100 thoughts on “JOINING THE GAME MASTER?! Mystery Package From The Game Master

  1. U people are dump because game master dosent hack channels. Their is this group called project zorgo they hack yt channels

  2. I wish i could help you so what i do is take all the clues in your vids and make somthing out of it and also im watching out for you in the vids if i spot somthing you the best papa jake

  3. Loagon suspiciously went into a room with the box you should do a lie detector test on him and ask if he’s the game master oh and I subescribed turned on the bell also gave you a thumbs up I would love a shoutout

  4. It's Chad wild clay look 2 cs are in it and 2 a in it lime the note under line c and a and it ses when the time comes there will be 2 like the name Chad wild clay.DO NOT TRUST CHAD WILD CLAY LIKE ON THE CALLS WITH HIM HE STUDERS DO NOT TRUST!!!!!!!!!

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