How Logan Should Have Ended

How Logan Should Have Ended

Thank you so much for saving our horses! Please let us thank you by giving you food and shelter for the night. Ooooo! Food AND Shelter! Logan! Let’s stay with these innocent people for the night! No! We’re actually running for our lives right now. There is seroiusly NO time for this… But thanks anyway! Byyyyyyyyyye! What a nice man. I bet he just saved our lives. But Logan! I wanted you to have the chance to value family. We are being HUNTED, Charles! *chop* (painful grunting) *chop*
(painful groan) *chop*
(painful groan) Go. No You don’t have to fight anymore. Go. Daddy, live… Daddy, you’ve got to live! Why are you singing? You can heal Please don’t make us cry. No my child. I’m sorry, but it’s time I can not heal. So now, I’ll die. On these pages… you’ll find my last edition. Read them well… When I finish my bleeding. It’s a story… of a mutant… with claws raging! A mutant everybody loved, metal bones, and super healing. Come with Jean… where claws will never slice you… Jean. All your grit… and scruff… That once defined you. X-Men Heaven… Please let him cross this divide. Laura, don’t be what they made you… So this is what it feels like. *dying breath* Take my hand… It’s time for your finale. Take my love… even though one time you stabbed me. And remember… That Hugh Jackman is Logan! To cast another person now… is simply a… Lost Cause Do you hear the Wolverine? Finally finished with the fight. All of his stabbing of the people who do not know wrong from right. Of all the mutants and their worth… There is a man that never dies… 17 years of X-Men and now he’s cutting ties. We will live again in reboots… in our Marvel Universe. Even though we aren’t Avengers… Rated R, we’ll screw and curse. An X-Men for adults and honestly things could be worse. Will you forget X-2? How many “Last Stands” with there be? We tried to make “X-Men Origins” but just got more Wolverine. “First Class” made the people sing… Magneto vs Bacon. Then in the “Days of Future Past” happy ending comes. Quicksilver then joins the team. Apocalypse does not succeed. Somewhere beyond all that Xavier makes all of us deceased. Do you hear the Wolverine? Drinking his beer and saying, “bub”. It is a franchise stretched too far now our Logan’s done. AaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh! Aaaaaaaaah! Our Logan’s… Dooooooooooooooooone! NOOOOOOoooooo! No! Not like this you sexy scuffy man! Excuse me little girl. Live! LIVE! Clear! (GASP) *coughin* Oh thank God! That was a close one! What happened? We almost lost you there big guy! I can’t let you go dying on me! We’re just getting started. Here! I brought you your tights and everything. Oh @#%^& Now you’re gettin it! Come on! Let’s go rub our butts on some glass. Hey fellas! Please stop associating me with your butt cheeks! Logan! Play his theme song! It’s hilarious! Hey where you going? Just ignore him. Because I’m Buttman! Okay now that’s just too far! There’s a man who wears red and black… Going round showing off his butt crack. Boy this video sure went off track! A Logan Musical… Who came up with that? Well thanks for watching we hope you didn’t frown. Hope to see you next time you come around. Click the buttons! Click to subscribe! Watch some more videos if you feel like! That’s all for now! Thanks for watching! Smash that Like Button! Yeeeeaaaaaaagh! Johnny Cash me outside how bout dat?

100 thoughts on “How Logan Should Have Ended

  1. Kinda surprised you didn't throw in Angel to pick him up. I know Les Mis didn't have an equivalent, but come on, he's a frickin angel.

  2. eh…. wasn't a fan of this one. Mind you I am generall a fan of HISHE but I guess it is my sizzling loathing of musicals that prevents it.

  3. This has to be the most beautiful HISHE ever. Great job as always!!!

    Honestly, to me this is official canon now (except for the Deadpool part)

  4. HISHE, this video changed my life and I’ll explain how.

    Thanks to this video, I was curious to see what the original song was, I looked up “do you hear the people sing” and saw the ending of les miserables, then I fell in love with the song so much that I bought the movie, watched it and I cried so much watching it and I loved the movie so much that I’m now learning French.

    Thank you HISHE. ps, I love every video you make. Keep up the good work.

  5. It would take trillions of Dollars if they ever think about casting a new Logan.

    Trillion dollars for creating a machine to wipe the entire global memories that Hugh Jackman was once Logan.

  6. first things first why did they sing a song based on the one in the epilogue of les miserables? Secondly why didn't the criminals just put wolverine's DNA in a wolf and put a chip in its head giving them control over it???

  7. I feel like if Logan or Laura sang it woulda been off tune in the movie. But by the power of CGI Jean picks him up as she sings and goes into the hallway with Xavier would halved made everyone cry

  8. LOGAN 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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