Motorcycle Risers – Adjust Your Handle Bars with Ease – Video Guide: Tip of the Week

Motorcycle Risers – Adjust Your Handle Bars with Ease – Video Guide: Tip of the Week

MOTORCYCLE RISER TIP Get a grip. With handlebar risers. Welcome to this week’s Cruiser Customizing
Tip of the Week where we’re going to talk about how you can customize your riding position,
whether you’ve got drag bars, or the standard drag-riser combination with the use of risers
and riser extensions. As you can see on the wall behind me, I`ve
got lots of different risers. But what do they do? What are the benefits of risers gonna
do for you and your motorcycle. This right here is a stock set up. what if this set up
was a little bit uncomfortable for you? You want just a little more height or a little
bit more pull back? That is what the risers is gonna do for you. Back here behind me I`ve got risers from Show
Chrome accessories, Baron’s, Custom World, Kuryakyn,Star Yamaha;everyone makes risers.
why? Motorcycles from the factory are created and manufactured for the average motorcyclist.
Well, as we all Know we’re not all average. One size fits all generally doesn`t fit everybody.
Motorcycle risers are a great way for you to customize the fit of your handle bars so
that you have the optimum driving position. Most of the risers out there are 4 inches
that`s the most common change that people make. A little bit farther up and a little
bit farther back. Now what exactly does 4 inches mean? As you
can see these risers sit probably 2 inches of the triple tree. So if you put a 4 inch
riser on your bike, you’re not really getting 4 inches of rise. You probably get 2 inches
of rise and probably about an inch of pull back depending on the risers you go with.
Here we`ve got a slew of 4 inch pull back handle. Pull back meaning they`re not straight
up of the bar they actually have a little of curve to them giving you some pull back
on the bike. The Show Chrome accessories risers here fit
just about any motorcycle if you get the corresponding riser bolt that goes with your particular
make and model of motorcycle. These set of Baron’s risers here is our number
1 selling riser and why is that the case? They have a single riser that gives you the
bolts for any application that you want to put these risers to. Now, let’s get into some of these real-life
examples. So here I am sitting on my stock motorcycle, stock risers, and stock handle
bar. My arms are in pretty straightforward position. And I’d like to change that. I’d
like to give my arms into a little bit of a relaxed position. What are my options? we’ve
got two options. You can go put a new set of handle bars like this by swapping out the
handle bar itself, I can maintain the stock risers and get any position that I want. This particular modification would have required
modification to my lines, cables; everything would have to be changed if I want to go to
a change this extreme. Or, if you just wanna little bit up and a little bit back, our riser
is probably your best option. Now, let me show you how simple a riser change
is on this set-up here. So here I sit on the stock position. Arms all the way extended
in slightly downward position. Compare this position to the position that I have after
I’ve installed the 6-inch riser. Here we are halfway through this riser install
and you can see the big difference we’re gonna have here. We’re gonna have about a 4-inch
difference in height, and we’re definitely gonna have more difference in pull back. Stock riser that we removed from these stocks
and handle bars and replaced with these 6-inch aftermarket risers. Take a look at the marked
differences made in the riding position. The bar is higher, closer to me, and in my opinion,
this is a more comfortable and relaxed ride. What if your motorcycle came stock with a
drag bar? You’ve got the VTXes, Vulcan 900s, Mean Streaks. A bunch of motorcycles out there
right now are coming from the factory with a drag bar. It’s not very feasible to cut
this weld, add more metal, and then weld it all back together and get it re-chromed. So,
what your options? To swap out a handle bar for a riser bar combination,
you can simply go with a taller drag bar. I’ve just swapped out a 6 inch drag bar for
an 8 inch drag bar. As you can see, ours came up and closer to me. What if you don’t want to swap out your handle
bar? Kewlmetal makes this riser extension for just about all of the factory bikes that
came with drag bars. This is a neat piece. You got a bolt that’s gonna up into your stock
bar. From underneath your triple tree you got a bolt that’s gonna attach this riser
extension. Take a look. We’ve got a stock drag bar in the stock position
as would be set up on a soft tail. Now take a look, with this Kewlmetal riser extension,
this is the difference that you’re gonna see after the installation. As you can see, my
arms are in a more relaxed bent position, and the one thing I’d like you to keep in
mind, when modifying your risers, depending on your length, you might have to adjust your
lines and cables. Most of the 4-inch risers out there will allow
you to make that swap without making any modifications on your lines abd cables. In most instances,
that’s not the case.With 6-inch and 8-inch risers, you definitely have to re-route the
cables, if not, swap them out for longer lines and cables. Lines and cables being mentioned, you need
to join us next week for our lines and cables tip of the week where we’re gonna talk to
you about the frequently-asked questions that people have when they change and modify the
lines and cables on their motorcycles.

25 thoughts on “Motorcycle Risers – Adjust Your Handle Bars with Ease – Video Guide: Tip of the Week

  1. Thank you Kyle for the enlightment. Now I am more convince to get a riser for my 09 V Star Classic because the stock is killing my back.

  2. This demo is the best riser demo I've seen on Youtube concerning positioning. Very informative, Thank you C.C.

  3. other than the comfort factor,……….what about control?  What happens to the way the rider and the bike interact, when angles change?

  4. Got a question for a 2015 street Bob The bars are 10 inch Stock do I have to change wires and cables if I upgrade to a 14 inch bars

  5. Is there a special type glue i should use to aide in my remounting of the bars onto my new risers ( to stop the pivot of up/down movement)??

  6. Ty, these are new … but, won't "stop" the bars from moving. I'm afraid I'll strip the threads if I go any tighter

  7. I would like to keep the "buck horn" handlebars on my '71 Ironhead, but they are too close to my body.. Could I install a 2" riser backwards to push them away from me a bit?

  8. Disappointed. Wanted to see a hands-on video instruction on actually adjusting the bolts, Harley Dyna size bolts and needed tools, etc. If you want to know about angles and such, this is fine for that, but if you want a real helpful video on actually adjusting the risers and bars, this isn't it.

  9. hi.. can you tell me the name of the manufacturer you mentioned at 3.56 ? is that Cool Metal ? can you please share links of where to buy them from? what is approx cost ? any Do it yourself videos ?

  10. what type handle bars are they ? what they call them ? i really like them first one the one beginning of the video , thanks in Advance

  11. That is true they are set up for the average rider. But majority of these states are 15” above the seat. My state will let you have them up to your shoulder’s max hight.

  12. i don't think the stock drag bars at 3:26 are 6 inches. in comparison to the previous handlebars with risers (that you say are 6") they look smaller with less pull back, also in comparison with the 8 inch drag bars that come right after, they look about half. i'd say they're ~4 inches or around that

  13. I have a 2009 v star 1300 elbows are almost at lock position is there a riser that will work with my speedometer that mounts on the handlebars.I'm 5foot 11

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