Inside the No.1 HOTEL in the World ($15,000/NIGHT)

Inside the No.1 HOTEL in the World ($15,000/NIGHT)

Hello Aluxers Welcome to Four Seasons Bali The Number 1 Hotel in the World Four Seasons has two massive resorts on the island We start the day at the Jimbaran Resort Where we have private access to their most expensive villa. The Imperial Villa is everything and more you’d expect from Four Seasons First of all, this place is huge. The top level bedrooms and living space open up to this green pavilion for you to take it all in. Congrats, you’ve just arrived in Heaven! One of the best parts of this villa is this incredible green patio Where you can walk, stand and enjoy the view of the ocean At only $15,000 per night You will get access to Bali’s most exclusive Ocean-Edge address It’s a 2 storey piece of heaven, with everything you can think of The massive living room downstairs leads to this large infinity pool with breathtaking views of the beach and the ocean Jimbaran is the hottest place for sea-food on the island and of course Four Seasons had to elevate the game to a whole other level of luxury that’s how the Sundara Beach Club came to be they offer Asian-inspired cuisine redefined for the modern traveler We came to Bali for one special reason to see this hotel. The island of Bali is split between the beaches and the jungle. If you’re an Aluxer, you probably want the best of both worlds what affluent travelers do is you book the Imperial Villa at Jimbaran for a couple of days then you move over to this place. Four Seasons Sayan Resort in Ubud Right on the edge of the Sacred Ayung river you’ll find the Royal Villa a 3-bedroom, art-filled residence, surrounded by jungle and rice terraces If there was ever a luxury place to find yourself.. ..then this is it! to access the villa you start from the top and go down in the same rice-bowl fashion The interior is filled by a rare collection of Indonesian Art and has a certain understated elegance to it. Let’s talk facilities: This palatial villa has 3 main bedrooms Imagine yourself waking up here It doesn’t happen that often to be so connected to a place since the moment you walk in as you walk through the villa you get an interesting feeling of belonging This is the main dinning area over there, a private chef can cook anything you want imagine having breakfast with this view It’s no wonder Travel & Leasure named it the best hotel in the world When you’re not meditating playing around in the pool or getting lost in one of the many rooms at your disposal you’re probably enjoying a gourmet meal prepared by a private chef, in the open dinning pavilion overlooking it all. The key words here are: Privacy & Spirituality They do both: Perfectly! Wellness, is about both the body and the soul and while the delicious food, the spas and activities will take care of the body We encourage everyone to pay close attention to the sacred energy of this place That’s what Four Seasons does phenomenally well they deliver a consistent, ultra high-end experience centered around the soul of the location. The standard of excellence is the same across all their resorts ..but your experience is different, each time in the best possible way! If you’re a luxury traveler, looking to experience a different culture we see no reason why Bali shouldn’t be at the top of your list Here at ALUX, we recommend Four Seasons.

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  1. Happy Holidays Aluxers! Would you spend $15,000 for 1 night in the Imperial Villa?
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  2. Honestly I like the Ubud one a lil better and I stayed there for only 600 a night and we spent like a grand on services. was the best experience of my life the chef printed me my own menu and that was just the beginning…

  3. Wow rwo of the best hotel in Bali. Watching your video make me want to go back to Bali. I prefer to stay in Ubud than in Jimbaran. Great video Alex. Love your channel.

  4. No.1 Hotel in the world ???? Hahahaha, No.1 in Jimbaran area "maby". No.1 in Bali ??? NO, No.1 in Indonesia???? No ! No ! No.1 in Asia????? Noo ! Noo ! No.1 in the world?????? NOOOO NOOOO NOOOO!!!!!

  5. The weather is humid, too hot or too rainy, the sea is so dirty and food is rubbish, I wouldn’t pay 1,5$ for that shithole

  6. I checked this room fare. For Indonesian this will cost u about 40MILLION IDR per night. Surely this is nothing for those sugar daddies.

  7. I live in Bali and believe me that's a lot of this kind of villa in bali,and maybe not this expensive too, even a lot of small villa have a beautiful view as well

  8. it may be the No.1 hotel in the world, but it's never no. 1 of the hotel of our dreams to stay there. It's very damn EXPENSIVE! ill go bankrupt!!

  9. Rich man doing all evil thng and enjoying paid heaven from the earth …I am doing all good things in the earth and lvng as a poor later enjy real heaven with out pay… lol😂 😂😂


    Since i probably the only one indo citizens to comment on this video.

    I'd say thank you for saying our hotel is number 1 in the world. Thank you also for the effort making this jurnalistic journey in youtube with so much effort on it.


  11. This is a nice place, but if all you wanted was privacy, beauty and a big ass space, there are plenty of people that will rent out baller places in malibu, pacific palisades for that kind of money. In mexico or the carribean I can't even imagine what you could get. If I wanted an awesome hotel it would be like luxury in NYC close to everything, with ammenities that airbnb couldn't give you.

  12. This nigga saying you've to explore the whole hotel by walking after spending $15k. I better be floating in that mf hotel

  13. I'm Indonesian.. Bali never boring.. it's never get enough to staycation there.. i've stayed at Westin, Inaya Putri, Kayon Jungle, Kupu Kupu Barong, Trans Hotel etc (my tripadvisor @mei_only)..but Four Season not yet..maybe one day 😂

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