100 thoughts on “Lunch with Chenle’s grandparents! [One Night Sleepover Trip/ 2018.06.12]

  1. Chenles grandpa is soo funny he said “You eat crabs I can’t eat even if I like crabs because of my teeth” loll

  2. Chinese cuisine can match in any country taste bud ♡ I really love their vegetable but I forgot the name xD

  3. Awww this entire episode just busted all of my uwu’s but why does Chenle’s granddad remind me sooo much of Lucas like I strongly believe that he is at least some form of Lucas in the future 😂😂

  4. Watching this makes me want to go back in China… to stay more with my grandpa..

    I really miss my grandma… she passed away two years ago… watching others grandma make feel so sad 😭😭😭

    I used to go with my grandma on mountain just to found bamboo shoots and then she cooks bamboo shoots.

    Seriously bamboo shoots are like treasure for chinese people, it really have a good taste.

  5. The grandpa at around 1:10 definitely used to be one of those guys that are really romantic and serenades their lover all the time

  6. This is so cute, I can’t relate my family is not the type of warm welcoming. Wish I had a family like Chenle, and uwu his grandpa is so cute haha. Chenle probably grew up in a loving place I’m so happy for him, 😊💕

  7. but imagine Chenle with his bestie tho (boyfie), Jisung would see how cute his whole family is awww 😔💗💚🌱

  8. chenle's grandpa really told them that he liked eating crabs so much his tooth fell out because of it, which is why he doesnt eat it anymore….

  9. Omg watching chele's home making me miss my own home. Their behaviour and the little details are very familiar. We might not live in mainland anymore, but the tradition keep passed on naturally

  10. Omg I just realized my grandparents have the same china as Chenle's grandparents I will never see the cutlery the same way again 😂😂

  11. How i wish that Dreamies could come into their house too and meet his parents. They are so kind. No wonder Chenle is a good man.

  12. This is why I like China, even though people don’t greet each other in public like we do, people that are close are very courteous with each other, and are very happy.

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