Japan’s Biggest Morning Market

Japan’s Biggest Morning Market

That is mental. How many chicken legs are in there? I think there genuinely might be a thousand
chicken wings in that one bowl. People want this in the morning. 7am. Fried chicken. This is the future. How do you like it? This is the future of breakfast. The future of breakfast? I’m telling you! This is much better than KFC. So today we’re on our way to Hachinohe in
Aomori to visit the biggest morning market in all of Japan. It’s got 350 stalls and it’s supposed
to have just an amazing atmosphere. I’m joined by Ryotaro and as per usual I
don’t really know what we’re doing now right now. What are we doing? Tonight we are actually staying at this Ryokan
right – a traditional Japanese inn – with lots of festivals actually happening in side. Seeing as we’re getting up at silly o’clock
tomorrow morning, we decide to stay nearby at the local Hoshino Resort Aomoriya, a traditionally
themed Japanese inn bursting with character. And you know it’s going to be good, from
the moment you meet your baggage handler in, the resorts car park. Oh wow. I’m loving the hat. He’s wearing the festival hat. So for two hours everyday this pony will take
your luggage from the car into the hotel. He only has to work every second day. Every other day this pony gets the job done. The resort feels like a cross between a hotel
and an amusement park – an amusement park filled with apples. Not surprising given Aomori region is Japan’s
biggest producer of apples. Come and look at this. It’s going to come out here. It’s a real apple isn’t it. I forget that we’re in a hotel or ryokan
as it’s so damn big. It’s more like being in a shopping centre
or something. Here we’ve got apples on tap, then you’ve
got apple toys, a shop and then over there you can actually catch real live scallops. It’s not just apples that are the symbol
of Aomori prefecture. Gigantic, colourful and somewhat terrifying
papier-mâché dolls called Neputa can be found through the resort, with famous characters
and warriors re-enacting scenes out of Japanese folklore. This looks like it’s come straight out of
a child’s nightmare. It’s supposed to be Genghis Khan vanquishing
some kind of beat who’s half monkey, half lion, half fuck knows. But it’s terrifying. I dread to think how long it took to make. Imagine if he knocked it and brought the whole
thing down. But it’s in the evening during dinner when the resort comes alive with music and performances from local festivals. And when a big float gets waved infront of
you and you sit there awkwardly not knowing how to respond. And best of all there’s even a chance for
you to witness your favourite musical instrument being played. That’s right – the shovel. Being played by local shovel champions. And no I’m not making this up. So that’s what the shovel sounds like. Yes few things beat the sounds of the spade
being played before bed time. So it’s 6:42 in the morning but you wouldn’t
know it, as it’s so damn busy this market! But I can’t yet pronounce the name of the
market. What is it? That’s the name of the market. So apparently there about 350 shops on this
street. And this is open every Sunday and every Sunday
there are about 10 to 20,000 people. The market is nothing short of a culinary
wonderland, and it wasn’t long before my appetite got the better of me and tempted
me into my first – and somewhat unconventional – dish of the day. This is surely the greatest breakfast of all. This is grilled chicken, yakitori. Ah fuck yeah. This is my favourite dish in Japan. But you don’t usually have it at 7 in the
morning. This is the first time I’ve had in the morning. But it works, it’s fine. The sound of the chicken sizzling and then
watching it being marinated I love it. The ultimate breakfast. So my first dish of the day was Yakitori – grilled
chicken. Second dish of the day, fried Calamari. And the batter is tempura, but it tastes a
lot like British Fish and Chips. I can’t eat elegantly this time in the morning. Sorry. You never do though. No I never do though. If you walk around the market for a few minutes,
you’ll probably spot a not so subtle character strolling around. It turns out the market even has it’s own
premium mascot. This character is not certified. What do you mean not certified? Some characters are certified by the city,
the city or prefecture, but he’s not certified. It’s too early to talk to a person in a
big squid suit – whilst eating squid. There you go. A business card of the uncertified squid character. It’s got his address there! Ah, there’s his address. This says Jusho which means address and it
just says sea. See, uncertified mascots are always best. You get a free giant business card. Even the appearances of the stalls were just
as unique and diverse as the produce and goods themselves. This like a grilled fish shop. 15 kinds of fish that he’s
grilling. 15 kinds of fish! Grilling in the back of his little truck. I love the way he’s got this truck, he’s
got a big grill in the back of it and he’s just stuck a tent over it and that is his
shop. It looks really cool doesn’t it? Yeah it looks really cool. A mobile fish shop. A mobile grilling shop! Seriously I’m always amazed by the kinds
of seafood Japanese people are able to eat. In terms of diversity there’s some really
unpleasant stuff. Squid mouth? Squid mouth! Squid mouth – that’s not something you want
to see this time of morning. It actually sounds like some sort of Indy
rock band – Squid mouth. Some sort of trendy Indy rock band – who clearly
need to put more thought into the name of their band. This place this is like a fried chicken place. What’s happened is that since this is the
most popular shop in the whole market, look how many fryers they’ve got over here. 9 fryers and they’re simultaneously frying
something. This is how popular it is. There’s a giant bowl in there, absolutely
filled to the top with chicken wings. I don’t know how many there are. Maybe a thousand. I genuinely think there might be a thousand
chicken wings in that one bowl. People want this in the morning. 7am. Fried chicken. And you’re eating it. This is the future. How do you like? This is the future of breakfast. I’m telling you. This is much better than KFC. It’s even better than Family Mart fried
chicken. And that’s saying something. They’re bloody selling a car here. They’re bloody selling a car here! Look at that. For 5 man – for $500 you can be become the
proud owner of a Mitsubishi…rubbish. I don’t know what model it is. Mitsubishi mini car. Mitsubishi mini car. Why don’t you get it? You’ve always wanted to buy a car at a fish
market. I’ve got a really big car, it’s ok. Bigger than this. My car’s bigger than the Mitsubishi. You know what. This will fit you. This will suit you. It doesn’t suit my style. But this is completely your style. My car’s bigger than this. I thought this car has always been your style
though. So give us a run down on what you’ve eaten
for breakfast this morning. I’ll try to remember. We’ve eaten so much. We ate we tried deep fried something. Deep fried something. No – it was grilled chicken to start with. And then deep fried calamari. And then we went for deep fried mackerel. And then deep fried chicken wings after that. And then, what did we have? I don’t know. Just deep fried everything. And so now I think we should try something
that’s not deep fried. Nah. Ramen. Ah! What do you think? To top off Ryotaro’s ridiculous breakfast
comprised off a staggering amount of fried food, he’s now also got a mini ramen, complete
with an egg. You not full? No. Clearly not. Something about this market being next to
the sea just makes everything better. I think it’s because with one breathe you
can smell the sea air, fried fish and fried chicken. Just fried everything really. Everything is fried at this market. If you want to stuff your face with nearly
every Japanese dish there is, all in one morning, the Tatehana morning market is a bloody good
place to start. And given that the market has only been running
a few years – its still something of a well kept secret, despite it’s huge size. The market runs every Sunday morning from
March to December and for information and directions on how to find, you can find the
details in the description box below. Many thanks for watching guys, I’ll see
you next time. It’s one of the coolest market I’ve been to. I feel pretty nostalgic.
I used to go to the market every Sunday in U.K. But there isn’t much
resemblance to a British market here. In terms food and produces.
It’s whole different ball game. I’ve got to stop using the phrase, “ball game”. I hate it. Why I keep saying ball game? More fried food.

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