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Hey I’m JR, and I’m here today to tell
you about the JBL Bar 5.1. It is a 5.1 or surround sound sound bar. It consists of
a couple pieces, the main sound bar itself is a three-channel sound bar, that
means it has nine speakers built in, six mid-range speakers and three tweeters.
The system also comes with two wireless surround speakers and a wireless
subwoofer, hence the 5.1. The sound bar itself is
very good at enhancing the dialogue in whatever it is you’re watching on TV, and
that’s thanks to the six mid-range speakers and three tweeters built into
the main bar itself. It does have a dedicated center-channel speaker, as well
as a left and a right speaker, so your front three speakers are built into the
main bar. Your two wireless surround speakers, as you can see here, are
connected to the main bar. When you actually want to watch a movie, you take
them off of the bar and you set them up behind you to give you good surround
sound effects, so these speakers are really good at delivering you that
surround sound detail. When you’re done watching, you put them back on the bar to
charge the battery. We set the system up in our training room recently and we
really loved just how much added surround sound effects you really got
from these little wireless surround speakers. For as small as they are, they
really make themselves known. It’s a very sort of alive surround sound effect. And
of course, the subwoofer packs a punch as well, a nice big 10-inch sub with plenty
of power that pairs wirelessly with the surround bar, so it is a real legitimate
home theater system in a pretty small package. The bar as well as the wireless
surround speakers are wall-mountable, so if you want to get them up and out of
your way or if you have a wall-mounted TV you can put that bar right under the
TV on the wall so it looks great, too. The system does come with a calibration
microphone, and when you plug it into the bar and run the calibration system it
plays a bunch of sounds on the speakers, bounces sound all around your room, and
the microphone listens to it, picks it up and calibrates it so your room
sounds more like a movie theater. As far as connecting the sound bar to your TV
and your A/V system, you got a lot of flexibility here. If you’d like to plug
your source units like your cable box, your gaming system, your Blu-ray
player right into the soundbar, you can do that. There’s three HDMI inputs on
the back, and then a fourth HDMI which is an output that goes to your TV. That’s
also an audio return channel connection, which means you can get the sound from
your TV back down into your sound bar. So no matter what you’re watching you’ll be
able to hear it on the sound bar. If you’d prefer to just plug all of your
sources directly into your TV, that’s fine as well, you can just run that HDMI
with audio return channel from your TV back to the bar or use an optical
digital output, or you can even plug in stuff using an analogue audio connection.
The bar also has a USB input on the back so that you can plug a thumb
drive in with music loaded on it and listen to music that way, and it has
Bluetooth, so if you wanted to stream music to the sound bar directly from
your phone or tablet you can do that as well. Tthe system comes with a really nice
remote control with dedicated buttons for volume as well as subwoofer level
and surround level control, so you can really dial in the exact sound you want
for your room. You can even invoke other sound modes like for music versus movies,
or a night mode in case you don’t want to wake the kids up while you still want
to watch a movie. So that’s the JBL Bar 5.1 surround sound sound bar. We were
really impressed, we think you might like it as well. If you liked this video,
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Thanks for watching.

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