100 thoughts on “KOREAN BBQ and STREET FOOD at Haeundae Traditional Market in Busan South Korea

  1. Please the prices I have gone places and when I I there I would have brought friend or by myself because to finally go to the places and it's to expensive I went or travel for nothing I can plan better

  2. if you are in vacation and visiting korea it's okay if you try to eat the eel/hagfish but my suggestion never look/see when it still alive or try to search it online it will ruin your appetite (but for those who have high adrenaline it's good)

  3. I'm supposed to be getting ready for a job interview and yet here I am watching Mike eat food that I wish I had in front of me right now! Lol what am I doing??? Uh…duh…. Drooling…🤤🤤

  4. Im starting to hate this channel. I just ate and now im starving. But like what they always say ‘the more you hate the more you love’. Hahaha

  5. I'm surprised that kbbq place let you have a table for yourself. When I solo travelled to S. Korea many bbq restaurants straight up refused to serve me coz apparently they don't serve 1 person.

  6. The best youtube food vlogger ever!! Will be visiting Korea soon and definitely will try some of Mikey's recommendation 👍

  7. Please do more food videos from Taiwan, there's so much to try, and I want to see you try everything. I loved the fried quail eggs back then.

  8. When I was in Busan for athletics i got a tummy issue from the first day, couldn't eat anything but fruits the whole time 😭

  9. While your eating a nice and good food at Busan South Korea,I’m eating peanut butter sandwiches and coffee 😫 life is so unfair please take me there…❤️❤️❤️

  10. Does mr. Mike ever get stomach ake?😁 but thanks 4 sharing World around Food to all in the world…🌍🍰🍕🍖🍣🍔🍳🍲🍟🍡🍏🍒🍥

  11. One thing I like about your food channel is that you never underestimate the veggie element. A good vegetable combination is capable of enhancing most of the popular food items; even the most delicious piece of kobe beef will shine if paired with the right vegetables. I see most channels treat greens as a necessary evil, or profess their "love" for them with the actual enthusiasm of a 1% parting from their money; not you: you crunch on those leaves with gusto. It's pleasure to watch, makes us gourmet big eaters feel less alone, and it ends up teaching the value of comprehensive good food. Love ya!

  12. I love when Mike goes to Korea or a Korean restaurant and there's K-pop playing. Twice's Heart Shaker is playing at the fire fish cake place.

  13. i loved ur video and thx for let many people know korean cuisine but the restaurants in this video were just famous for tourists. locals dont go there since the price is ridiculously high.

  14. Just eating you don't have to do all that you really do not have to do all that with that is just a piece of bread with cheese

  15. gahhhh, I need a korean bbq place near me. we have southern style american, but that's it, and I'd really love to try other versions. you make korean bbq look really amazing and mouth watering. kind of craving it now.

  16. majority of Korean stew or cassarole type dish, you making fried rice at the end with the leftover sauces…. Its like the best part of any Korean meal…

  17. I would love to get to travel and eat at all these amazing places. I'm so thankful for finding ur channel, u make it seem like we're right there with u. But oh my the weight I've gained from all the hunger this invokes! But seriously how does one do this professionally? I know you do other types of work as well but this is really my dream job minus the videos, I'd rather b behind the camera.

  18. How is Mike Chinese and never seen live seafood being cooked? Crab is boiled or grilled live. Shrimp is tossed in to the wok live. Fish is steamed right after being cleaned and reflex makes it move.
    Seen this all through my childhood. Strange that Mike hasn’t.

  19. Shrimp and crab are bottom feeders.. about the cleanest seafood you’ll eat. One friend won’t eat shrimp since their the cockroaches of the sea. Love’em by the pound.

  20. Hahaha Mikey so disgusted by the eel flapping around XD I get it tho… I don't wanna see anything I'm about to eat moving around like that ;;; but you don't have to feel TOO bad… they're already dead!

  21. yeah sure they cook eels alive ok…but in the US we cook shellfish like that. most notably with crabs, crawfish, lobster, etc. yes there are ways to humanely take em out before cooking. I'm not too bothered by the eel thing but i can see why others would be. to each their own

  22. As I'm Korean I'm saying that don't go to any restaurant where has signs of celebrities and where only tourists sit in the restaurant without Korean customers. 99% of that sort of restaurant are the worst and will give extreme disappointment.

  23. Fun fact, sometimes dead things have their nervous system go haywire because there is no brain waves to control it. I learned that having to learn about severed limbs in health class. It was a very uncomfortable topic because instead of an eel it was a human arm

  24. We went to a street vendow once and they were cooking fresh fish in a wok in the booth and it was thrown into the hot oil live. I get the fresh thing and the idea of capturing the essence but damn was that something that screwed my brain up for a bit.

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