100 thoughts on “MUNCHIES Presents: A Short Film on Cajun Boudin

  1. I am extremely mad @ munchies for not putting LAKE CHARLES, Louisiana on the MAP!!!! ~retape~ Hands down best boundin in the Nation!

  2. Man Donald aint lying, for anyone who has never had cracklins beware, they good but you will turn green if you eat too much lol! Made that mistake in Port Barre at the festival one year, lawd I was sick!

  3. There used to be another version of boudin from old New Orleans and that was creole boudin (Creoles are any Louisianians of colonial settler ancestry, usually French and Spanish, so there are both whites and mixed race people that are Creoles and creole culture dominates the New Orleans area until this day). But in old New Orleans, the word boudin by itself referred to blood sausage (no rice) and the word boudin blanc referred to a white sausage containing pork meat (and sometimes with fowl added, but often not) that was binded by using French bread soaked in milk and was seasoned, but contained no rice. It was closer to boudins found in France and in the French Caribbean. But this type of boudin seemed to go extinct in New Orleans by today. The boudin found all over Louisiana now is Cajun boudin, which usually contains rice. New Orleans has adopted Cajun boudin as it’s own creole boudin has went extinct among the present-day population. True story.

  4. Lol what they're saying about boudin being hard to find in New Orleans is such bullshit. I'm munching on some boudin right now from a place not 5 minutes away on foot. You can find it pretty easily.

  5. Why don't they eat the skins? I've never had a problem with them as long as their animal based and not synthetic.

  6. When I was stationed in California, every time I came home on leave, I had to leave Houston with at least 10 pounds.

  7. I'm Mexican and my grandparents do a version of that called Rellena its awesome also cracklyns – Mantequitas I will email MUNCHIES and pitch an episode 🙂

  8. Y'all I just found this video and I've been away from home for a little over a year now.
    I'm so homesick and hungry T.T

  9. Living on the outskirts of Scott, its nice to see an accurate representation of one of our food groups and our culture. Guess what I'm having for lunch?!?!? 😉

  10. Pls excuse my ignorance. The two Cajun men (Toby Rodriguez and Robbie Romero) have Spanish last names. It is my understanding, however, that Cajun folks have French ancestry. Do some Cajun people also have White Spanish (as in from Spain – non Latino ancestry)? I'm just curious. I'm thinking of reading about this. I find Cajun people and their history very interesting. I had a Cajun friend in my platoon when I was in the Army (stationed at Fort Bragg, NC). He had that southern twang with the ole' french accent. In any case, thanks for the video upload.

  11. Im a New Orleans Native and own a Cajun Creole Restaurant on Okinawa, Japan. Boudin and one of my most popular dishes. Good eatin. 🙂

  12. Don's smoked boudin hands down best ever!! Right off I-10 my go to spot! That's coming for a real cajun sha born and raised in Houma,LA. cheaux

  13. I’m 31 I grew up in New Orleans You can get Boudin at several gas stations and most corner stores especially in black neighborhoods some of the statements are not true at all. Or they’re not willing to go into those neighborhoods.

  14. When I go home to Louisiana, I always stop in Scott and go to the best stop ! Best Boudain . Born and raised in South Louisiana, grew up eatting boudain almost daily. Took 29 years to finally find someone that sells awesome boudain . The owner is from Lafeyette . Going home in 2 weeks, can't wait to stop up .

  15. I’m from Fort Worth, Texas and my family and I travel to Florida at least twice a year. We never, and I mean NEVER, drive back to home without stopping at Poche’s for some lunch and to pickup some boudin. I also always grab some Andouille and Tasso for my Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. If you ain’t making it with Poche’s then you ain’t making it right!!!!

  16. I'm from Mississippi and my gf is from a Alexandria la….i had some of this heavenly sausage and been addicted since..i love it with Brooke seasoning

  17. I live in Gonzales (Jambalaya capital of the world), but we got boudin at every gas station as well. Every family get together my uncle brings cheese stuffed boudin balls. So happy to see southern LA get some recognition!

  18. If you want Boudin in NOLA. Boudin by Jamison at Gretna Farmers Market is legit! It’s my favorite. He also goes to a number other markets.

  19. No boudin in New Orleans? Of course there is. New Orleans is part of South Louisiana! These people are unaware because they are not from greater New Orleans. There’s plenty of boudin in the New Orleans area…Chris’s specialty meats, Gourmet Butcher Block, Armand’s, Tre Bon, Bouree’, Cochon etc. there are plenty Cajuns in greater New Orleans too. The New Orleans westbank is the Cajun ground zero in the New Orleans area. Plus Cajuns can be found in other areas of greater New Orleans too. Greater New Orleans is not just a bunch of white Creoles or black Creoles. Well, Cajuns are Creoles too, but that’s another story.

    With that said, I love boudin and cracklins. Grew up eating the stuff.

  20. I just love the way Cajuns in this vid pronounce "Boudin"…….I wonder whether any of them have any basic knowledge of French language! I believe the French boudin is rather darker with no rice in it but then again I might be mistaken

  21. Man, I came into this video half cocked not thinking there would even be a mention of boudin noir but you got it. The best shit there is, if you can find it.

  22. Boudin balls with fries plus nacho cheese on top, my Texas and Louisiana fam know what i'm talking about! I was born in Louisiana , raised in Texas, and went to college in Lafayette. The best boudin come from butcher stores and mom & pop shops. Any spot that serves hog head cheese, cracklings and fried gizzard you know they going to have some good boudin!

  23. I am from North Louisiana, so I am about as Cajun as kidney pie. But this documentary nails it. My preference is Best Stop in Scott. I can't go by there without getting some hot boudin and a couple of pounds frozen for later and a big bag of cracklins. Mais.

  24. The Chevron Gas station off I-10 just before the big outlet mall just before you get to Baton Rouge sells the best Boudin!!!

  25. bruh i grew up on best stop. i cant believe this shit is not world wide. i moved to newyork when i was kinda young, and i literally have boudin shipped from billys or beststop and i gets busy up north. never had someone say they didnt like it. this is a hidden gem of culinary art in its finest culture of america

  26. I was born and raised in Louisiana and I’ve never figured out how the Cajun accent is so similar to the New Jersey/New York accent?

  27. I stop into Hammond, LA every now and again and get Boudin – and man it's good. It may not be full blood but it's certainly worth the stop!

  28. Cajun born, but I live in Dallas, TX now. I travel to South Louisiana about every month or two, and I always have to take exit 7 on 49 and stop at Don's for some Boudin and cracklins. Then when I'm heading home, I automatically stop at exit 4 to hit Don's again!

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