Maafushi Island | Mini Boracay in Maldives

Maafushi Island | Mini Boracay in Maldives

Hello guys, good morning.
We’re back at Jetty no.6. Here we go again, guys. Bye. Bye. Hello guys. Welcome to Maafushi. The Boracay of Maldives. I bought this. This is a beef submarine.
It’s so cheesy look at that. With the fries. It is legit, very delicious. Hey guys. If you come here in Maldives, then it happens that you stay here in Maafushi, so it is very advisable that you buy your souvenirs here because it has more variety and it’s much cheaper here when you compare it to Male or Hulhumale. So the guys are inside, buying their souvenirs and I’m here waiting, chilling like local. Hi guys. So, we’re here in a souvenir shop here in Maafushi where all items are on sale. It is very cheap compared to other islands. You can buy this cute pieces for lesser price. You can buy some cute ref magnets here also they’re selling it for 4 USD the most. I think this part.. but yeah they’re giving
discounts also. These are for 4 USD. Then they sell this one 3 USD.
This for 2 USD. And some 1 USD. It’s really
cheap and they have some cute keychains here. Look at that. Maldives sand. I don’t know if it’s real. They sell this for 4 USD. 5 USD. 3 USD. Hi. Hello guys, we just finished our day
here in my Maafushi. For a local island, I think this is more developed. There are many restaurants and souvenir shops. We really enjoyed the souvenir shopping because
aside from the beautiful souvenirs, the attendant was really good and
accommodating. He even got us discounts. yeah,
very good discounts. And about the place This island is like a mini Boracay. So you can
see many watersports and many restaurants. So it’s good for travellers or
most tourists because it’s easy access to anything even the bikini beach it’s
very good water is so blue yeah and inviting. Yes the water was so inviting
except for the pebbles ok that’s one of the drawbacks. The beach is so rocky. It will hurt your feet. Rocky sand again but much more rocky sand this time. So, all the informations from the transportation, the food, the beach. All of that, I will link
it to the description box below. Okay. Thank you for watching. Like and subscribe. Bye. Now we’re going home. We’re going back to Hulhumale. We’re so tired now. The sunburn, sunkissed skin. We were stranded for 2 hours because we were late again. That’s why the speedboat left us. BYE.

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  1. Love your energy! It makes the video more upbeat. keep up the great work! I subscribed to your channel! Hope we can support each other (:

  2. In Borakay the beach in much more better (I was there), in Maafushi the beach is very small and can be crowdy. Read more in the guide –

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