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  1. Great videos! I had a quick question. So when you finish your first fermentation does the original scoby form a new one on top? I had read that you can't use the old/original scoby for your next batch and only the new one that forms. Is that true? Does the new and old one form separately and then you just toss the old? I'm not really clear on that part of the process for making your second batch. Thanks in advance!

  2. My 1st kombucha I don't think I used any started tea (b/c I didn't know what that was) & after 7 days it does taste like vinegar, can I still drink it? What did i do wrong? am I suppose to dilute it?

  3. I’ve been brewing my own kombucha for a couple of months now and am finding it is tasting more “vinegary” with each batch. Ive kept the same ratio of tea and sugar for each batch, could it be some issue with the scoby that is causing this? Thanks!

  4. Hi ! I successfully grew my own Scoby! Actually I grow 2! – separately-One from only GT’s and one from GT with sweet tea added.
    I gave them just shy of 4 weeks and they are “beautiful” lol
    Anyway I only used 1 of the Scoby’s to start F1- Can I combine the starter liquids to store the 2nd Scoby?
    Thanks for all your advice!

  5. Here a simple question: have you noticed if the presence of more SCOBY's in a kombucha batch make the fermetation process stronger and/or faster? Thank you!

  6. I have just 1 scoby on my kombucha hotel, can I use that scoby on a new batch of kombucha, and is it ok for my hotel be without a scoby? I don’t want to take it apart because my scoby is new (thin) and I want it to get thicker.

  7. Thanks for the video(s) – for the tea that you "feed" your scoby hotel, do you use 2 TBSP of tea for the 2 cups of tea? How long do you steep it before adding the sugar?

  8. HI and thanks for your video! My question: can you not use the fermented liquid in the hotel jar to drink? I was thinking, it would be a great idea if you want your kombucha to be brewed faster to have several scobies in the jar, and thus, the hotel idea would seem to work to brew faster. What do you do with the hotel brewed liquid?

  9. Can you add sugar straight to the hotel when it becomes too acidic and the scobies need feeding (instead of adding extra brewed sweet tea?) I just wonder because it'd be faster to just add sugar insteadof having to brew tea plus add the sugar in the brewed tea.

  10. I've been really studying/watching your videos and it's nice that your approach is simple. I have my first batch of booch that is about 10 days old.The flavor is slightly sweet and mild vinegary. And yes, I'm a proud papa of a beautiful new scoby. I think tomorrow I might start some bottles with black cherries, red raspberry, and maybe some fresh Rosemary off my plant for flavoring. Are those flavors user friendly? You are the only subscription I've had on youtube. Great videos.

  11. Quick question – I've experimented with some herbal tea infusions during the F1 stage – can/should the scoby that forms during those be put in the same hotel with the other scobys?

  12. I have just reached a point where I don't feel like brewing another gallon jar of black tea. I was settling in to watch a few dozen videos to answer all my questions about how to safely store my scobys. Yours was the first one I watched. You answered ALL of my questions, and some I did not know I had. You did it clearly, simply, and with much friendliness and respect in your attitude. There is no need for me to keep searching for answers.


    Sigh, back to cleaning and reorganizing my kitchen… CURSES!

  13. Hi. I bought my first SCOBY but there was very little starter tea included so I dedcided to add a bit ov bio apple cider vinegear. Kombucha turned out to be fine I guess but now I wonder if the new SCOBY is somehow tainted by using vinegear during the first batch?

  14. Hello! Thank you, I have been enjoying kombucha thanks to your videos. So last night my brewing vessels hit 64 degrees. I saw that temp this morning. 🙁 are my SCOBY’s no longer safe? I got the temperature back up with in a few hours, but is the damage already done?

  15. I'm a seasoned moonshiner but the missus is after affordable kombucha from me. Taking my knowledge of yeast, sterilization and bio activity in a new direction is quite exciting actually and have just started on building my first colony. Might even help me rebuild my gut bacteria from so much distilled alcohol that i drink! Thanks for adding to my knowledge bank!

  16. what's your favorite brewing vessel? I brewed a few batches, but brewing a gallon at a time for 10 days when I can drink it in 2 is kind of disheartening. I have basically just had my scobys chilling for the last 6 months in their little hotel while I decide to buy a better vessel

  17. Hello! When feeding my Scoby Hotel, I accidently poured a little amount of tea leaves in the hotel jar that leaked from a faulty tea bag.  Do you recommend I clean and filter the Scoby Hotel to remove the leaves or does it matter?

  18. Hi, quick question, how often you change the sweet tea into the scoby hotel jar? I see u have many scobies in the same jar one on top of the other with starter kombucha, I wonder how long do u keep the same starter since the scobies need to continue feeding sugar if Im not wrong, maybe I m mistaken but if we keep the same starter for weeks in the same jar with many scobies, I wonder if the scobies might be starving for new fresh made sweet tea? please advise, thanks a lot

  19. I have a question. The fermented kombucha is not so sweet anymore because the scoby already ate most of the sugar. How is that fermented tea going to be better for the scoby hotel ? New fresh sugar tea wouldn’t be a better food for the scoby hotel. Since the fermented tea is not so sweet anymore ?

  20. I saw a video where a girl made kombucha WITHOUT a scoby using raw starter tea and tea sugar, like u would if you to make the regular way , and it made its own Scoby .SO I THAT REALLY KOMBUCHA OR IS IT VINEGAR?????

  21. I saw a video where a girl made kombucha WITHOUT a scoby using raw starter tea and tea sugar, like u would if you to make the regular way , and it made its own Scoby .SO I THAT REALLY KOMBUCHA OR IS IT VINEGAR?????

  22. Hi, i will be away for almost 18 days, I wonder if just as u said placing two scobies from two separate previous batches and place them together in the same jar with 4 cups of kombucha starter and cover with piece of towel and rubber would be good enough? im leaving in a few days , thanks

  23. It is necessary to soak the scoby in the kombucha to prevent mold happen ? will it get mold if it leave on top for too long ?

  24. As I was pouring the liquid into jars for second fermentation, I took too much liquid, and there’s not much left for the scoby. Could I just add some dark sweet tea to keep it happy?

  25. Love this, thanks! Do you have any videos on ways to find cheap or even free second-hand vessels? Especially large gallon jars and second fermentation bottles. I heard that if you ask liquor stores they often have a lot of empty bottles that you can get from them, especially good quality ones like the cider bottles that have the pop-cap. But I have never tried doing that.

  26. Hi! I've received a scoby hotel from my uncle, but he wasn't able to take care of it often and what happened was that the scobys got attached one in another and turned out as a block. Now I can't separate it and I don't know what to do… can I cut this block with a knife?

  27. I got a scoby with not a lot of extra starter tea. If I feed it with sweet tea, will that ferment and become starter tea?

  28. I'm going on a two month trip. Should I seal my scoby hotel -to avoid evaporation? I saw a video where they put the scoby hotel sealed, in the fridge, wouldn't that kill it?? 😿

  29. i think it's cool that ppl take the time to learn this bullshit, but can't get through life due to a lack of basic mathematics/scientific/logical thinking skills 😀 man thanks for the video! fuck a scoby hotel, meet me at the hotel, motel, holiday in sexy girl 😉 i got a scoby for ya

  30. Instead of making new kombucha all the time, can I just take half of the kombucha after 2 or more weeks and then add the same amount of tea and sugar? So that i can drink it for a long time and just add tea and sugar?

  31. Do you use the tea from scoby hotel as the starter for next or every batch of kumbucha you make , or use the fermented tea or older kumbucha of previous batch

  32. how do you make a fresh batch out the the hotel teas other than taking a scoby out and putting it in your new batch of sweet tea?

  33. Thank, a very precise and clear explanation. Your way and attitude to present is comfortable and genuine. Keep sharing with us, appreciated.

  34. My question is, where do I store the hotel?? In the fridge… doesn’t it stop fermenting..? So room temperature? Lol please enlighten me! Lol

  35. Ima make you cringe:

    10 oz chicken stock
    2 oz starter tea
    1 scoby
    1 oz sugar

    Mix sugar and stock until the sugar is dissolved. Add scoby and kombucha starter. Let ferment for a week. Bam chicken kombucha

  36. I'm so excited to start my first batch! I adore your channel and have been HEAVILY consulting it for the past week <3 Question: I started my first fermentation about 3 days ago but only just realized that I didn't begin with enough starter tea. I think what's currently growing in my vessel is a SCOBY, and it doesn't seem to be mold, but I'm not completely sure. Do you think it'd be ok to just drop some store-bought unflavored kombucha in to help drop the pH down, or should I go ahead and start over?

  37. You reference overly acidic SCOBY hotel liquid as a positive, but I've found that once my starter liquid gets too acidic, future kombucha batches turn to vinegar as well. Can you speak to this?

  38. I don't drink let alone brew kombucha, but I find all of this really fascinating. I think I'll try making kimchi or something to get into fermentation stuff.

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