Inside America’s First Restaurant for Weed

Inside America’s First Restaurant for Weed

We wanted to be kind of an escape— indoor, outdoor Oasis. You know you’re going on a little trip. You’re not even in the city anymore. Welcome to the first fully operational cannabis restaurant in the United States. It’s a 20,000 square foot former brewery in West Hollywood with a menu that includes edibles, joints, high-tech bongs and vapes. What our ultimate goal is is to be able to pair the cannabis with the foods. Your Flower Host would be like a Sommelier. And we want the food servers to be versed in cannabis as well. Lily Estanislaus is Lowell Cafe’s general manager. She says that even before it opened, Lowell received more than 800 job applications. Everybody wants to work here and I get it, but we wanted people who had experience and not just in smoking. That was a lot of what I got is like, hey, I’m an avid smoker, I have so much cannabis experience. I’m like, but have you actually worked in a dispensary? How much knowledge do you have? Opening a cafe that’s legal, especially, is very important because it just breaks the walls down of negative stigmas that surround the subject that is cannabis. Erika Soto, who is an industry veteran,
works as a Flower Host at Lowell Cafe, which is like a waitress for weed. When guests arrive, she walks them through their options, explains the effects of carious strains, and advises them on proper dosage levels. It’s an environment that is loving and peaceful and we all kind of see the veil drop when people get “stoned”, you know, and it’s not a violent thing. For now, Lowell could only be located in the city of West Hollywood. What is it about West Hollywood that is more open to something like this, you think? They have been on the forefront of just being accepting of everything that needs to be liberated. West Hollywood is now known as the Mecca of cannabis. There are actually three surrounding dispensary’s as we speak, and the further you go into West Hollywood, the more you’re going to find things just like us. Because California requires that all cannabis products be tracked seed to sale, and lab tested. Lowell Cafe isn’t allowed to make its
own marijuana infused foods or drinks. Everything must be pre-packaged. After the Rabbi at a nearby synagogue expressed concern that her congregants would be bombarded with the odor of weed, Lowell installed massive air filters and machines that spray a sent neutralizing essential oil called Cannabolish, and lighting up a tobacco cigarette is prohibited at Lowell in compliance with a West Hollywood law. Lowell Cafe’s license is provisional for the
first year, after which the council will decide whether to renew it. But in the meantime, more weed hospitality shops are coming. The city has issued licenses to seven additional businesses, including one that will offer a virtual reality experience, and another a day spa. Being the first, we want to of course, set the standard and sort of prove ourselves and prove to everyone else that this is something that can be done. And we can just kind of spread the love through the country. Then that’s for sure what we want to do.

100 thoughts on “Inside America’s First Restaurant for Weed

  1. Weed… and libertarians… somehow so stuck in the past that they deem themselves trendy.

    Only reason I subscribe to reason? Point and laugh at the feminism and loafers.

  2. “ West Hollywood is now known as the Mecca of cannabis” yeah fucking right. Hollywood and the people in it always think theyre more important than they are.

  3. This doesn't get rid of the negative sterotypes associated with weed you fucking moron. You still smell, lower your intelligence and long term memory, and annoy the shit out of people with jobs.

  4. When they're just the other day what a nice little establishment friendly people, nice music over all just a cool vibe.

  5. Weed is gross and makes places smell that aren't even close to where its smoked. I drive down the streets in California and smell weed and it makes california smell like a landfill.

  6. I hate weed because of the second hand smoke. I can smell that from over a 100 yards away some days. That never happens with cigarette smoke.

  7. Weed is bad for one’s health. It’s a documented fact in which potheads don’t want to research and admit.🥴😵

    So Reason, why is this Reason-able?🤑

  8. OMG! Weed is sooo like you know trendy. lol
    Pot smokers are like vegans. Annoying.
    20 years from now gen z will look at this time period thinking how boring millennials are about weed.

  9. idiocy, weed, burgers and fries , how hard is that , just sell it at mcdonald's , what could possibly be negative about a drug that makes people stupid ?

  10. I know that this video is supposed to make the restaurant look pretty good, but honestly these people- the way they talk look and act- makes me hate weed even more. It is your choice, but I would never want to hang out or around a pothead. Please keep this stuff in West Hollywood.

  11. Why doesn’t Reason ever talk about foreign policy? There is some serious shit going down in Syria right now, with no one mentioning that Turkey’s FSA militias are the creation of the CIA. And here you are acting like the proverbial “republicans with pot.” Reason Magazine… FAKE libertarians.

  12. There's no point making drugs illegal, so on that point it's good to see legalisation. But this suggests we're at a stage in Empire just prior to social collapse.

  13. 😂😂😂 West Hollywood is not the mecca of weed!!! Desert hot springs is the Mecca of cannabis cultivation. And I believe downtown LA has the most dispensaries per capita.

  14. Oh yes, so free and liberated! That's right, smoke up everyone! Make sure you do what the socialists and globalists want: Take lots of drugs and rot your brain, get hooked on substances so you'll forever vote for the party that will continue to keep your drug supply going. Never mind the former Nazi collaborator pushing for drug legalization everywhere, taking down all borders, and criminalizing the right to self-defense. You just smoke that weed and and think about all the money you're making for the people that hate you.

  15. While they promote smoking Marijuana. The Government is going after cigar smokers. I applaud the relaxation of canibus laws (not a user myself). Some of these self same people want to regulate to prohibit cigars. Maybe Reason could explore this dichotomy.

  16. I don't want to be told by anyone what "effects" different strains give because that's a load of crap. I've been smoking most of my life and I can promise you that being high is just being high. There may be subtle differences but they are just that… subtle.

  17. And here's the one and only reason I do not join the libertarian party their stance on illegal drugs. Until it is legal at the federal level it is illegal everywhere in the nation. Federal law trumps state law. What I would give to see the federal government come in and sees everything and shut down their business oh boy would that make my day. They're operating under the illusion they're safe because their state says it's okay. Wrong!

  18. Bet the prices for anything in this restaurant are insane. Thanks to the government in California taxing everything it's cheaper to buy it illegally. I used to believe legalized weed would be good, but when the government (run by Democrats) take over its worse than ever.

  19. All should be legalized but when you get sick from drugs then you have to pay for it, not citizens which doesn't use drugs… Want to get smoked or audicted to drugs then you have to take responsobility. If not, then no drugs for you.

    Btw drugs sucks!

  20. So, you can't smoke a cigarette, you can smoke dope, and drink booze, and what??? Do people drive when they leave there? Do they have parking? Or is it only people can be dropped off in a taxi or uber or whatever? Everyone that leaves the restaurant is impaired by legal standards, right? Even if you didn't smoke, there's no such thing as a designated driver because everyone in the space would get at least a contact high? Maybe the dining area is separate? It looks like people are smoking in the dining area, so I don't think so.

  21. We need marijuana available to the poor once approved in the United States for everyone the poor and be able to get to it I miss smokin! Just too damn expensive!!!

  22. this is the most bourgeoisie bullshit ive seen in my life. i fuckin hate everything that californians are, yall make me fuckin sick.

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