Hotels in Zanzibar Near the Beach Nungwi to Kendwa

Everyone who comes to Zanzibar wants a decent Hotel on the beach. And Nungwi Beach is one of the best. In this video, I’ll be showing you the entire length of the Nungwi coastline in Zanzibar. Starting with Hilton Hotel in the north Then walking all the way down to kendwa Rock Hotel in the south. You will see the beaches and the hotels on the beach Dont ever do this.Its friggin hot. Can it be done? Will I make it all the way to Kendwa Rocks. Lets find out. (music) So north Nungwi – I really like it. Its nice and quiet. Fisherman boats and you see the fisher ladies early morning in the sea. Theres a really nice Turtle Aquarium right down the end there. Recommend going to that. In terms of accommodation theres not much around there in the north. Apart from Hilton DoubleTree Theres a lot of Masai in this area. They are friendly people. Ok – walking south… Moving away from the quiet side of the beach Now towards the Paradise Beach area. Heres where it gets more people on this side. I actually stayed here once before. You can get one of these bungalow here. And they are quite cheap as well. You literally just come off and your on the beach straight away. So these are the typical bungalows you get around Union Bungalows And most of these guesthouses have shops and restaurants attached to them. This area around the back has lots of local shops and stuff like that. I quite like this area. Its probabaly because its right next to Nungwi Village as well. So it has all this local stuff. Theres a shop here as well where you can buy drinks and stuff. You dont have to buy it from the Hotel. Nungwi Village is just down there. This is a new place Coco Cabana I think that’s an affordable Hotel. You got your PADIs and stuff around here You can do diving courses. This area here is one of my favourate areas is kind of the Paradise beach area. Cholos Beach Club is here. So you got something to do in the evening. In the evening they set the BBQ up on the beach and you can have BBQ seafood on the beach. Which is really cheap. One of the best seafoods Ive ever had. Paradise Beach is behind Mama Mias restaurant. Which is one of my favorite restaurants here. Which you can sit up there and the ocean is underneath you, in the afternoon. Mambo You plan tomorow to see the dolphins? No. What your plans tomorrow? Nothing. Basic room but quite affordable But the location is really good. Amaan Hotel is down here somewhere. At lunchtime the tide is fully out. Then it backs down I think But theres some parts of the day you cant walk the entire beach If you ever have a chance try and get one of these rooms which is beach front room near Amaan Bungalows They look really good. So Amaan Bungalows spreads down here on the beach. The water here is just stunning. Never seen anything like the water in Nungwi. Its just stunning. So they have a lot of restaurant and bars around here. These are the pool side bungalows at Amaan. Shops and stuff around here. Yoga. Its part of the resort of Amaan I think. And you get Garden view rooms as well. Good thing about Nungwi, theres expensive Hotels but there are moderately cheap hotels as well. You can go even cheaper if you stay in the village. Z Hotel is around here. So that’s the infinity pool for Z Hotel There. Its a really popular Hotel its always fully booked. In high season. And this is the beach it gets really busy this area. So this is the Z Hotel Beach area. Look at all the people here compared to where I was before. Thats Z Hotel behind me there. I think its all that – Z Hotel. So you got Nungwi Hand Crafts down there Which is a nice place to get paintings and stuff. They do have a local shop here where you can buy beer and stuff. So you dont have to get them in the bar. Which is handy. Theres a couple here in Nungwi. So if you want a cheap alternative to your drinks you can go to a shop like this. Coz a lot of people stay in there hotel and take their drinks. But its 3 times the price. So you can just order from the shop and just sit on the beach and have your beer or whatever. A lot of people do that. Actually not many people do that because they dont know that. This is where they always ask you if you want a boat trip. Every 5 minutes. Somebody asks you: “Do you wanna go on a boat trip to sunset?” “Do you want to go to this? Do you want to go to that?” But they are friendly though. And its more noisy around here as well. Loads of music blaring. Look at the ocean. I hope they look after it, thats all I can say. So now Im heading down to.. Theres a pier down here somewhere, so going and check that out… I think this is Baobab Beach Hotel So its a bit quieter down here. Bit of a walk down to the Pier from Bao Bab Hotel. Go and do that now. This Hotel behind me is massive. See if I can go and have a look up the stairs. What hotel is this then? Is this Bao Bab Hotel? Vera Club. Ahh ok. Asante. Trouble is with this area is further away from Nungwi Village I cant imagine there’s much to do. I like going to the Village occasionally. This is Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort which is quite popular. Its a bit far away from Nungwi village though. But then again, alot of people stay here. Cliff. When oceans out, its difficult to get around. Lets see if we can get around it. Ahh. My god. I hope I can get around. Oh shit, nearly fell over there Good thing about Nungwi… The sand is nice and soft. This is still Royal Zanzibar. So this hotel is going on and on. Have to be careful because Im on my own If I trip or something Ill drown and die. That was quite difficult. I would do that any later than 12 o clock. Its quarter past 12 now and the tide is coming in. So I wouldnt try that any later. Behind that is Kendwa and Kendwa Rocks. Another resort here. This is the pier. Think its part of the resort. Kendwa Rocks is down here – I’ll be heading down there now. Its quite far actually. A bit further down so almost there. These resorts are just full of white people. Everythings in dollars here which is kind of strange. So it goes to show its very touristy. Man, Im exhaustred now. I just wanna get to Kendwa Rocks and get this over with. Dont ever do this. Especially at mid day. Its frigging hot. Its in the miday sun so be careful if you wanna do this walk. Ahh here I am. Finally… So I finally made it to Kendwa Rocks. I think that took about an hour to get here. Kendwa Rocks is one of the most popular Hotels here. Its usually fully booked on a busy weekend. Like holiday weekend. So I never get a chance to get a room here. Has big parties. Think Diamond Platinum played here. New Years a couple of years ago or something. Kendwa rocks is famous for its Full Moon Parties it has every month. I didnt know its actually in the top 10 best full moon parties in the world. Kendwa Rocks is another Beach Resort but it feels like your on the beach as you can see theres sand all around. One thing I do notice on this beach at Kendwa is The amount of sand the size of the beach is much bigger than the ones in Nungwi. So I’ll see you in the Full moon party or I’ll see you in one of these videos right here. Just click on one of these.

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