Kancha’s Best 7 Street Food Of Nepal (Eng Sub)

Hello big brother. This is kancha calling. My mom has gone crazy and has locked me inside the house. She hasn’t given me anything to eat as well. Who is this guy talking to? Kancha? I’m not going to stay here any longer. I’m very hungry and can’t take it anymore. I’m leaving. Old Lady: Kancha? Where did he go. I locked him inside the house. Here I was worried and brought him delicious foods to eat Where is he gone? Just wait. Must have gone to friends house. Just you wait. I will lock him inside again once he gets back. Shapaley food originated from Tibet. It is similar to Western country’s food called Pastry In this dish you put meat and veg on the top and close it by folding the end of the pastry. then you deep fry it on the oil and boom all ready to eat with a lovely chutney If you haven’t tried Shapaley then I would recommend it to you. When the caveman invented a fire since then we started eating a BBQ. It is quite simple to make. It is so easy to just put the meat on fire and then eat it. So delicious. If you want to make it even more tasty. then just marinate it with few herbs, spices, soy sauce and then grill it. Place called Tarahara is known as BBQ capital of Nepal Hey if you guys are near Tarahara Why don’t you pop up and try the grilled BBQ of Tarahara Now what can I say about Pani Puri man.. As soon as I say Pani Puri, my mouth starts to drool and just want to eat it… Pani Puri or Gol Goppa originated from India It is famous around Nepal, India, Pakistan & Bangladesh. It is also popular all around the world And why should it not be popular? It is cheap and delicious There is a famous saying in Nepal “if you don’t study hard then you’re going to get potatoes on exam. Whether you pass your exam or not. You’re going to eat potatoes anyway. This is because we make so many foods out of potatoes. such as Samosa, Pakora, Aloo Chop, Aloo Chat, Aloo Nimki, Aloo Stick Whether you smash potatoes, boil them or even burn them Potato can do it all. Rap: You must have heard about Chana chatpate on the streets You will see it while walking on the street – phenomenon called chatpate’s stall You must have tried making chatpate sometimes at home. But I’m sure it wasn’t as good as chatpate made by brothers and sisters at the chatpate stall. What more can I add. It is true what the rapper man just said. When you think of this hot and sour street food, you will drool at the sight of it. CHOW ME IN When the food name says eat me – devour me. It must be delicious. Chowmein originated from China If you translate chowmein in english then it means fried noodles. In Nepal chowmein was first introduced by Tibetan settlers. Chowmein is eaten all around the world It is made in different styles Nepal’s popular chowmein is made by using onions, cabbage, carrots and buffalo meat. My chowmein is getting burnt so I better hurry up and leave. Our final and best street food is Feeling bit sad as the end is near for this video What should be our no.1? We all know what the answer is right???

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