Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Hotel Getaway – Nintendo Switch

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Hotel Getaway – Nintendo Switch

[Nintendo Switch Snap] [thunder clapping]
[nervous murmurs]
[spooky music][spooky, male narrator]
-Luigi is invited
to a hotel getaway.
[Luigi, nervously]
-Oh M-M-Mario… Mario-o-o…[spooky, male narrator]
-One where he may never,
get… away…
[music intensifies]Luigi’s Mansion 3.-WAAA!

100 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Hotel Getaway – Nintendo Switch

  1. This trailer can be little bit misleading since you really can't be outside except around Floor 5's windows. Was the outside scrapped from exploration?

  2. it didnt make sence so after the end it becomes a mansion but theres no other thing to do you cant even vist the mansion. like the game says.

  3. Nintendo, we know you're a multimillionaire industry, you can't lie, so.. you're making the Super Nintendo World, right? How about you build The Last Resort?

  4. Dear Nintendo, can we please get a Super Mario Sunshine sequel for the Switch? Can we also get more Mario and Luigi titles? We barely have any good games for the Switch. Most of the titles on the eShop aren’t brand name, they’re indie.

  5. If you’re reading this and you haven’t bought Luigi’s Mansion 3 yet… what are you doing? Go out and buy it. You won’t regret it.

  6. How is Luis is still afraid of ghost he Captured king boo and the worst of the Ghost also I like the game and my name is Mason Mims

  7. I don’t really like the new Lugi’s Mansion games. They’re too ‘Cutesy’ and the ghosts act too much like kids. The original GameCube version felt a lot creepier and the ghosts actually felt like ghosts rather than little big eyed critters that make weird noises.

    Eh idk. Everything just seems to be ‘cutesy’ nowadays.

  8. I really wanted to like this game, but I just can't. I regret buying it, I just hated what Next Level Games did to this series, I love the first one just of how it played. Now they threw that out for a more "Kid friendly comedy" game, yeah its Nintendo but they have a few games that are rather intense. So whats Next Level Games's excuse?

  9. Lançan o super Mario 64 para super Nintendo vocês já tentaram não e faz que eu vou dar um beijo pra você Nintendo eu torcendo torcendo para você minhamoto

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