100 thoughts on “How to Eat Sushi at a Restaurant

  1. I like to eat the sushi like this: take chopsticks (break em apart) grab a piece of sushi soak it in soy sauce smother it in wasabi ENJOY.


  3. I do want to say since alor of people don't get it, in Japanese culture there are a lot of rules and patterns and meaning in how things are done which is why it is important if you don't want to look ignorant to eat it properly.

  4. The placement of the chopsticks "parallel" and "horizontal" doesn't make sense without some initial orientation given. I think he is saying, while eating, the chopsticks should be placed with the tips more-or-less facing the center of the table and after eating the tips should be faced toward the left or right, depending on your "handedness".

  5. 1. Wasabi is NOT horseradish.
    2. Never dunk wasabi into the soy sauce.
    3. You don't dunk the rice part of nigiri sushi into the soy sauce. Just fish side down.

  6. Americans really are helpless when it comes to anything that's not a burger. When a ''how to video'' tells you that wasabi is horseradish and used to ''season the soy sauce'' while telling you to eat ginger with chopsticks you know you're in for a laugh. At that point I was really waiting for the guy to go like ''Remember to also eat the sushi wrapped in seaweed with chopsticks''.

  7. How to eat sushi
    You will need:
    How to eat:
    -buy sushi
    -eat sushi

    Did you know?
    The word "sushi" has 5 letters

  8. How to eat sushi: Step 1: Apply however much/little soy sauce, wasabi, ginger you like to your taste Step 2: Eat Step 3: Tell idiots who think they can tell you how best to enjoy your sushi to f-off. Cultural etiquette – like not rubbing chopsticks together, not blowing your nose, being rude to the chef, etc. – are a different matter.

  9. Sooooo basically ask how old everyone is before u walk into a sushi bar/restaurant so u don't look like a fool? Check.

    Also what if the oldest was a little person and the youngest a tall person? Lower ur glasses and one raised?

  10. I eat sushi/sashimi maybe once every 2 or 3 years. It's one of the best tasting things however it's really expensive and you typically don't get much for the price. Never do I feel full afterwards. Chinese takeout dishes are much better in both regards.

  11. Japanese people usually drink the Sake with Ochoko cups. To drink Sake with water grasses looks like to drink Shanpen with beer grasses. And you should not drip your Sushi rice to soy source, only drip Sushi-neta.

  12. Never mix wasabi with soy sauce. You put wasabi on one corner of the sashimi and dip the corner that’s diagonal from the wasabi and then enjoy. DO NOT OVER DIP THE PIECE

  13. Forget soy sauce. I dip my sushi in ketchup. I find that most sushi restaurants don't carry that condiment so I will usually take in a bunch of packets I saved from McDonald's or Sonic. Oh, and screw the chopsticks. That's too hard. I eat it with a fork.

  14. I eat my sushi and drink my sake however tf I want since ain't nobody paying for it other than myself and I also eat steaks bare handed, specially tomahawks.

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