I Seduced My Sister’s Bf With Her Own Sexy Dress

I Seduced My Sister’s Bf With Her Own Sexy Dress

Hello everyone! My name is Angela. I have an older sister and her name is Bree. We used to be the best friends ever and shared
virtually everything. In fact, it recently turned out that we even
shared a boyfriend. Bree has always been “the pretty sister”
among the two of us. She was pretty popular at school, and other
girls wanted to dress like her and look like her, while boys were sending her tons of love
notes and little gifts just to make her give them a smile. While I was totally average, both in terms
of my grades and my appearance. It’s not that I was ugly or something. It’s just been so hard to grow beside such
a beauty, knowing that there was nothing outstanding about me that other people would admire. Despite that, Bree and I were always the best
friends ever. She never bragged to me or showed off and
she was always pretty supportive of me. Since, as I said, she was older – to be
precise, 2 years older than me, she practically taught me everything that I know about makeup,
boys, and relationships. Although, it took a while for her advice to
be put into action. You see, all the decent boys at school were
busy trying to attract Bree’s attention, and whenever any of them would come up to
me, it ended up with them trying to get to know something about Bree’s preferences. Anyway, one day a new family arrived on our
street, and my mom, as usual, decided to go and greet the new neighbors. Bree refused to support our mom, ‘cause
she was busy getting ready for a date with another guy, while I still had nothing else
to do, so I went across the street together with mom. As fate would have it, that new nice family
had a son named Dave. He was my age, he looked really handsome and
he was going to go to the same school that me and Bree were attending. Oh and he was going to study in the same grade
as me. After 5 minutes of greetings there, I couldn’t
get Dave out of my head. Of course, I told Bree about that and she
was so happy for me. She even told me that I was extremely lucky,
‘cause with the two of us studying in the same class and living on the same street,
that would mean plenty of chances to start dating and so on. So yes, I was totally excited about that and
for some strange reason, this time I was pretty sure that I would finally get myself a boyfriend. It turned out that I was right and that Dave
also liked me, when the next day at school, he decided to sit next to me in our biology
class, and then he joined me in the cafeteria and then he suggested that he should walk
me home… Dave was awesome! He was smart enough to help me improve my
own grades, he was brought up well enough to charm my mom, and he enjoyed baseball which
eventually inspired my dad to call him “son,” you know, the whole my family really liked
Dave. But at some point I began noticing that one
of us actually started liking him maybe way too much, and I am not talking about me. Whenever Dave came to my place and Bree was
also there, she’d flirt with him shamelessly. No, I mean it! She complimented him, telling him that he
looked really good in that shirt, or she’d call him “Davie” or “sweetie” and
so on. And whenever they talked to each other, she’d
come really close and put her hand on his chest, for example. It’s not that I was totally against any
physical contact between them but, you know what they say about touching somebody during
a conversation, right? I tried to drive any unpleasant and jealous
thoughts out of my head, telling myself that she was my sister and my best friend and she’d
never do anything bad to my relationship. But her behavior became more and more defiant
from time to time. For instance, once, Dave and I were going
to watch movies at my house, and my parents were out and Bree was getting ready to meet
with somebody, so, you know, it was supposed to be a nice evening for just the two of us. But Bree began picking out the perfect outfit
for herself and said that she needed a man’s advice, and she started trying on her figure-hugging
dresses, and tight skinny-jeans with her super-tight shirts and this made me really mad. I told her that we needed to have a serious
talk and took her to another room so that Dave couldn’t hear us. Can you imagine that she feigned utter surprise
while I was asking her to stop flirting with my boyfriend!? She looked as if she couldn’t understand
what I was talking about and why I was so mad at her. Honestly, I tried to be kind while I was telling
her this, but Bree, sort of, blew up. She found the fact that I suggested that she
laid eyes on Dave completely outrageous. She said that if I was that insecure, I shouldn’t
bring my boyfriend home and I should probably go see a therapist. And then she simply left for whatever meeting
she had, but my mood was totally ruined. Of course, Dave noticed that something was
wrong between me and Bree, and I was really sad and in desperate need of consolation,
so I shared my worries with him. This made Dave smile. It turned out that, just like Bree, he didn’t
notice any flirting between them, and even though there might’ve been something from
her side, it was not a big deal for him, ‘cause the only girl he was interested in was me. Oh, this was so cute. It really calmed me down about jealousy, but
now I knew I needed to apologize to Bree for insulting her. Well, I apologized and she kind of forgave
me, but if you think that she began behaving differently with Dave, you are mistaken. Nothing changed, and maybe now it was even
worse because she knew that her “Dave, sweetie” routine really bothered me. I mulled over the situation again and again
and finally came to the conclusion that the only way to teach my sister a lesson, would
be to play hard ball, following her rules. That time Bree was dating with one guy from
the local coffee shop – Chuck. She was saying that these were her most promising
relationships and that she thought that she really liked him a lot and so on, so he was
kinda the best candidate for being some sort of a guinea pig in the realization of my plan. That’s why since then it was me who actually
started flirting my sister’s boyfriend whenever he’d come around. And while for Bree it was quite natural to
complement boys and make eyes at them and give them a mysterious smile and so on, for
me the hardest thing was to overcome my embarrassment. I will never be able to forget my first attempt
at flirting with Chuck when he was in the living room waiting for Bree to come down,
and I decided to give it shot and go up really close to him to ask how was he doing. Apparently, out of surprise, he started backing
away, while I continued to approach, and in the end, he tripped on our coffee table and
we both fell on the floor – me on top. Both of us began laughing awkwardly, and once
we were back on our feet, I saw Bree, who had just come in and saw us. She said nothing and looked like nothing bothered
her in this situation, but I continued further. The next time when I knew that Chuck was coming
over, I decided to try on one of Bree’s frivolous dresses. Damn, it was so tight and way too short. But since I needed to stick to my plan, I
decided to go downstairs to ask Chuck what he thought about me in that dress and whether
he thought my Dave would like it. I might be wrong, but when Chuck saw me I
think I noticed how his jaw dropped for a second – that’s how good I looked. And as far as Bree was concerned, although
she said I looked nice, I couldn’t help but notice how fast she was pushing Chuck
out of the house. Bree said nothing about my behavior, but I
assumed that my plan worked out, when I heard her speaking on the phone with Chuck at top
volume a couple of times. I had a strange and pleasant feeling that
I had something to do with that and it made me feel totally satisfied. By the way, my fake flirting attempts with
Chuck might have changed my own behavior with Dave, ‘cause ever since I started implementing
my plan, I noticed that he had sort of become even more interested in me. So, this whole situation was a kind of a win-win
for our relationship. I wish I knew back then that I was terribly
mistaken. A couple of weeks passed since I had stopped
flirting with Chuck, but Bree was still going around nervous and irritated whenever she
saw him. I guess, they were still fighting with each
other. Then I unexpectedly received flowers and my
favorite chocolate and a card that said that I was the most beautiful girl in the house. That made Bree grow even weaker. She immediately called Chuck to tell that
him that he should be more attentive to her if he didn’t want to lose her someday. Frankly speaking, a tiny part of me was so
satisfied that finally, it wasn’t me who was envious of her own sister. Anyway, I decided to go and thank Dave for
those flowers and stuff. Imagine my surprise when he kept denying that
he had sent any presents and even got mad and sort of insulted by the fact that someone
might have been trying to court me. That sounded really strange and I couldn’t
think of anybody else around me that would have done this. But later that day, I was once again surprised
over those flowers and chocolate. It was when Chuck came to our house. Bree was in the shower and I told him to wait
for her, and he suddenly asked how I liked the stuff he sent me earlier that day. And while I stood there totally shocked and
trying to find the appropriate words, he continued saying that he had been in love with me for
a long time and since he noticed my attention toward him with all the complements and the
sexy dress, and he thought that I wouldn’t mind to, you know, be with him. I was flattered, shocked, and totally outraged
at the same time. I thought that the best way to deal with it
was to kick him out of our house and tell Bree about what had happened. And guess what? Good deeds never stay unpunished. She blamed me for everything, we had the biggest
fight ever, and didn’t talk to each other for the rest of the day. In the morning I received a text from Dave
in which he basically dumped me. I knew Bree told him everything, but from
her own point of view, you know. So now both my sister and I are suffering
from a ruined relationship, and the worst part of it is that we still are in a fight
with each other. Do you think I really was wrong in doing what
I did? I’ll be waiting for your likes and comments.

100 thoughts on “I Seduced My Sister’s Bf With Her Own Sexy Dress

  1. Why is it that almost every time someone says in the story that the girl is perfect or is super pretty she has to blonde? Just because it’s “stereotypical” doesn’t mean it’s necessary. It’s 2k19, everyone is pretty. I’m not saying you guys don’t think that, but I feel that you are making it seem that way.

  2. all she did was tried to get revenge which worked out at first but then totally flunked but i see why everything went the way it did

  3. ok so if I hade a bf I would of done that but I would not go that far but if my sisters' boyfriend and he sent me flowers I would of told her strat away especially if she was popular and I was not because I would not want to ruin ar relationship

  4. I know she hates that bree kept flirting with her boyfriend but her boyfriend said that he didn't even care about bree and what she's doing I mean like isn't that answer enough for her like revenge is not always the answer and her boyfriend didn't care anyway so why dont she just ignore her flirty a** sister

  5. Make up with you sister and get back together with David and help chuck relish that your sister is the only women he needs to love good luck!🥰😊

  6. Well your no different from her. You should've been happy that your bf was a decent and honest guy. Now you've ruined both you and your sister's relationship

  7. I was kinda annoyed baby how she kept speeding up her talking and talking like a baby lol. She was like, 'my mood was totally wuined' 5:07

  8. I kinda feel bad for Dave the guy remained loyal to her even tho her prettier and flirty sister "hit" on him and then finds out his girlfriend purposely goes and flirts with another guy

  9. Say sorry to your sis and your boyfriend and your sister boyfriend and try to make all things right and go on a duet date😁

  10. What if this is her.. EXPECTATION and… SHE IS LYING and… THAT HER SISTER WAS ON THE RIGHT ????
    …Jk idk if this story is even real

  11. You know what beauty and and relationship are wanted if you are not smart and good relationship in your family will stand beside you so always remember even it is wrong you two should be forgiving because you two will only stand someday by yourself you two will be the one will help each other

  12. U are the one being kind their and ur boyfriend's a jerk for believing bree loo he sucks.He's just a untrustsble barking dog. xD lmao.

  13. Maybe your sister was just being nice with him and you misunderstood him. You just ruined everything because of your stupid jalousie.

  14. My sister taught me everything, too.

    Except, she’s 7 years older than me, so I can’t really steal her boyfriend. Also being my only sibling, I’m lonely, she is always busy. Oof

  15. What a communist scum was your older sister in the story.
    10:33 – Red shirt she has marks the background color of the flag and the blonde hair represents the color of sickle and hammer, so this results Soviet Union

  16. Not being rude but it's you're fault you shouldn't have been flirting you should have told somebody like you're mom you're dad so yeah you're fault

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