House Tour: CONDO LIVING in Thailand

House Tour: CONDO LIVING in Thailand

Hi from Thailand, Chiang Mai! Today we arrived to a new Condo and it will surprise you. Because it is little bit romantic one 🙂 Let’s go and see togrther! Ok! Engin, are you ready for a honeymoon suite? Yes, I am Cool, we have an electronic key and we got a permission. Let’s go! And we are in! This is our new condo. And we can see that at the very beginning we have this minimalistic kitchen. It made in white color, so it doesn’t bother you. All this area and zone is decorated like you have a private kitchen. We have different dishes, pans and some things for tea and wine and anything that you want. And we have electrical oven Big fridge, washing machine, microwave And all together really looks nice Let’s go further Look at this Avangard drawer! I think it is from style Art Deco. You can see that it really has a lot of details and this bright and purple color And this is our dining area. Look, the table is so comfortable. It’s like a square shape We have also decoration, like bright artwork and this lighting Also some funny colorful dry plants So we can have dinner here or lunch or breakfast or we can work here The next one is our living room. The living room has two sofas This one is a bigger one. It is so comfortable. I can’t explain to you Oh mu God, you want to be here forever 🙂 And in front of this sofa is located TV and TV wall It has a lot of drawers and different fun decorations, which also really makes it more fun and brighter And we have this tea table. Also super cool. It has one extra drawer At the right side, we have a smaller sofa, it’s a purple color. Wait a second, I will make our light better This is really so nice decorated, colorful and Iove this lighting. It’s so Avangard and Extravangard By the way, this sofa you can open and enjoy it At the right side, we have a perfect balcony – Wooow It gives a lot of light and we have such a romantic area Engin, do you love it?- Yes, I do. It looks pretty good There is a view of the hotel called I think Chiang Rai hotel. It’s the one of the famous one in Chiang Mai They have a pretty cool pool, and they have this tennis area, basketball area You already want to go there? – Yeah, why not? We can do it 🙂 next time maybe. So where do we go next? And we go next to our bedroom. When we are passing this area – we have a big artwork, which made by oil and here we have such a soft and nice carpet, which made also in a purple color and it matches the sofa, drawers and all decorations inside And let’s go to the bedroom! Wow. It looks amazing. Let’s go and see everything one by one. So this part of the wall so bright and cool. Actually, our landlords made a perfect job here. They made a dark black wall and that’s why all this decoration looks so cool here Butterflies, flowers…by the way, it’s metallic, no paper And here is this decorative table and altogether is perfect The next one is the bed. We have side tables and cool lighting And the center of our interior is the picture, this artwork As I know it made by Thai local artist. And we have such special lighting here So it really makes this romantic atmosphere And if you don’t want to use this lighting – you can use candles And the bed made in red, pink and purple colors, which is also cool but we have a huge surprise here, look at this bathroom! this is the bathroom! so we can watch each other actually 😀 – What?! Yes, you are right Yeah, it’s so unusual. And look, we are passing like wardrobe here Where you can hang clothes and keep your stuff By this glass door, you are coming inside the bathroom Lena!! – Hello!! A huge mirror with a special extra lighting Some plants, flowers, this area is perfect I don’t know, I can live here You can have natural light, some candles, mood, altogether. Oh my God, I didn’t have such an experience. I am shocked And behind we have this tropical shower. It’s used just natural marble tiles and altogether is so modern and stylish And here we have separated rest room And also a huge mirror, sink, toilet and here also one surprise Where are we going? – We are going out. We are in the kitchen! I don’t know did you realized it or not, but this apartment has a special touch because our landlords are an international couple like us So the landlady is a Thai lady and her husband is French. And by the way, they didn’t hire any specialist like a designer They did everything by themselves and it’s really impressive And as you know we are in a Condo and Condo comes with special things. Let’s go and see! – Let’s go! You can start with this! We have a small gym here, but it’s pretty useful. As I studied sports science – I can see that everything we needed just here And behind the gym, there is a SPA and sauna and also you can get a massage here Nearby the gym they made a perfect pool with terrace view Just a small sitting area, which we are about to enjoy it and you gonna see it 🙂 I really like this house, it was so much fun for me Let us know and comment down below, what did you like the most in this house And if you liked the video – please, hit the like button. And we will see in the next house tour. Bye-bye! – Bye!

57 thoughts on “House Tour: CONDO LIVING in Thailand

  1. Would you like to live in such a condo? 🙂 What did you like there and what you didn't?
    Böyle bir apartman dairesinde yaşamak ister misiniz? 🙂 Orada neyi beğendiniz ve neleri sevmediniz?

  2. + Birbirimizi izleyebiliriz Engin
    – What??

    😂😂 O kısımda haykırdım resmen.

    Eve ödediğiniz ücreti de belirtseydiniz keşke

    Önceden Asya'ya gitme gibi bir hayalim yoktu ama sizden sonra benimde Tayland'a gidesim var artık düşündüğümden çok daha güzelmiş.

  3. Bu seri bayağı iyi oldu farklı farklı ev kültürleri görmeye başladık.Bide her geçen gün kendinizi çok gelistiriyorsunuz bunun için de sizi çok tebrik ederim.Sizi seviyorum💜

  4. B*l*yı derken??
    Siz hep beraber olun sizi yan yana beraber görmek çok mutluluk veriyor
    İnsanlara yaşama ümidi veriyorsunuz.

  5. I won`t call that house minimalist. It`s decoration and furnitures are really beautiful and suits with each other. I hope you gonna enjoy every second of your new home while you live there. Greetings to Engin, yenge 🙂

  6. İf you like this, I like this because every turn I watch you, when I said " you". For sure Elena and Engin.

    Attention please. "I don't use Google Translate." 😅

  7. Yeni kanalınız uğurlu olsun. Yalnız şu müziği koymasanız daha iyi olur. Videonun başlığına ingilizce sözcükler eklerseniz daha çok izlenir esenlikler.

  8. Harika bir video. Ben de bu kadar lüks olmasa da buna benzer bir evde yaşıyorum ama spor salonu, havuz gibi olanaklar yok. Onlar için spor salonuna gitmem gerekiyor. Küçük evler daha pratik ve az yorucu oluyor.

  9. cekimleriniz cok guzel devami gelirse iyi olur
    bende yakinda kharkiv e yerlesecegim
    tercihim minimal ev olacak
    video icin tesekkurler

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