24 thoughts on “How to Pack Lunches for Teens | Lunch Containers & Ideas

  1. Sorry to sound like a Debbie downer… But I feel like I’ve watched a few of your videos that were very similar to this. And I ended up taking away very little information very little NEW information.

  2. πŸŽ₯ Lunch ideas for TEENS: https://youtu.be/gRKb5PJRIwk THERMOS: http://bit.ly/hotthermos
    πŸ‘‰ SHOP LUNCHBOXES: http://bit.ly/MOMstore

  3. I wish my mum had known about thermos' when I was in school, hot food in lunches especially in winter is amazing and the possibilities are endless! I was pretty easy to pack for, fortunately, I wasnt picky and I loved sandwiches 🀣

  4. I am a teenager and I would love cute Obento boxes to be honestπŸ˜‚ I guess everyone is different there. Love your recipes though!πŸ’•

  5. Liked the video at first then she mentioned links in description like 4 times that it became more like marketing of products. Sorry its very offputting. Saying it once was enough.

  6. thanks for the tips! i usually pack my own lunches as my parents are busy- and these minimal waste options are fantastic. you've got me inspired! πŸ’•
    i also bring a bamboo cutlery set (including a bamboo straw) everywhere with me so I don't have to use the plastic disposable school cutlery. works great!

  7. I love your video . It's my first time to watch you . I subscribed and looking at your amazon store . Could you please make lunch ideas for adults for work .I buy everyday at work but you know how it goes , not good for the wallet.

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