flavour of the spices… … that have gone into it. And I’m sure if the rice has absorbed all the flavour of the masala, of the spices… … I’m sure even the chicken has! You know, when I looked at the chicken first, you know that I find that the chicken is… … lightly coated on the outside… … and slightly whitish inside. So, I was beginning to wonder if the chicken has flavour. This is a sort of biryani where you have to eat the chicken and the rice. Because, you want the rice to share… … to give up some of its flavour… … to the chicken and then that will make
for a happy bite. Oh lovely! You know, more than the chicken, I just love the flavour of this rice. Sometimes, you are so happy with the food… …that you really don’t care… … if your banana leaf is a mess, if you are in a mess. All that you’re doing is enjoying the flavour of the food! This time I’m going to taste the rice with a little bit of the chicken saaru or the koli saaru. So, this is the saaru or the gravy that’s
cooked with all the… … chicken trimmings, the bones. I think that gravy definitely will help the chicken, making it moist. Actually this is chicken is quite moist just by itself. But It’s very a mellow tasting meat. It’s not very strong in its flavours. All the aromas are there in the rice and therefore… … this RRR Chicken Biryani, you need to eat the chicken with the rice… … to get the most of all the flavours that have gone into this pot of rice. Mmmh! The chicken, the rice and a bit of the gravy. You know, the gravy also has a bit of tartness and… … some chilli kick as well. Just get my banana leaf nice and clean… … to say hello to the Mutton Biryani! Time to bring the big daddy of the biryani! I’m going to ease a bit of the rice… …onto my banana leaf… …and quirel around in this mound of rice… … and ferret out a piece of meat. That’s what I’ve just done. This feels a little more moist to the touch… … as compared to the Chicken Biryani. Going to go for that scoop of rice. So, in this bite you have all the flavours of the spices. The spice of the chilli, the slight tartness
of the tomato… … and then you have the juicy flavour of the mutton. Every grain of rice… … is cooked so well. Every grain of rice is separate. And I’m now going to taste the mutton in
this Mutton Biryani. Aah! Nice soft piece of meat. You taste the flavour of the meat and also
some of the fat… … that’s on the bone and cooked in this biryani. You know, the taste of the meat is fine but you need… … the fat to convey the flavour of the meat. One tasty biryani! So, I’ve got the meat, I’ve got a bit of the fat in this bite. I’m going to strip this piece and make this
nice big scoop… … of the Mutton Biryani. The meat is cooked to a certain tenderness. It parts with the bone almost effortlessly. Just slides off the bone. That’s how perfectly this meat has been cooked! The rice, just want to taste it with a bit of the gravy. I’ve got a piece of clove as well in this bite. The gravy has a bit of lime. It has that spicy body. If you like your biryani very moist. If you like a little more spice, if you like to
taste that masala… …then certainly by all means mix the mutton gravy into the biryani. But, if you were to ask me personally… … I would just eat this biryani all by itself. Just the rice and the meat. That’s all that you need! Mmmh! This is so good! Take a little more of the biryani rice. So, a portion of biryani has two pieces of meat. And I’m sure the Chicken Biryani also has
two pieces of meat. But I want to taste this biryani now with that Mutton Pepper Fry. I’m going back… … to the Mutton Pepper Fry and taste it… … with my biryani. Mmmh! You know that pulls, the roasted masala in that… So, if you’re in Mysuru, definitely stop by at RRR… … that’s a mouthful, although a delicious
mouthful, for the biryani! Stop by at the original outlet which is at
Gandhi Square… … and definitely taste the biryanis. If you’re a chicken lover, the Chicken Biryani is just great… … and if you’re a Mutton lover, well, there’s nothing that comes close… …to a lovely piece of mutton that’s cooked with love… … with rice, with a whole bunch of spices… … and a lot of care! Until the next episode of Gourmet On The Road… … stay safe and happy eating! If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe, share and leave a comment. If you’d like to support Food Lovers TV… … do log onto and hit the ‘Support Food Lovers’ banner. Links in the description below. Happy eating!

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