Lucas Learns How to Make Ravioli from an Italian Master Pasta Maker — Dining on a Dime

– Hey everyone, I’m super
excited for this next episode because this is not gonna
be a typical episode of Dining on a Dime. This is gonna be different. Mauro Secondi, who is one of the premier pasta makers in Rome, and
therefore the entire world is going to teach me how
to make pasta at his place at Pastificio Secondi, which supplies some of the finest restaurants
in Rome with pasta. We’re gonna make cacio e pepe ravioli. Cacio e pepe of course,
that delicious dish which we’ve watched in
the previous episode and ravioli which is the stuffed pasta. We’re gonna combine it into one thing, which is very exciting for
me, a lifelong pasta lover. So, to have Mauro take
his time to teach me how to make pasta is a big honor. I can’t wait and I
really hope you enjoy it. Hi.
– Hi. (in Italian) – How do we, how do we start? (Mauro speaks Italian) Okay and this is will
be inside the ravioli. All right.
– Ricotta. – Ricotta, in the bowl. Sheep cheese, sheep milk cheese. Smell that, pepe. The mixing machine. Going good. Going great. It’s very cold and lumpy. Great. – Great, only?
– Yeah. – Fantastic.
– Oh! (laughing) – It’s the same thing! Mauro, you’re killin’ me. Okay, on the table. Whoa, okay. Okay. (soft music) Scrape, squish. Get this stuff off me. Thank you! Okay. Ooh, lovely. Nice. What does this say? That’s your symbol? Cool. This one? I think I do need my own signature here. Lucas. This is harder than it looks. It’s very sticky. Hmm? Pretty good. I’ll work on it. Twist it up a little more, got it. Oh that’s a lot. One, two, three, doink. One, two, three, doink. – Okay. Look at me. – [Lucas] With your thumb? Stamping ’em out. – [Mauro] Beautiful. – Make sure the seal is
nice and tight, right? – [Mauro] This is nice. – [Lucas] That’s finished? – That’s finished.
– Oh wow! Just washin’ my hands here. Did my pasta dance. I felt at one with both Mauro and my pasta and the world. So, I gotta say, I’m feeling
pretty good right now. (light jazzy music) Got it. It’s kinda like me. I need a little salt with a lot of water. I need to move around. And they’re dancin’, they’re movin’. It’s a hot tub. How do you know it’s done? Okay. Mhm. Fantastic. So good. These would stand well on their own, tossed simply with some olive oil. But the guanciale, the pork cheek adds a nice smokey dimension to the dish. Cacio e Pepe is usually
just pecorino romano, sheep’s milk cheese and pepper. But in order to have ravioli, obviously you need to have something
to put in the ravioli. So there was a mixture with the ricotta, salty romano cheese and then that ripeness of the
freshly-ground black pepper. It’s really delicious. I really hope you enjoyed this
episode of Dining on a dime with Mauro and Pastificio Secondi. If you’d like to watch
more, please click here. (soft music)

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