In Many of Anantapur’s Korean Restaurants, No Indians Are Allowed #LokSabhaElections2019

In Many of Anantapur’s Korean Restaurants, No Indians Are Allowed #LokSabhaElections2019

Do you work here?
Yes. But aren’t you Indian? No, I am from Nepal. You are from Nepal?
Yes No, no… Stop it… In this journey of Sadak se Sansad, we have reached Anantapur,
which is in Andhra Pradesh. On reaching Anantapur,
we were informed… by my colleague Amrit, we got to know that… KIA Motors has
installed a huge plant here. The plant houses 4-5 restaurants… that are exclusively for Korean nationals. Indians aren’t allowed there. Also, this village… where KIA Motors is located, and
the nearby area… is a village called Penukonda. -Penukonda.
-Penukonda. In Penukonda too… there are about 15 to 20 restaurants… and some guest houses where… only Koreans are allowed, Indians are not. We have also come to see this. Right now, we are near the
Kangnam Korea restaurant. Let’s go inside and see… whether this information, this news… is true or not. Come, let me show you. Can we have a cup of tea? It is not business time,
so it is not possible now. When is it possible? No! No! When? When do we come? When do we come? What time do we come? Just… don’t… Is it only for Koreans, Sir? -Yes.
-Why? Why that policy? Why… that policy? Ya… but you cannot
discriminate like that. Amrit, what did they say? Can you tell us more? I feel that the manager here, he said that only Koreans are allowed.
-Hmm. He has contacted the owner… and now that the owner knows
that we are from… a media organisation, he says, “no problem,
you can have some food here”. But the problem is that we have told them
that we are from the media and have cameras with us… and so we are allowed. They fear that this may be broadcasted
and they may land in trouble. So, I feel that… this is the only reason why we are
allowed to eat here. And any other ordinary Indian
is not allowed here? That is the issue, and secondly… some Telugu people had come and
immediately went away on seeing him. Yes.
He asked about the purpose of our shoot. They were on the upper floor, but they didn’t say that the food… They didn’t say anything like that. So, in this restaurant,
the information seems to be true… that Indians are not allowed here. Please come here for a minute.
My name is Prakash. Where do you work? Here itself. So, you work here?
Yes. Ok. But aren’t you Indian? No, I am from Nepal. -So, you are from Nepal?
-Yes. Now, we have come out of
Kangnam restaurant. Our experience was exactly
as we were told to expect. Whatever Amrit had told us
was absolutely true… that Indians were not allowed
to enter there.. and only…Koreans are allowed. This is racial discrimination… faced by the people here. We came to understand two things. Some people said,
“we don’t want to eat that food… and so we don’t want to go”. But it is also true… that they are not allowed,
so why would they go? Well, tea is also available there… and you may also have some soft drinks. But you are not allowed
and so you cannot go. Even after living in India and being an Indian, if you cannot enter a
restaurant in India, then this is quite strange. Isn’t it Amrit? Yes.
Last year, journalist Rahul M who works with PARI, also shared the same experience on Facebook… when he was not allowed
to enter the restaurant. They said that only Koreans were allowed… and Indians were not allowed. It seems that it was true. But the restaurant where Rahul went
is closed now. A complaint was filed after that
and the restaurant was shut down. But there are about 15 to 20 restaurants
in this Penukonda village itself… where one can see
this discrimination even now. Ok, tell me what did the owner tell you? The owner said, “Which channel
are you broadcasting it on?” I replied that we are just recording. He assumed that this would
be highlighted in the media… and then after that he said, “you can have food, no problem”. But if you want to go
as an ordinary person then… Yes, if you don’t have that camera, then… you cannot enter. We met some other people… who bring guests, may be the employees of KIA Motors
or some other clients, and they are allowed to go there. The people working there… some of the employees are from Nepal, Koreans are undoubtedly
working there. But Indians are not allowed…
to eat there. -This is clear?
-Yes, absolutely clear. -And there are many such restaurants here?
-Yes. People say that there are at least
15 restaurants in this village itself. One more thing that I cannot understand is… that this property definitely
belongs to an Indian… and they have rented it out. Why don’t they protest in any way? Because… these Koreans pay more rent… compared to that
paid by a normal citizen. And because of this, the KIA Motors factory,
many IT professionals come to work here… many engineers also come. Because of this, the rent… which previously was Rs 3,000
has soared upto to Rs 12,000. The people are getting more rent
and so… they… are not making an issue out of it. They’re alright with it as long as they get more rent… And also the attitude of not
wanting to eat there… and then they say,
“we don’t prefer Korean food anyway, and so why should we go?”. But isn’t it outright racial discrimination? Yes, we do have our constitutional
right to go there… They don’t want to go there,
and that is a different issue… but even if they want… they cannot enter
and that is basically… discrimination based on your
race or identity and so this… Let us understand it this way…
The cameraman, Sarjit who was with me had to face the most… as he was repeatedly asked
to stop recording. Had he gone without the camera, like an ordinary Indian, then he wouldn’t be allowed to go
and this is clear? Yes, and I feel that… And he told us on camera that
it is only for Koreans, not for Indians. First, the manager told us that
it is only for the Koreans… and… when after talking to the owner,
he understood that we are from the media, the topic was immediately changed and now… the manager says… that he didn’t understand what
I was saying. He was making some excuse that… Yes, basically this is the matter. We have told you that… in Anantapur, after the establishment
of the KIA Motors plant, the number of Koreans is constantly
increasing day by day, and then there was an increase in
the number of restaurants and guest houses. A sort of racial discrimination is seen
that Indians are not allowed to go there. Only Koreans are allowed there. The local or government bodies
should take cognisance of this. Anybody who can raise a question
regarding this issue, who can feel and understand this, should immediately take
cognisance of this issue. I’ll say it clearly, this is
nothing but racial discrimination… and this was clearly visible to us. We have experienced this
and presented it before you.

82 thoughts on “In Many of Anantapur’s Korean Restaurants, No Indians Are Allowed #LokSabhaElections2019

  1. NOTE: The Wire has received information that some of the area's Korean restaurants, including Kanganam, do admit and serve Indians. The district magistrate of Ananthapur, G. Veerapandian, has stated that his staff visited the Korean restaurants in Penukonda, and he gave his assurance that action will be taken on any complaints of discrimination.

  2. I wonder how pride they are like, like i have heard koreans banning Indians in pubs in korea, but this is like, unbelievable. i mean how can someone come to a country, build their living there, and ban its people only, wow. like i want such confidence man, hahahah.
    i just want that whole fvcking plant to be seized and people living there to be sent back to their countries, so they can beg in their own country. that would be amazing



  5. Its not discrimination.. its fear…that indians put on others for their food choices. If you gonna kill someone for eating something that you dont want them to… wat u expect…they trying to keep indians away from their food.

  6. Because Indiana don’t eat their worship idols like rat 🐀 n 🐄 cows u don’t eat animals that’ u worship so why would u even go to this restaurant

  7. Arre vahan beef pork snakes frogs etc honge menu me ..
    Isi liye indians ko andar nahi jane dia jaa raha hai…
    Nepali cook hai kyun ki shahyad nepal ke loog bhi ye sabb khate honge….

    Indians ka andar naa jana hii behtar hai varna indian 2 mahine tak ulti karte rahenge…🤢🤢

  8. Okay, i understand why Indians Blaming South Korea. now i gonna talk why many Koreans don't like Indians, first. actually lot of Koreans loved Indians in 1990s and 2000s early, but internet Massed up everything, we are watched Indians discriminate by class them self, yea im talking about Cast.

    ① 브라만(Brahman)

    ② 크샤트리아(Kshatriya)

    ③ 바이샤(Vaisya)

    ④ 수드라(Sudra)

    second, a high crime rate and brutal rape against traveler and a weak judgment for rapist. yea internet again. lot of mass media broadcast it. and Shocked again
    인도서 20대 여성 노상 살인…시민들 '보고도 못본척 : criminal stabbed woman with knife over twenty times, but no one stop him.

    and this one
    Pooping on the beach in India

    So, if you want Blame us, do it. but please remember, in south korea school, they teaching Mahatma Gandhi's Life and even India and South Korea President Celebrated when Gandhi statue unveils in Seoul,

    South Korean Kids and Student learn about India with Good reason, like i said Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. and the starting point of Buddhism.

  9. Ismein kyonsi badi baat hai, there are many restaurants in India who only allow their nationality people only, coz they make their nationality food ….. Indians can come if they know the Owner or If Regular Restaurant customer brings him…..

    Such things are there…. Ismein Discrimination ka concept mat lao…. Aur waise bhi apan logo ko Unka Khana bilkul pasand nahi aayega…. Shayad issliye bhi, woh Log Indians ko mana karte hai, taaki Restaurant ki Goodwill Kharab na ho market mein

    Its like Flipkart, flash sale, Sabko nahi milta, kyu nahi milta ka sawal flipkart se nahi kar sakte…..

    Elections cover karo,
    KIA ke Korean employees ke liye Korean Restro bana hoga…. Kyu aisi tasi kar rahe ho unki

  10. As a South Korean this is really shameful for us…. I want to say sorry to Indian people. However, I have spend 1and half years in Kalkata as a international studnt. Alot of Indian people and even my teachers show serious racism to asian people. So i wanted to say people must stop racism even that's Korean or Indian! Also like to say sorry again about that korean guy in that video

  11. I'm not surprised they are racist towards a lot of people… You can see this as an example… All I can say is government should be doing something because this is not a normal issue

  12. Maybe it has something to do with Indians having terrible hygiene and disgusting body odor! Sad but unfortunately it’s true! They have no concept of how foul they smell and how others respond to their sickening odor. Sure I have seen that they bathed in the rivers and they wash them selves with filthy river water but they don’t use any soap and they don’t wash under their arms nor do they use any type of deodorant it’s disgusting. Just think how someone who smells like that walked by your table while you’re eating food and then try to finish your meal! You be the judge that’s just my opinion and there could be others.

  13. Go without Camera. If they don't allow, come out and start pelting stones. If police comes. explain them what happened. Let it go on national TV. I am sure it will reach KIA's chairman. If nothing happens, make it an election issue. Kick the impotent government of the day out. SIMPLE.

  14. And they say indians are intolerant. This can not happen in any other country. Strict actions must be taken against them.#Go back kia

  15. Aree yaar this is strange Indian people allow also problem not allow also problem… If Korean people make it open for all countries, first of all Indian people will not even bother to go inside they restaurant and eat their dishes… 2nd thing if not allowed again problem for Indian you will start taking videos and make it breaking news…

    All this bullshit.. Common let thr other countries also leave happily like you Indian go to their countries to visit or tourism common they don't disturb you there

  16. 그것은 한국어로 하단에 쓰여 있습니다…
    Please read the following words calmly. As an Indian🇮🇳, I have quite a few Korean friends🇰🇷. Koreans are very heart full people I've ever met in my life. They are more like Japanese🇯🇵 who call India – ♥️天竺♥️(Tenjiku- which means the center of heaven). Please understand what I'm trying to say.

    Koreans usually have many stereotypes, especially Elders.(Shown in the video) The kids and young generations of Koreans are really Kind and Faithful.

    There are a variety of reasons why they didn't allow Indians into their restaurants:-

    1)They think all Indians are Vegetarians. ( They may look offensive in video because they don't know English which causes a communication barrier. But actually they want you to say that they serve non-Veg like Beef, Chicken, Mutton, Pork.. I think they didn't want to get into conflicts of beef ban or whatever.. And for those who say they eat dogs!😵 WTF Kid?! You've really been living under a rock. It's Chinese not koreans. They are really hygienic:)

    2) Let's be honest, Koreans don't socialize easily as Indians. They need time to socialize. They are way busy in their work that they don't even say hello to their neighbors in Korea. As usual New Generations good at socializing but it's a rat chase for Elders.

    3) Being honest, the international media is so bad that only bad news about India is shown to foreigners😡. Americans call India a Rape Country(To be honest, why can't we ban it?) and a slum city. This is the reason many foreigners think Indians are Preverts. So, this might be another reason they might not want Indians to come into their restaurant.

    I admit that some Koreans are somewhat rasist. Please try to understand the situation of Koreans here. 🙏🏻अतिथिदेवो भव 🙏🏻(Guests are equivalent to God). Let them have their time to solve these problems. We must respect them and show our kindness. It's no use of taking violent actions.

    Talking about 💗KIA💗. It's a word-class car manufacturing company. It provides spacious cars which look like Honda City at really cheap prices and their service is excellent. We don't have to criticise on this basis.

    I really hope that you understand this situation. There are many Indians (about 3-4 lakh) living in South Korea (which is literally better than USA and Dubai) who are really well settled due to Koreans. Remember, Hate is too harsh in this world. We all are humans right?! Let's make Earth a better place to live in..

    In Korean..
    침착하게 다음 단어를 읽으십시오. 인도인으로서, 나는 꽤 많은 한국인 친구가 있습니다. 한국인은 내 인생에서 만난 적이없는 매우 충만한 사람들입니다. 그들은 천국이라고 불리는 인도 – 천국 (Tenjiku)이라고 불리는 일본인과 더 비슷합니다. 내가 뭐라고 말하려고하는지 이해해주세요.

    한국인은 보통 고정 관념이 많으며, 특히 장례식이 있습니다. (비디오에 표시) 한국인의 어린이와 젊은 세대는 실제로 친절하고 충실합니다.

    인도인들이 식당에 들어 가지 못하게 된 이유는 다양합니다.

    1) 그들은 모든 인디언이 채식주의 자라고 생각합니다. (그들은 의사 소통의 장벽이되는 영어를 모르기 때문에 비디오에서 공격적으로 보일지도 모르지만, 실제로 그들은 쇠고기, 닭고기, 양고기, 돼지 고기와 같이 비 (非) 채소를 제공한다고 말하기를 원합니다. 나는 그들이 원하지 않는다고 생각합니다. 쇠고기 금지 등의 갈등에 빠지거나 개를 먹는다고 말하는 사람들에게! WTF 키드? 너는 정말로 바위 밑에서 살았어. 한국인이 아니야. 정말 위생적이야.

    2) 솔직히 말해서, 한국인들은 인디언처럼 쉽게 친지 않습니다. 그들은 사교 시간이 필요합니다. 그들은 그들의 일에 바쁜 길이다. 한국의 이웃 사람들에게 인사조차하지 못한다. 평소와 마찬가지로 신세대는 사교 활동에 능숙하지만 Elders에게는 쥐를 추격합니다.

    3) 국제 언론이 너무 나빠서 인도에 관한 나쁜 소식 만 외국인에게 보여지기 때문에 정직합니다. 미국인들은 인도를 강간 국가라고 부릅니다. (정직하게 말하면 왜 금지 할 수 없습니까?) 슬럼가의 도시입니다. 이것이 많은 외국인들이 인디언이 전치사라고 생각하는 이유입니다. 따라서 인디언들이 식당에 들어오지 못하게하는 또 다른 이유 일 수 있습니다.

    한국인의 상황을 여기에서 이해해주십시오. अतिथिेवो वव (손님은 하나님과 동등합니다). 그들에게 이러한 문제를 해결할 시간을 갖게하십시오. 우리는 그들을 존경하고 친절을 베풀어야합니다. 폭력적 행동을 취하는 용도는 없습니다.

    KIA에 관해서 말하기. 그것은 단어 – 클래스 자동차 제조 회사입니다. Honda City처럼 보이는 싼 가격의 넓은 차를 제공하며 서비스는 훌륭합니다. 우리는이 기초 위에서 위기를 겪을 필요가 없습니다.

    나는이 상황을 이해하기를 정말로 바랍니다. 한국인들로 인해 진정으로 잘 정착되어있는 많은 인디언들이 한국에 살고 있습니다 (문자 그대로 미국과 두바이보다 낫습니다). 기억하라, 증오는이 세상에서 너무 가혹하다. 우리 모두는 인간입니다. 지구를 더 살기 좋은 곳으로 만들자 ..

  17. 🇰🇷 Koreans reaction to this video 🇰🇷
    ↘️↘️↘️ * MUST WATCH* ↙️↙️↙️

  18. Problem ni eppude sari cheyaka pote… future lo anni companies eelage behave chestayi…. we should not surrender to them just because they are having their companies here… they are here because they are given incentives and it is cheaper for them to manufacture products.. …. and they dont respect it….

  19. I actually understand that. Indian people smell very bad. and they eat like rats. they dont even wash hands after visiting toilet i have worked with people from india. why do u Think the muslims wanted there own country.

  20. Don't buy korian product boycott them. They only want to dump goods and cheap labour they want for producing. That too in 21st century.

  21. for sure Korean are one of the racist country ….. I guess we are the only one who follows "atithi devo bhava "

  22. I am happy that the petition regarding this subject achieves it's victory, a serious action is expected to be taken against them shortly!!

  23. Indians hygine level is 0 that is why they dont allow indians. Indians will shit in streets and wash their asses with hands. Who will want people who cleans their asses with hand to touch their clean plates? Think about it!

  24. You criticise a restaurant for not allowing Indians to eat food and Many of you Indians do the same thing with other Indians in the name of caste and Untouchability. What an Irony here.

  25. The same thing is happening in aurovilla near Chennai they are making second pondichery. Government should take action it's happening all over south India

  26. Koreans want a private restaurant. Hindu are masters and Islam and Christianity is the real problem. If it’s a public restaurant they can be prosecuted and deported with the Muslims and Christians. It’s time to strike back. Proof India needs to update its nukes

  27. Discrimination and prejudice is good it gives you sense of identity and power
    Western civilisation is a Indian subculture
    White is a Indian subrace
    Britain and the west are colonial subject of India.
    West is subservient

  28. O' com on, Indians are racist against their own people. Majority of fucken north indians will kill me or lynch me for my dietary choices.. I say Koreans you are doing fine, let the rest rot in hell. Enjoy your meals. BON APPÉTET

  29. Do you know Lai Đại Hàn?

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The term Lai Dai Han (or sometimes Lai Daihan/Lai Tai Han) (lai Đại Hàn in Vietnamese : pronounced [laːi ɗâˀi hâːn]; Korean: 라이따이한) is a Vietnamese term for a mixed ancestry person born to a South Korean father and a Vietnamese mother (including the victims of Korean soldiers) during the Vietnam War. The term, and awareness of this legacy, was publicised in Korea in the 1990s and 2000s as Korea increasingly had investment and business contacts with Vietnam.

  30. World people dislike South Korea

    ★S.Koreans always pretend to be a victim、even if they are clearly the assaulter。

    Everyone、please be careful and don't be deceived by Korean lies。

    ★S.Korean always tell a lie like taking a breathe。

    It is better to banish from the earth early for the reason.

    "Koreans lie as if they breathe” and “Koreans are the world’s biggest liar of all." Korea has the highest fraud rate and is the only country whose fraud rate exceeds that of robbery in OECD. Also, all of perjury, calumny and fraud rates in S Korea are some 160-670 times higher than those of Japan.

  31. Indian government should take strict action on this . It is really sad that Korean people are trying to do the same thing that britishers did to us . IT IS AN ACT OF DISCRIMINATION. These people should be kicked out from india .

  32. This also happens in many restaurants and resorts on places like Goa and Puducherry where only foreigners are allowed, can you believe that!! We are not allowed to enter some places on our own land.. WTF

  33. I think they want to prevent themselves from u people.. India is known with many good things by the world also many bad things like loot n rape

  34. They serve beef. You Indians are overly sensitive about your "Gau mata", so they banned Indians from coming to avoid trouble. Simple.

  35. Government should ban these kind of componys before they start doing things just like British East India Company if you remember those bloody people also captured India like this.

  36. Wtf this wrong with Korean people ? Their mindset is low !! How can they not allows Indians in the restaurant which is in our country ..

  37. Already reported this to PMO INDIA..high time that this country of comfort women and plastic surgery be sent back packing to fend off their country from their ugly brothers NORTH KOREA…also will someone pls contact PETA in that area to see if any of the dogs are missing…🤣😂🤣😂

  38. Many Koreans come and work. This is bad behavior. How do y shoot without permission? Do you think there are enough social issues? Hahaha I will inform police !!!

  39. That is ChandraBabu govt… For doing this type of politics only he got punished during elections 23/175.

  40. I dont Blame Koreans. I would also throw out Indians. They are disgusting, especially Bengali and people from South like Kerala and people from Bihar yuck. THey eat with thier hands, worship elephants, rats, poop literally everywhere, are ugly as hell, and they stink and are loud and obnoxious and retarded. These same News people from the Wire are anti Modi yet are screaming negative stuff about Modi while he built 130 million toilettes for 400 million Indian women who pooped outside. Shame on indians. Please I hope aNuke from Pakistan explodes on dirty south Indians

  41. We should bomb these places and boycott Korean products for one year. Then they will realise. How is the AP govt and local district collector allowing this racism!?!?!

  42. It's very sad to see our fellow Indian defending them saying they serve Korean food so they have a separate restaurant/they need some privacy, it sounds so silly, we don't deserve going to restaurant in our own country? This a free country as I remember.. so if an Indian restaurant would have done the same would u justifying that too? Or is this special love for o ly Koreans..This is discrimination, they know no Indian will dare to challenge them.. and yes looking at so many people defending Korean I feel that's were they gain this confidence.. How would u feel if u are thrown out from a restaurant be it in India or abroad?be it anyone, all are equal..

  43. I will f*** up all Korean things because I am India and India is a great nation agar India chai 2 go Korea desh ko das bar bichagadu aur 10 ber khadi degabecause I am Indian and I will f*** to do all Korean think in the world

  44. ओ इंडिया को क्या भिकारी समझता है कोरिया देश हम इंडियन हैं इसमें हमको कुछ महसूस होना हो गर्व महसूस होता है क्योंकि यह देश हमारा है इस देश में जो भी रहता है वह हिंदू हो मुस्लिम हो सिख हो इसाई हो वह अपने डिविजन से नहीं अपनी नेशनल से पहचाना जाता है विकास आया वह इंडिया और इंडियन गवर्नमेंट चाहे तो कोरिया देश को हमेशा हमेशा के लिए बैंड कर सकता है इंडिया से क्योंकि कोरिया देश का 25 प्रतिशत बिजनेस इंडिया चलता है कोरिया अपनी अगर नाक दिखाएगा तो हम भी उसकी ना खड़ा करने में कोई दिक्कत नहीं

  45. Racial discrimination is actually very legal in South Korean law because of the lack of legal definition. I'm Southeast Asian and was advised by my ex-gf not to stay long in small hotels because owners used to get easily 'frustrated' by foreign nationals from non-Western countries. The funny thing is, thousands of foreign soldiers from the Third World countries died to protect their freedom, and stayed long there to help those gits rebuild.

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