Hey guys, today we’re going to work on learning how to do a kip whether it’s a kip on the low bar on the high bar or the parallel bars We’re going to start with a couple drills The first drill is you are going to hang on the bar in a straddle and bring your legs together 3 times And you are going to try and bring your feet as low to the ground as possible without touching the ground Because when you do a kip and you glide you want to keep your legs low and bring your legs up If you bring your legs up too high gravity is going to pull them back down and it’s too hard to bring them back up. The 2nd drill we’re going to do is on the high bar it’s just a leg lift So you are going to keep your head in neutral and your legs straight, and bring your legs up all the way to the bar and back down. So a kip is made up of 3 parts.  The first part is the glide where you want to glide as low as you can without touching the ground and then bringing your legs together at the end The 2nd part is bringing your legs up to the bar And the 3rd part is pulling and sitting up. So we are going to start with the first part You are going to grab the bar trying to keep your stomach tight and your head between your arms and we are going to jump back just a little bit then we are going to glide in a straddle and at the bottom of the swing we’re going to bring our legs together. So we’re going to jump back When you do a glide you can also do it in a pike which is going to be a little bit harder because there’s more weight out in front of you the whole time versus when you straddle your weight is a little more out to the side which makes it a little easier. So we are going to start the same way A little bit of a false grip or an overgrip head between your arms, legs straight we’re going to bend our knees and jump back a little bit and glide in a pike. So the 2nd part of a kip is after you glide, whether you straddle or pike is bring your legs up to the bar which is where that leg lift strength comes in. We’re not going to try and pull just yet We’re just going to focus on a nice glide and then try and bring your legs up to the bar. And the 3rd part of a kip is to glide nice and low and bring your legs to the bar and you are going to pull and pull down on the bar and try and finish with your shoulders over the bar. You can also do this off of a mat if the bar is a little bit too high You are going to start the same way arms by your ears with a little bit of rolled wrists or false grip and you are going to bend your knees and jump back Uh yeah So a drill you can do on the bars is you can have your gymnast start in a L or a pike And you are going to put your hand here and extend him out here bring his legs to the bar and sit him up like that And then bring him back down 1 more And you can spot this trick more for real You’re going to jump into it? And you are going to put your hand on his lower back or her lower back hands on his legs and pull and sit him up. And if you straddle Just make sure you stand back a little bit before you come in. Ok thanks No problem On high bar you won’t have to worry about keeping your legs off the ground as you do on the low bar And you can start with either an under swing into a kip or you can do it from tap swings or you can do it from jumping from the low bar to the high bar. A kip on the parallel bars is pretty similar to a kip on the uneven bars or the men’s high bar Except your hands are going to be like this and make sure your thumbs are up by your fingers otherwise you can hurt your thumbs And you also have to make when you pull, you keep your arms straight because if you bend your arms you may whack your elbows on the sides of the bars. And if you have a Total Gym in your gym or at home there’s an exercise that you can do that can help a little bit with kip strength You are going to lay down on the sled put your feet up like this your head’s going to be sitting up a little bit And you are going to start here and you are going to roll your wrists and pull down keeping your wrists rolled and sit up a little bit at the top

15 thoughts on “HOW TO LEARN A KIP ON THE BARS – HOW TO DO A KIP TUTORIAL – Gymnastics Uneven Bars High Bar

  1. I just recently started working on my kip because my coach said I'm to strong. And another question is what state is this gym based at?

  2. I did my first kip today on strap bar because I broke my ankle and cant use the real bar but I could only do it once but I'm going to try again when I go back to practice. I'm excited and watching kips in slow motion so I can really get the motion down in my head. This video helped me a lot, thanks!

  3. kip in dutch is chicken, that was always weird for me
    also it took me 2 years to actually learn it

    I literally like everything, except bars
    somehow my body just isn't fit for it

  4. I am always so close to my kip I just cant push myself up the bar so this helped a lot I am also new I liked and subbed love this channal

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