Mozzeria – Deaf-owned Restaurant in San Francisco

Mozzeria – Deaf-owned Restaurant in San Francisco

Come on! Yes! I really enjoy working here Hi! Guess where I am at?! I am here in San Francisco at a restaurant called Mozzeria It’s a Deaf-owned restaurant that specialized in Italian pizzas You can see but I kind have finished some But let me show you anyway You want some? You want some? It’s mine Come here yourself This is margherita pizza. It’s most popular here in this restaurant They have many different kind of pizza that you can order from the menu All the staff that works here are Deaf Whoa, that’s nice When the people from all over the world fly here, they should take this opportunity to visit and meet Deaf workers and support the Deaf community Hi, I met one Deaf staff that works here so go ahead and introduce yourself My name is Amanda and here at Mozzeria, I work as the back house lead Back of the house means working with the pizza like a pizza maker (?) in the back kitchen and dishwasher Stacey: How long have you worked here? Amanda: I worked here for 3 years Stacey: Three years, wow Stacey: Do you love working here?
Amanda: yes, its good Stacey: What’s your opinion? Like when you go into a hearing restaurant, we use written note and gesture?
Amanda: Yes Stacey: How is it different here? Stacey: Now its reverse for hearing, right?
Amanda: Yes Stacey: So how does it compare? Amanda: It’s the same as if we go to the hearing restaurant, we point at the menu to show Amanda: Now when hearing come here to a Deaf restaurant, its reverse as the same process Amanda: The hearing understand that they have to point at the menu Amanda: If they have any question, we have a notepad at every table. Stacey: Let me show you. Amanda: They can write any question or they can say with or without meat or they want extra spicy, anything on the side. Stacey: Have you met Deaf people around the world? Internationally?
Amanda: Yes Amanda: Yes, many, many people Mostly during the summer. Last year there was a Deaf expo in Last Vegas Amanda: Many people flew to San Francisco so they took the opportunity to come here and taste before leaving to Las Vegas for Deaf Expo Amanda: Or they would come after the Deaf expo. Really, it was so many people Amanda: I really enjoyed meeting many international Deaf people Amanda: I learned their sign language and they learned ours. We accommodate each other to understand each other and what they need for food Amanda: or they would ask any questions about the restaurant. I tried my best to understand and explain Stacey: Yes. For those who don’t know, sign language is different all around the world. It’s not universal Stacey: I feel in my opinion no matter what, Deaf still somehow bond to each other. Deaf hood. Stacey: Even though, the sign is different. We still try our best to communicate.
Amanda: Yes Amanda: At least we can communicate. Sign is sign
Stacey: right right! Exactly Amanda: No matter how different the signs are, its important that we still sign to understand
Stacey: yes yes Stacey: For those who come to visit, what food would you recommend? Amanda: Our most popular food is Burrata for small appetizer. Mozzerella bars. It’s the same idea as mozzarella cheese sticks. It’s the same. Ours are bars. Amanda: It’s our home-made recipe Amanda: The most popular pizza is margherita. Stacey: That’s what I ordered Amanda: Second popular is Duck pizza Amanda: It’s really popular because our owner of the restaurant is Asian. Amanda: Many people love ducks. Amanda: many of our Asian customers loves ducks Amanda: Many people that ordered ducks know its cooked in their favorite style from Asia. Stacey: Fine, we should try it? Amanda: yeah try it! Amanda: Come on!
Stacey: Come! Stacey: Come to Mozzeria! Stacey: How do you sign that?
*Amanda shows sign for Mozzeria* Stacey; Oh nice! Thank you
Amanda: thank you

25 thoughts on “Mozzeria – Deaf-owned Restaurant in San Francisco

  1. I love the idea of a deaf restaurant, even though I admittedly don't have any sign language. I'm sure the food is good!

  2. I like the idea! I always wanted to learn sign language, but after starting and learning a little bit, I sadly lost motivation. I think I will give it a go again after watching your video.

  3. It's been really interesting to see restaurants leading the vanguard for many social enterprises nowadays! I love knowing this exists and I'm about to move to San Jose in the fall so I will definitely be popping over!

  4. I'll take pizza any day. Flew all the way to it's birthplace in Naples to eat pizza. I love this concept. Hope to visit one day

  5. Mozzarella Bars sound amazing!!! Love your videos, such a great interview at the end, really interesting!

  6. Wow you learn something new everyday. Always thought that sign language is the same everywhere. I want pizza. I am now going to cosco to get a big pizza. Bye!

  7. I think if you really tried, you could have picked up a bigger slice of pizza 😀 It's always nice finding out more about places, and the part this has to play in the deaf community.

  8. This is a fantastic initiative. It is so heartening and humbling to see that people do care and understand.

  9. Wow this looks like a fantastic restaurant on so many levels. Fantastic food by the looks but also a great establishment for hearing people to gain some understanding of the Deaf community and their experiences.

  10. I love seeing more and more of these vlogs about people doing so well despite having a disability. I have Ulcerative Colitis and although I don't talk about it because of the nature of the condition, it's debilitating and does restrict me getting full time work and also travelling internationally at the present. This does give me hope that one day there is no more social stigma, I get a lot of hate messages about my weight, and it's heartbreaking somedays because I know it's the medication doing this to me.

    Thank you for making me believe more in me.

  11. What a great idea to open a place where people which such disability can have nice dinner together with wonderful time. Bay area in my favorite region in United States and I will try to stop by during my next trip there.

  12. That pizza looked good! I always love watching your videos because I always learn something new, I had never put together that sign language would be different around the world (which, makes sense, but I just never had thought about it before). Anyway, I enjoyed discovering this place through your video, I'll have to check it out if I ever find myself in San Francisco. 🙂

  13. Thats awesome, never heard of that! If I'm able to visit San Fran someday I'll definitely pop in at Mozzeria to try the duck pizza ! Oh, and I didn't knew that sign language isn't the same everywhere in the world, do you know if there are regulations for each country or is it possible to live in the us and still you learned different ways of sign language? Subscribed!

  14. This was such a great insight into the deaf community! I have to say that I'm not so in touch with this particular community, but it was so amazing to see you discuss the international nature of sign language! I work at a university in the Czech Republic that has the best department of deaf studies in the country, so I've learned how different Czech sign language is from ASL, and I think it's fascinating! I would love to learn, I think this is my motivation to try!

  15. Hey , this is interesting . Keep doing it , awesome for me to learn as well . I keep rewind some clip for me to learn hand sign .
    Oh ya , the video clips also should get more bright place . Overall , I learn a lot from this video . Keep going

  16. What a great idea, I really love this! I like how for the hearing guests, they have to write down what they want since they don't know sign language. I never thought about sign language being different around the world either – I guess that makes sense that it's not universal!

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