Lunch Room Tour | A CRAZY Amount Of Stuff! Containers. Cutters.   (Pt.1)

Lunch Room Tour | A CRAZY Amount Of Stuff! Containers. Cutters. (Pt.1)

– [Jennifer] Hey guys, and
welcome to the Family Fudge. I’m Jennifer, and on today’s video, I’m gonna take you on a
tour of my lunch room. In last Friday’s video, I asked you guys if you’d be interested in
a lunch supply/room tour, and I got so, so many comments saying yes, please show us your stuff! So that’s exactly what I’m gonna do today. Now, not only is this
the lunch supply room, but it’s also my home office, so I’m gonna give you a
little peek of that as well. Now, I definitely have
quite the collection. You know, I have four kids and I’ve made a lot of lunches over the years, and you guys, I save and recycle as much of these supplies as I can. So that really makes my
collection quite large. Now, in our old house in California, I kept most of my lunch supplies in the garage, because
we didn’t have space in our tiny kitchen or
anywhere in the house, and now I am so, grateful
that in our house in Florida, I have enough space to
keep all of my lunch items together in one place. Now, I have to give
some credit to my girls, Miss Talisa Tossell and
Miss Moriah Elizabeth. I definitely was inspired
by both Talisa’s slime room, that’s a lot of slime. And of course, there’s
Moriah squishy room. So fun, so colorful, I love it. Now, just like these creative ladies, I have been super blessed
and I’ve been able to take my hobby of making
lunches, and through YouTube, turn it into my dream work-from-home job. So making fun lunches is
something I love to do, but it’s also become my business. Now, before we get started, you guys, you do not need all of
these lunch supplies to make cute lunches. You really can just use
whatever you have on hand, or items from the dollar store. It doesn’t have to be a lot. I just have all of these extra items because I love making these videos, and I wanna make them as
fun and exciting as I can. And of course, I have to give a big thanks to all of you for watching and subscribing and supporting these videos, so thank you! And without further
ado, let’s get started. Okay guys, so here is a
quick overview of the room. If you saw our original empty house tour, you’ll probably recognize this room. If you haven’t seen that video, I’ll pop a card in right here. So when we moved in, this room was empty. It’s actually a downstairs master bedroom, but I’ve turned it into my
dream lunch supply room, and then over here, we have
the office area, of course, but I’ll show you that last. Now, I’ve divided most
of my supplies between these two IKEA shelves. I love these IKEA shelves,
and if you’re ever looking for them, make sure you
check online markets like Facebook and Craigslist first, because you can almost
always find these secondhand for a really good price. And then I have lots of little items in these separate drawers. These drawers you might
remember from my old kids clothes organization setup. I used to actually use these drawers to organize my kids clothes
when were really little and their clothes were small
enough to fit in there. If you’d like to check out that video, I’ll pop a card in right there. Well, I don’t use that
laundry system anymore, so I’ve repurposed all of those drawers and put them in here. And then of course, over
here I have two new systems that are perfect for all of my
little teeny lunch supplies. These both came from
Amazon, but unfortunately when they sent this one,
it arrived to my house missing a drawer. Can you believe that? Brand new, missing a drawer. I did go ahead and put
in a replacement order, but it’s not gonna be here til next week. The next storage system I’m
using are these plastic drawers. Now, these are actually repurposed. I used to use these drawers to organize my kids clothes in their closet as part of our laundry system. This room represents two
things that I absolutely love. Of course, making fun
lunches and organization. Well, and things that are rainbow too. I love rainbow things as well,
as you can probably tell. Okay guys, it is time to
jump right in with this tour. Basically on this side, I have most of my lunchboxes, my containers. In this middle section, I have
all of my sandwich cutters, my cookie cutters, my teeny, tiny cutters, and my food picks. And then over on this
shelf, I have all of my good2grow bottle tops. We have lunch bags and lots
and lots of fun napkins. So I think I’ll go ahead and start with the most important lunch
item, which is the lunchbox. I have so many different
kinds of lunchboxes, and it’s hard to pick a favorite one. I have to say right now I’m
really liking the OmieBox. They are a little bit
pricey, but they’re made really well, they last a long time, and they have that built in thermos. I really love the OmieBox. Then, new for this school year,
I have some different boxes I can’t wait to try. These are the Bentgo boxes. I’ve never used this brand before, and no, this video is not sponsored in any way. I’m super excited to use these. I picked up one for all of the kids. Blue is for Jackson, green is for Griffin, purple is for, well, this
is more of a purply pink, this one is for McKenzie,
and teal is for Lily, so I can’t wait. I’m super excited to give those a try. Next to those, I have the
classic EasyLunchboxes. These ones are really good too. They’re not very
leak-proof, so they’re not my absolute favorite, but they
are really good lunchboxes, and pretty affordable. Over in this basket, I have
two different kinds of boxes. These guys are in my good
bins, I really like these ones because they’re so colorful,
but they are not leak-proof. They are a really good
price, so that’s great. Overall, I really like these, although there are some drawbacks. You can’t fit a whole sandwich in there, so that’s not necessarily a positive. And then recently I
picked up these lunchboxes off of Amazon. These ones are really interesting to me, because they seem more leak-proof, and the insides of the boxes are white, so I’m excited to give
those a try this year. Unfortunately I don’t
remember the name of the brand on these, but they are on
Amazon, and I’ll go ahead and put a link to them if
you want to check them out. Over on this side, I have some lunchboxes I don’t use very often. I have my Blue Ele box. The other one’s in the fridge,
it has food in it right now. Then I have these really
odd shaped round lunchboxes. I’ve never actually used those
before, but you never know. I might pull them out for lunch someday. Down in this lower bin, I
have all of my PlanetBoxes, their bags, and their accessories. Of course, the PlanetBoxes
are pretty pricey as well. Overal, they are really good lunchboxes. They are not necessarily my favorite. Next we have this bin,
and this one pretty much has my Sistema boxes in it. So this one is the sandwich
cube, those are actually really good lunchboxes,
and then I have a couple of odds and ends. These are actually lunchboxes that I use for myself most often. Oh yes, and by the way, you guys, I got all of these baskets
from the Dollar Tree. I love using Dollar Tree
items for organization, and I specifically love this white basket, it holds a lot of stuff, and
you can’t beat the price. Back over to this basket,
I have these guys. This is the EasyLunchbox snack container. I really like the square shape of these, perfect for making your own Lunchables. And then I also have a big stack of these a Ziploc containers. These ones are definitely a favorite too. They’re not super leak-proof,
but they’re pretty good, and they’re definitely affordable. You can find them at
Walmart and at Target. So yeah, I really like the Ziploc ones for a cheaper alternative. That’s definitely a
budget-friendly alternative. Moving over to this one, I keep all of my little containers in here. Some of these I’ve used quite often, and some are still brand
new, waiting to be used. I get most of these containers at either the Dollar Tree, or Home
Goods, Marshalls, or Ross, where they’re a pretty good price. So I have lots of different
containers in there. In this basket, I keep
all of my thermoses. Of course, we have our
Bunches of Lunches thermoses, which are definitely my favorite. They come with that built-in spoon and the built-in bowl. They actually look just like this with the little Bunches of
Lunches logo on the front. Love those. I also have our old thermoses,
which work really well still. These have lasted for
years, so it’s definitely a good investment. And then I have the newest
Blue Ele one as well. Okay guys, so that’s al the lower bins. Now let’s move on up to these higher bins. Now, in this cube, I’ve actually used a basket from the Dollar
Tree, and this hanging basket from Big Lots. These are great for adding
extra storage in shelves or even in pantries or cabinets. In this top one, I have all
of my reusable snack bags, so these can be washed and
used over and over again, so you’re not using some
many little plastic baggies. And then in this one,
you can just pull it out just like this. In this back section I
have of all of my reusable spoon, fork, knife combos. I have some little star
cups, some reusable utensils, and my kids favorite, training chopsticks. I get those at Daiso, which is like the Japanese dollar store. In fact, I get asked all the time where I find my lunch supplies. Mostly they’re from the Dollar Tree. Some are from Amazon,
and I find lots of them at Daiso, the Japanese dollar store. Now, this next basket is all about eggs. These are all egg molds, and
I have lots of different ones. In the back there I have a flower. There’s a ladybug. A cute little fishy. A bunny, I got this
one for Easter lunches. A cute little tulip. We got a car. Some hearts, those are
perfect for Valentine’s Day. Another little bunny, and
a cute little teddy bear. And then over on this side, I have several of the star shape, and I have
several of the heart shape, because when I make these, I
like to make a whole bunch, because the longer you
keep them in the mold, the better the shape’s going to be, so I’ll boil up a bunch of
eggs, stick them in the molds, and then keep them in the
fridge until I’m ready to throw them into lunches. In this next section, I have another one of those hanging baskets, and in here, I have my snack containers. I absolutely love these,
these are so cute. This little teddy berry
one, you just open up his little head and the
snacks can go inside. I love putting Teddy Grahams in here. These ones were actually
from the Dollar Tree. Then I also have the
Goldfish Cracker version. You just open them up
like that and the Goldfish can go inside. Sometimes I also put other chips. Those ones I actually
found at the grocery store. And that brings us to our
snack container drawer. I love using little snack containers for different treats and things like that. These little ball ones are really fun. These are actually meant for food, and I found them in the
party section of Michaels. Same with these little test tubey guys. These are actually made
for candies or sweets, and it’s just a fun at different shape to throw into a lunch. Again, these are all reusable. I just wash them out and we use them over and over again. These ones are super fun. They are from the Dollar
Tree, and they look just like LEGOs, and they
actually fit together like LEGOs. I haven’t actually made
a LEGO-themed lunch, but I definitely plan to
sometime in the future. And then lastly, I have
a couple of these guys left over from Easter. This cute little bunny and
this cute little chick. These hold treats so well and
they still fit in lunchboxes, so they’re perfect to send to school. In this next drawer, I have lots of different sauce containers. Now, if you guys have
been watching for a while, you’ll know that these mostly
will have ranch in them. My kids love having
ranch with their veggies and things like that, so I
have lots of different kinds. Little animals, these
ones are all from Daiso. These ones are from Amazon,
and then I also have lots of these little dressing containers. These are great for salad
dressing or sour cream, different dips and sauces. Over in this next one, I have all of my little panda containers. These are so cute, and I’ve used these in several different videos. This is more like a traditional
Japanese bento would be, and this is from Daiso,
that Japanese dollar store. Then, you guys, I have lots and lots of these silicone liners. I absolutely love these. I used to actually use cupcake liners, because they’re super cute
with the different prints on the outside and
they’re really affordable, but then I just started buying these ones, because you can wash
them out and reuse them over and over and over. They come in lots of different
fun colors and shapes. I love the star-shaped ones. I really love these big square ones. So yes, I have a lots and lots of those, all different sizes and shapes. These are perfect for separating
food within the lunchbox. Now up on this last top
shelf, I have things I don’t use super often,
like this bin has lots things from Daiso that I’ve never
actually used before. Lots of little Japanese bento tools. These are things that
I’m hoping use one day and just haven’t used them yet. And I almost forgot to show you this one, this is also a bin where I keep items that I haven’t used before, but I’m hoping to show in a future video. This little guy is
actually a hot dog cutter. How cute is that? And you put a little bit
of ketchup right there in the little container. So cute. I have lots of things for
fall lunches already planned, and a few Disney things in the works. In this next basket, I
have some odds and ends. Some more Japanese-style bento boxes. I really like these tiny little
cute ones with elephants. I don’t use these containers,
but I like to hold onto them. In this next basket, I have
some extra yogurt containers. These are great for yogurt and granola. Then I also have lots of these
little sandwich containers. I used to use these all
the time and I love them, I just haven’t used them recently. Over in this container,
I have lots of these little Sistema containers. these are great for snacks and treats. And then in this last basket,
I have my little snack towers. These are so cute, I
really like these ones, and now you can find something
very similar at Target. So yeah, these are really fun. I have lots of different colors. Those just go right in there. Now, before I move over
to the next section, I just have a few more
baskets I’ve missed. In this one, I have all of our ice packs. I have lots of different colors and sizes. And in this one, I have a lots
and lots of cookie cutters. Now, I do use these for
sandwiches sometimes. The kids also will use these for Play-Doh. But we keep them all right in there. Okay guys, I’m gonna have to speed this up or possibly make two videos,
because I’m realizing that I’m wanting to talk about everything, and if I do that, this video
will be like, two years long. It’s a lot of stuff. So I think I’ll go ahead and
show you this tower next. All right, in this first drawer I have these snack containers
these are my character ones Star Wars, Micke, Minnie, and Peppa Pig. These are actually Easter eggs, you guys. Got them at Easter time at Walmart, but I love throwing
them into themed lunches with little snacks and treats inside. This next one has PJ
Masks, one extra Mickey. I have more of the LEGO
ones, and I also have more of the little sauce containers. These ones are little bit
bigger, they hold more sauce. And then we have some
extra Star Wars containers. In this one, I have some Paw
Patrol, some Easter Peeps, another Mickey, you can tell
we love Mickey around here. I have some Lightning
McQueen and some Trolls. And in this one, I kind
of have odds and ends. This one is actually meant for an avocado, so to keep your avocado nice and fresh. This one is meant for a banana,
so you can stick your banana in your lunch and it won’t get crushed. This one is a snack container,
similar to Goldfish ones, but just a shark instead. And then in here, I have
all of my little candy eyes. We have happy eyes,
angry eyes, spooky eyes, all the eyes go in there. In this next one, I have even
more of these silicone liners. I went through a lot of
these ones when I was picking the ones that I wanted for the lunch kit, so these are all leftover prototypes. There’s lots of different
ones on the internet. Some of them are good, and
some of them are not good. So yeah, I went through
a lot of silicone liners until I found the ones that I liked. Right now, these gigantic
ones are my favorite, and I really like these
petal shaped ones as well. So cute, and I love how
big and roomy they are. Now, these next couple
of drawers have lots of different sandwich cutters. We have a heart, an
elephant, a little kitty cat, butterfly, puzzle pieces, and a dog. In this one we have the
crown, oop, one is missing. I can’t remember what’s
supposed to be there. We got dinosaur and a star-shape. Ooh, I know what’s supposed to be there, my little Uncrustable maker. I just used that, so I think
it might be in the dishwasher. In this one, we have all of my Mickeys, I have a lots of different Mickey heads, and in this one, I just have a couple of the Minnie Mouse cutters. And in this one, I have
these interesting things. These actually make a cone-shaped bread, so you can fill those with
lots of different yummy treats. And this sandwich cutter I got on Amazon, it comes with lots of different faces. So you can make a cat, a
pig, a frog, or a panda. And then this guy actually
makes a 3D airplane. You’re supposed to use
a carrot for that one. Now, moving on down here
underneath this desk, this is just an IKEA desk. It wasn’t very expensive at all. On this side, I have all
of my little place mats. I use these a lot in videos
to kind of, I don’t know, make it look colorful and fun. Over here I have some
of my cutting boards. I use thee use a lot in videos as well. I do have cutting boards
that I actually cut on, and I have others I like to keep nice and I don’t cut on them. And then basically all of these drawers are the rest of my cutters,
and they’re kind of organized a little bit, not 100%. In here have all of my Halloween cutters, in here I have all of my
Valentine’s Day cutters. This one’s kind of miscellaneous. Uh oh, you guys hear that? That’s the storm coming. There’s supposed to be a hurricane coming in a couple of days, so it’s
starting to storm outside. In this one have different shapes, I have lots of little flowers. This is kind of odds and
ends, we have Star Wars and dragons, different animals. In here we have stars and unicorns. More unicorns and princess. This one’s kind of a
hodgepodge of everything. Again, this one has a lot of Easter things and some summer things. Oop, and this one has Christmas, I love Christmas most of all. And this last one has
extra sandwich cutters. Oh yes, and this Rudolf one
that I haven’t used yet. So cute! Up over here is where
I hang the play button. I am so thankful for all
of you guys for subscribing and for supporting this channel. We’re about to hit 500,000
pretty soon, I cannot wait. I’m super excited for that. And of course, here is that
bunches of lunches lunch kit I was telling you about. This is our first product
that we’ve launched, and it’s been very
exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Okay friends, we’re
only about halfway done and this video is probably
getting pretty long, so stay tuned for part
two where I show you all of the food picks. There is a lot of them
and they are super fun. And of course, we have
all of the bottle toppers, and napkins, and lots of other fun stuff, so stay tuned for that. (upbeat music)

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