John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch | Official Trailer | Netflix

John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch | Official Trailer | Netflix

What you’re about to see
is a children’s TV special, and I made it on purpose. Guess who I saw on
the subway today? -Fran Lebowitz.
-Yes. I’m nervous. Let’s talk about
some of the characters. Can I ask a question? What’s the tone of the show? Is it ironic, or do you like
doing a children’s show? That… we talk a lot about that.
That’s a million-dollar question.

100 thoughts on “John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. Funny… I always assumed John Mulaney was allergic to children and his eternal punishment is to forever look like a tall child.

  2. John: hey guys, wanna know what would be real funny? If i did a kid's musical. Y'know since i look and sound like one.
    Netflix: yah that would be awesome
    John: sarcastically what you guys wanna pick me up for it
    Netflix: sure
    John: yah, all right *laughs it off*. See you guys later

    1 week later

    john gets a call from netflix
    Netflix: hey man, need you to come down to the set to shoot a thing

    john gets there
    John: oh wow, you really took my joke to heart
    Netflix: what joke? Show's planned to release the trailer around christmas, so get to work

  3. Let’s hope that the age limit is 12 for the kids, because John might be scared of the 13 year olds who point out he’s a high waisted man with feminine hips

  4. this is lame and sorry but i love john mulaney and i still think this is lame. this is just hey look i have famous friends and i wrote something so I could seem cool but it isnt good at all. lame and weird and idk what is wrong with him, like you dont have to hit it out of the park every time but this just looks like shit. idk why the massive amount of cameos make me so uncomfortable but it is sort of like the kardasions… we know the kardasions suck ass and their show, as of now, is shit but they are famous bc they are famous and this just feels like "hey i have 20 movie star in this give me praise" and also like "but the show i was inspired by has star cameos so its valid and you cant hate on me for that" . looks lame as hell. its like "dont think just like it bc "cool" people are in it"

  5. This looks wonderful and all, and I'm pumped to see it, but I had to roll it back several times and turn on the closed captions for the "Guess who I saw on the subway today?" bit. Hand to god, I heard John Mulaney cheerfully reply, "A friendly bris!" instead of "Fran Lebowitz" the first three times!

  6. All 130 current people whom DISLIKED this… i got a Christmas present for you all, just make a niiiice and straight line and please be polite your neighbor in line! Cover your mouth when you cough, and please just quietly exit (as opposed to raising your stinky hand to reveal all NE W SMELLS oh wow.) To use the potty when you have to!
    Your balls shall be smited. And uppercunts shall be handed out without discrimination

  7. And so America continues to exploit and brain wash kids as they completely phase out the concept of letting children be children all for the sake of some cheap laughs. Should have amazing results in a decade or so. 🙄 Glad Mr. Rogers isn’t alive to see this abomination.

  8. I have no outlet to write this glowing review on so it is going here
    John Mulaney has produced the single most jarring piece of visual media I have yet to consume. Absolutely nothing is right with this special. The confusing and tense ambiance of the entire hour long fever dream left me in shambles as I searched for the woman I once was. I was born in 2002, and therefore did not have a similar childhood to John Mulaney, but this special still gave me a sense of nostalgia. Not because it reminded me of my own favorite childhood TV shows, but because it somehow implanted memories in my brain that I know aren't mine. I don't think the music was released prior to the special's premier but I somehow knew every lyric and was singing along quietly as my eyes rolled back and my nose started bleeding. Help please help. I thought that all the cameos were quite delightful and John has really outdone himself. I don't know what that was but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I need to go call my therapist. Thank you for your time.

  9. It's good, in especial this child Jacob Laval is like see Kyle Schwartz (Kyle's Cousin of South Park), greats cameos / recommended

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