How to Pack an iPad Mini in Your DJi Mavic Pro Fly More Bag

Today, I want to show you guys how I pack the fly more combo bag when I’m just traveling locally and I know I’ll only Need to use the batteries, and I want to bring my iPad Mini with me. When I’m traveling around Locally I typically don’t bring everything in the fly more combo with me. I’ll bring the Mavic and of course it goes in here like so… The controller and there’s no need for a stick cover because you can just slide it in sideways like this. The sticks have plenty of room. A cable to hook your iPad up with a Couple of batteries, slide those on the side. The third that area is fitted on the Mavic itself And then the iPad mini. If you have a screen protector on it. It’s probably the best thing. I don’t on this one yet I put it in this side because of that. If I had a screen protector, I would probably flip it around this way. I just don’t want this stuff to scratch my screen. If you slide it in this way pull the zippers up till it’s snug. Shut the lid and you can zipper this to about right there and there instead of closing it completely. The top folds down and you’ve got a Really quick and easy portable way to bring just the basics with you. If you want to see a good traveling set up where you can fit everything in your Mavic bag? Check my other video which I’ll link in the description below. Hopefully you got some use out of this video. Click like throw me a thumbs up and subscribe. I’ll see you in the next video

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