8 thoughts on “How to price your food products Tutorial How much to sell it for

  1. Hi I would like to know if you could offer some advice on how to keep cake slices cool during an expo or trade fair event. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Damián thanks a Lot, love your Channel. If in the retailers stores a procesed food price is $10, at what price did the store paid for it? Very grateful you Made this chanel

  3. Thank you for being honest. I am researching because someone who is not infood is trying to advise me doesnt understand why things fluctuate while creating the price

  4. Thank you for all your videos! SO helpful. I am a brand new biz a few days away from launching. One of my goals is to sell my baked products directly to restaurants. I heard you mentioned here "food distributors" that will sell to restaurants. Can't we the small biz like mine sell directly to restaurants? Wouldn't it make more sense that way?

  5. I am going to make herbal beverages. And I am going to sell them to retailers like grocery stores. It costs me just a little less than $1 to make it, not including my labors and time. This is the lowest cost I can get so far. My counsellor told me, if it costs me $1 to make, I should sell it to stores at $2. They will sell them at $4 to customers. I am very concerned about the retail price, which might potentially scare away my customers. Is my counsellor correct? What do you recommend? Thank you.

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