Japanese Street Food – LIVE FUGU PUFFERFISH Puffer Fish Japan

Japanese Street Food – LIVE FUGU PUFFERFISH Puffer Fish Japan

first they usee a knife with water ouch a knife its hurting me ouch This kills the fish. they use water to distract the fugu the fish turned into pieces of meat could kill you with cancer may have poisoning cancer ready to eat some like seasoning

100 thoughts on “Japanese Street Food – LIVE FUGU PUFFERFISH Puffer Fish Japan

  1. Самая скучная еда это японская. Это без сарказма. Поймали, разделали, послайсерили, соевый соус и васаби. Уже пятое видео и одно и тоже.

  2. How does an education video about how to prepare a poisonous fish for food get so many dislikes? I thought it was very interesting, whether you eat fish or not, the fact people thumbs down this just shows how democrats and the education system have let down so many people. Hope that fish was damn tasty. Trump 2020!

  3. los único que saben a ser a ser plata no ballanse al infierno se merecen lo peor y porque lo graban no entiendo que quieren no que quieren conesegit

  4. Why is everyone here triggered? (Expect for the very few who understand how a brain works) The thing is dead as soon as the knife punctures the brain. Ya probably eat meat on a daily basis, and don’t even think about it. But as soon as ya see how food is prepared it’s triggering. Stop being a snowflake.

  5. Yo: ay pobresito xq hc eso 🤧
    Mi jefa: x lo menos lo conjelarian antes sufre más😞
    German: put*s chinos 😠
    Hermano: :'v
    Chinos: ay q rico huma delicia 🥴


    I thought it would be the hard pufferfish with the knife that's in pufferfish rave ;-;

  7. Puffer fish : plz put me back ,don't eat me plz
    Japan: fuck u die now ,u poisioness son of fish
    Corpnavirus:coming at u motherfucker
    Everyone: peace

  8. Hundreds of Japanese die beacuse of this fish,
    This fish need 5 years study until he be qualifie to work this job,

  9. Por lo menos congele lo antes de hacer esa crueldad con los pobres peces estúpidos animales idiotas me desuscribo de su canal

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