How to Plan a Dinner Party : How to Prepare Strawberry Garnishes for Dinner Parties

Hi this is Cheryl with Expert Village. I’m
going to show you a really simple, but very elegant strawberry garnish. It’s so much
fun, you can use that to put on ice cream, cake and another fun thing you can do is if
you get brownies, I like to cut my brownies cut them in half and then you can put them
on a platter, and kind of angle them makes a really great presentation. Look at how great
that looks, then you can take your strawberry and just place that, place that right there.
And you’ve got such a fun, look at that. So in thirty seconds, I cut my brownies and
I put this beautiful strawberry garnish on them, it was so easy, it’s going to impress
all your friends and your guests. And if you want, you can take off the green stem, but
I kind of like it because it’s a little rustic, a little fun and you can do it with
bigger strawberries too, if you have a bigger bowl of ice cream. And it’s such a simple
fun, easy presentation.

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