100 thoughts on “Meat Loaf – I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) (Official Music Video)

  1. The album version is about 12-minutes long. The radio mix runs 7m58s, which was still a very long song to receive airplay. In both the US and UK, it is the longest #1 hit ever. It beat the previous record-holder, "Hey Jude" by The Beatles, by a margin of 47 seconds.

  2. not happy with how, at 5:30, they sped it up to give it a milenniel viobe — this is such a timeless hit because it's classically done, not derivative & imitative. Keep your hands off the board when remastering. . .

  3. After listening to this i always listen to Celine’s it’s all coming back to me know as i feel it’s the female’s side of this song 😆

  4. I'm telling you new folks… to this video. It means something. Please.. please.. don't be afraid to share what it makes you feel.

  5. I always pictured myself running from cops on a motorcycle or playing guitar following a band and rocking out walking down second street like Mick Mars… But I did outrun the law in my old Buick lol… That was pretty rock n roll I guess…

  6. You probably won't run into many live grainy proformasis or bad acoustics or clips caught in compromised scenes corigrafed perfect all the time and look how long he was relevant

  7. Greetings ✨✝️🙋
    CHEERS 🤳🔥🐝🙏

  8. I remember when they first showed this video on MTV (when they actually showed videos) and the VJ (Martha Quinn?) Screamed meatloaf was back on the menu and everyone call their friends because she was going to show it again.

  9. Whatever happened to the Meat? I still get chills up my spine when I hear his rendition of this song at the AFL Grand Final of 2011.

  10. 6:15 – something modern "singers" could never do. Such strength and passion in her voice! We need proper singers again. And pretty ladies like in this clip. 😀

  11. I always get chills listening to this song. So many memories of my life and unrequited love wrapped up in this song. I'm the ugly monster and he never could see past that. Men look at women with their eyes, women look at men with their hearts. At least that has been my experience.

  12. This channel has been been designated as a fire zone in time . Do not enter unless there is something you need to be burnt away…or pieced back together.

  13. I must say this song is Really really Beautiful But Meatloaf Is just Awful at Singing thats Just my Opinion only Dont Get Offended or Be Mean cause ill Report you But His Songs are Amazing But its Him Who Spoils The Song He just isnt Great Tbh

  14. Just for Halloween 2019 I'm gonna play this song on a loud speaker by the Spooky House on the edge of town. Hey Ghosts and Goblins need love to, right?!

  15. I found out Michael Bay directed this video back in the day. It totally shows! Camera keeps moving, lots and lots of cuts, and it’s constantly 4:30-5:00pm according to the light 😉.

  16. The alternative ending was much more realistic – she pushed away Meat Loaf and saw the detective with the glasses and the flashlight and drove away with him in the police car – they had an affair, got married with kids and later they've divorced again. It's all in the alternative ending – look it up on youtube. It's crazy

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