Las Vegas 2020 | Top New Things Coming to Town + Virgin Hotels Las Vegas

Hey there world travelers. Hey there. I’m
Tanya and I’m Dave and we are Turn It Up World. Welcome to . . . Las Vegas! That’s right, so we are continuing with
our exploration of Las Vegas and today we’re actually going to share with you
some of the awesome new things that are coming to Las Vegas in 2020 so we’re
gonna kick this right off and you might see this giant Fender guitar behind me
we’re at the Hard Rock Hotel well it’s not gonna be the Hard Rock Hotel for
long it’s actually gonna be changing over to Virgin Hotels, yeah that’s right
Richard Branson’s coming to Vegas with a new hotel and we’re pretty excited about
it. We are very excited about that now you may not know you may know if you’ve
been following us we’re actually going on a Virgin Voyages cruise, oh my gosh, the Scarlet Lady so it’d be fitting for us to talk a little about the new Virgin
Hotel that’s coming to Las Vegas another disrupter apparently, not far off
the Strip but it is a few blocks off, yes and I do believe it’s gonna be finished,
or should be, sometime at the end of this year, so sometime in December, I think that’s right, I think they’re trying to push to beat that 2021 mark where I think there’s a lot of hotels
that are coming up but they have to wait until 2021. He’s obviously trying to get
ahead of the curve as per usual. Las Vegas is one of the most popular
convention cities in the world. They already have a huge Las Vegas Convention
Center but they’re in the middle of a massive expansion of that Center. They’re
actually adding 1.4 million square feet it’s a billion dollar renovation project
you can actually see behind me there’s a massive project underway so you might
hear some of the machinery going on but part of that with this huge area, I think it’s
about a 200 acre area here and they need some transportation system so
they brought in Elon Musk and his Boring Company to actually bore underground to
create these tunnels with these autonomous cars that drive through these
tunnels to take you from point to point so really cool
it actually takes you very close to the Strip now but this is very exciting I’m
really looking forward to it. So this awesome monorail system here in Las
Vegas is a great way to get around from point A to point B especially since Las
Vegas is known to have some crazy traffic. I know, you said that right and I
love monorails, reminds me of Disney World. Yes, you’re right, but instead of going
through like the enchanted hotels you’re going right around the smoke-filled
Sin City hotels. I think we should give this a shot. You wanna try this? Yes, you guys
ready? You ready? Let’s go! Here it comes. Here it comes, let’s go. Now the Circa Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is going to be the new casino hotel coming up in the downtown area, now it’s also
the first hotel and casino in the downtown area of over 40 years, now it’s going to
be an amazing glass rapped structure and it’s going to be the tallest like tower
north of the Strip, what I’m super excited about too is they’re going to
have probably one of the largest pools in Vegas, as a matter of fact it’s
supposed to hold about 4,000 people and it’s a rooftop pool with a ginormous
TV that’s gonna have sports in it, now what’s cool is there’s gonna be a lucky
number 777, 777 rooms in this 44 story hotel, now it’s set to open sometime I
believe in December and that’s what they’re shooting for right now so we’ll
see December could be a jolly holly Christmas for a
lot of folks looking for that awesome new downtown Hotel and Casino Circa. The NFL is coming to Vegas in 2020 the Raiders are coming to town and this is
really exciting first they were in Oakland
then Los Angeles back to Oakland and they have finally found a home here in Vegas and they’re building a really awesome stadium for them, yes there’s a very cool
stadium coming up, actually it’s Allegiant Stadium, now what’s really cool about
that it’s a domed stadium, now that makes a hell of a lot of sense here in Las Vegas because it can get really hot I’m talking so hot you can boil an egg on
the concrete, and it’s also a really cool stadium too with the black color really fits
that Raider image, very cool, yes now when is it set to kick-off? This fall, oh so right during football season, yes, are you ready for some football! Okay so something really cool coming to
Vegas in 2020 is Area 15 now think of this the mysterious Area 51 hmm very
mysterious, well this is kind of mysterious Area 15 and why do I see mysterious
because no one knows what the heck is going on over there no but it’s gonna be
a really cool spot almost like a warehouse style full of shops, exactly
full of great restaurants Todd English is coming in there and some great stuff, apparently there’s gonna be secret passageways they think, virtual reality, so I know
it’s gonna be cool, we’re in Vegas they’re putting a lot of money into this thing, it’s
gonna be cool, it’s gonna be very cool now they’re set to start a opening of in
February now but the rest of the tenants I think they’re gonna come in May, yeah May, May probably when it will really kick off, but you can get a sneak peek at some things in
February. And what’s going on in February? There’s some art show like an open art gallery so should be cool, that’s what I’m talking about. So let’s talk about entertainment well Vegas is obviously known to have
some incredible entertainment now there’s gonna be some fun new lineups
coming here in 2020 let’s start with one of my favorites the Cirque du Soleil
shows now I’ve seen just about every Cirque de Soleil except this one coming up called Run now that is going to be at the Luxor Hotel I’m excited to see that
one, it’s supposed to be more staged more action more like I guess you would say more
theater jam-packed action so I’m really excited for that now there is going to
be some new incredible residences coming here this year in 2020 I think a lot of
people know some of these folks let’s see there’s Keith Urban that’s gonna be
coming into town you got Earth Wind & Fire, Gwen Stefani, oh my goodness
gracious, Foreigner, Kelly Clarkson I mean that’s a known name and of course the
unfortunate this year is going to be the last of the Donny and Marie show I think
they’re about calling it quits and ready to just kind of enjoy the rest of their
lives but I do believe what’s stepping into their place is the RuPaul Drag Race
Live so be on the lookout 2020 is definitely gonna bring some crazy
awesome entertainment here for Vegas 2020 coming at you. There’s some great new restaurants coming to Vegas in 2020 Elio’s is coming to the Wynn it’s a Mexican
restaurant which we’re really excited to try out and at MGM you have The Mayfair Supper Club which is kind of a retro Vegas dining and show
experience very very cool it overlooks the Bellagio fountains, you also have Din Tai Fung which is a famous Taiwanese eatery with great soup
dumplings opening up at the Aria then there’s this great steak house Bugsy &
Meyer’s at the Flamingo some great places to check out in 2020 All right now last but certainly not
least something new in 2020 that you should definitely check out is head
downtown towards Fremont Street it’s an incredible place with a lot of fun shops
and restaurants, and what’s new for 2020 is that they’ve actually upgraded the Viva
Vision Canopy it’s now seven times brighter four times greater resolution
so it’s very very cool definitely should check that out. So that about does it for us I
mean we have a lot of fun today, oh it was a great time, yeah and we hope you guys
enjoyed coming along with us as we shared with you some of the new things that are
gonna be popping up here in Las Vegas for 2020 and, if you made it this far,
please be sure to hit that subscribe button and that notification bell so that you get a
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travelers and we look forward to seeing you . . . on the road. Viva Las Vegas! Viva Las Vegas! Vegas! Viva Las Vegas. Viva Las Vegas. Viva Las Vegas!

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