Industrial Bar Part2, Design Velg Lampen met MasterMilo

We’re going to take some tires off the rims because Tim wants to use those rims to make bar lights. Tim: That’s a nice machine.
Milo: Yeah, it works well. Let’s see if it’s welded properly. Perfect, let’s leave it at that. As you can see, the rims are made, they are nicely welded. We’re going to attach concrete gauze to the ceiling and then we can hang all the car rim lights and other lamps on it. You can grab it and walk up there. The last one is on there. Just a little bit by the stove and in the corner. The gauze is all hanging on it now, so we can hang the lamps. The is a nice moment. We’re going to hang them. I’ll give them to you. Yes Milo: Are you sure the gauze is stuck. Not that I’m gonna get a rim on my head later. Milo: Or a rim, a lamp it’s not yet. Nice and it’s still stuck, too. Got it? Yeah. Yeah, it’s hanging. Milo: This is a really heavy one with those tubes on it.
Tim: Let’s hang it or not. Milo: Yeah, why not?
Tim: As long as he keeps it. Milo: You’re not gonna say you don’t trust your own crafting skills, are you? We’ve got a couple more flap lids coming off milo’s tank. Check it out. There he is the V12, 40 liter 580HP Diesel. I’m also going to make two lamps and they’ll be above the bar. Here I show you the end result. Tim: It’s finished. Milo: Nice work it’s gotten really cool. Tim: Nice atmosphere. Milo: It is of course very flexible because of that concrete mesh with six sockets on the ceiling. Milo: With a system with the hooks you can hang everything or hang other things. Milo: The lamps themselves are also really cool. Tim: Fits exactly in the bar. Tim: The separation wall is in it, the stove is in it, the lamps are in it, what should we make now. Do you have a nice idea? Place it in the comments and maybe we can make that next time. Yes, exactly. I’m curious, put the ideas in the comments. Everyone subscribe to Weekend Builders, I say that Never in my own videos. But you guys do subscribe. Until the next video.

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