100 thoughts on “Melanie Martinez // orange juice

  1. in the 5th grade some toxic friend said i was fat, so i started to eat less and less, to the point of passing out. I did that till the 6th grade and i found some awesome friends who helped me love myself and how to love my body.

  2. I love this I’ve been dealing with an eating disorder since I was 8 years old because I was bullied for being bigger than all the other girls and from that I developed anorexia I’m now 15 and it’s at its peak I just kinda wish more people would talk about anorexia though every type of eating disorder is terrible but I feel like bulimia gets all the attention sometimes but that’s just my opinion and if you are dealing with any type of eating disorder just know you’re beautiful or handsome and you’re worth so much and your body is “imperfectly perfect” ❤️

  3. Min lillasyster?
    Wait what? It's called my
    skinny sister in english? THAT'S SO STUPID!! They should have named it My little sister for 2 reasons. 1,It's the direct translation of it's original swedish name. 2, That way it's not so obvious what the movie is about ugh whyyyyy?

  4. Its usually toddlers who you have to constantly remind to keep their food in their mouth but now in a shocking turn of events its…….TEENS

  5. For all the people going trought this, I know you'll do it, you're strong and beautiful no mater what. I live you and take care of you 💖

  6. Video: “now your sitting in the cafeteria chewing clementines and-“
    Girl in video: (eats apple and bother with orange)
    Me: wtf I’m supposed to say

  7. Me: Drinking orange juice

    Song: You make oranges into orange juice into there then spit it out of you

    Me: Spits the orange juice out

    Me: No! Why are you spitting it all out! You made me spit it out…and this is a white tank top..

  8. I am sorry if I am being annoying, but please add a trigger warning next time. I don't need it, but some people may. ❤ thank you!!

  9. I relate to this song a lot, I struggle with anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphia and I know how it feels. And I just really want more of these songs since they help to an extent. Please don’t reply to this with anything triggering since I can get triggered with numbers and stuff

  10. This scenes from "my skinny sister" made me cry, because I noticed that I'm hurting my lovely little sister by my illness… She always suggest me to eat. She is giving me her sweets but I don't eat them.

  11. Listening to this right after my mom called my fat again (obviously without knowing about my ED) is freacking depressing. I’m mostly mad about the fact that people can’t notice about my ED so no one cares about, no one believes you because you don’t look like it.

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