100 thoughts on “Hotel Security Guard Harasses Black Man

  1. I will fight anyone attempting to degumanize discriminate hate or harm me or my family. I would say let the best man win, but I am the only man. Anyone who is racist is a coward. See you in hell, wait no I wont. It is reserved. Just for your kind.

  2. He had his feet on the furniture, when asked if he was a guest he behaved purposefully uncooperative. The full video (not cut by TYT) is out there.

  3. But when you hold up a sign that says “All Lives Matter” in a black neighborhood.. black men would come over and rip it.. lots of black men are homophobic, most have abused women, during a protest about a shooting there’s always looting and crime goes high… consider that…

  4. I love how you see a video like this then scroll down and see people denying that racism exist while saying more racist shit. So hilarious😭 …Wait… 🍿…Continue

  5. Meanwhile 11 shot in Detroit by black men last night but lets focus on one guy getting kicked out of a hotel because that's the real problem.

  6. Oh she gave excellent commentary I love that there is a subtext behind don't get out of hand I don't know how many times I had officers or people tell me they don't like my attitude simply because I'm asking them a question I see you don't like my attitude cuz I'm asking you a question and they told me don't push it

  7. Please pull up the hills Angels video on YouTube so y'all can make comments on how the hell Angels surrounded these white cops why they would take in one of them down and they didn't even draw their gun on them

  8. I work in security myself and I can tell you that this older gentleman has given other security guards, who are doing thier jobs properly, a bad name; the man sitting in the chair near the lobby area (or is in the lobby area) was NOT loiterring, in fact, loiterring is mostly done on the outside of establishments (front or behind); frankly, the accusation given was more of an excuse to try to exclude the hotel guest as if he had something against him, and it seems to me like the older gentleman has some bias. IMO

  9. I get followed round my local supermarket by the same security guard every single time I go in there. One time he wasn't working and the other guard followed me instead.
    If I were black I would think it was racism. Ironically, if I were black he probably wouldn't dare to follow me.

  10. Black people are the most disrespected and unprotected of any race of people. From the time we came to this country till now. Ain't shit changed,our oppression simply keeps evolving..

  11. I can't comprehend why our people put up with this crap especially when they don't want us in their so called land of the Free joke. Come out of the belly of the beast my ppl…

  12. Just yesterday I was walking to my car .. The very sexy/seductive  2018  MB CLA AMG 45  black on black //  black man in black hoodie with the hood up, because cold as hell an  as I  was walking an Asian family got nerves the father grab his daughter  stuff her in the car along with the wife and driving a Toyota Camry AS IF  I was going to rob them in broad white as F THOUSAND OAKS CA /thousand white folks light ..   Then the father tried to hide that he wasn't staring at me an in my NIGGA VOICE  I ask him WTF are staring at ?? trying not to LMAO.. Then like all cowards Asian, or otherwise , an in all of white supremacy they just  punk out and roll out , thus far the boys in blue haven't been by .. Whites and there racism its selective in other words all of them are cowards to the core ..

  13. So for you 351 people who disliked this video, what about it didnt you like ? Was it the angle of the footage ? Was it the color of the TYT studio ? Or was it the design of Cenks outfit ? Or was it the fact that you dont get that these problems actually exist in America today, still ? Or is it that you think these people deseve this kind of treatment ? Smh

  14. I'm just gonna point out that most violence against black people is due to another black person. Out of the white people the majority of cases are justified. So we're talking a very small amount of black people that have legitimately been profiled and killed unjustly. Same as black people killing whites. I don't.think the issue is anywhere near as bad as people say it is.

  15. What a lot of white people don't understand is that many times us black men have to be extra calm and nice when we are at nice places because we know how uncomfortable many white people are around us.

  16. Judgement judgement judgement the most high is gonna make these demons hate that they ever met the so called black man or touched them with harm eloheim will repay vengeance

  17. The real crime here is that old security dog/guard that's been trained to flag black people… put him in one of those crappy cheap homes and force that racist hotel manager to visit him everyday as community service… btw they should both lose their jobs in the process.

  18. America has a serious problem with racism, it’s getting out of control and it’s against the law to discriminate people at a public area.

  19. Want to stop bullshit like this from keep happening? Pass a code that gives cops authority to issue fines for people using the police as weapons to get their punk ass way and donate all proceeds to the boys and girls club or the police athletic league jump off! Bet you they stop that punk ass shit!

  20. I wouldnt show the security person my room number because it seems weird. I would've just asked to get the manager and I'd show the manager my receipt and room…..

  21. If TYT really cared, shouldn't they focus on the true black on black crime that goes on everyday in places that actually matter?

  22. Several years ago I was a block away from picking up a coworker waiting in front of his home, then on to our workplace. I didn't notice the police car in front of me until it pulled up to john and both officers jumped out, pushed him against the wall, and handcuffed him. I told the officers that john was waiting for me for a ride to work, and asked what he had done. They said "loitering, do you want to go for interfering?" guess what color each of us is.

  23. I love the way he said “calm down “ and the man was calm. The security guard lied and said Mr Massey didn’t tell him he was a guest there but he did. Absolutely pathetic on their part to harass this man. Their work customer service records should follow them everywhere they go.

    He allowed himself to be used as a tool to reinforce the hotel's racist
    actions despite given the facts from all sides. The Cop observed Mr
    Massey was calm non-threatening AND he saw evidence that proved that
    Mr Massey was a guest at the hotel.
    At THAT point he should've have said I don't have any grounds
    for arrest or to enforce an eviction.
    If a cop can't use his common sense to read a situation, a
    cop that is armed to the teeth, then he shouldn't be a cop.
    He's a danger to everyone around him if he can't use sound judgement while on duty.

  25. Security guards act like there the police i go to shoppers drug mart and been going there for ten years and the new security there seems to follow me around or pace up and down in one isle and only watch me when i go ..i ask him if he has a problem he says im doing my job yeah his job is to watch all of the store not only me he harrasses me because i reported him to the manager but nothing was done and still yet he is working there and whenever he sees me he pushes my buttons and provokes me until i hurry and pay he makes me feel like shit and i cant seem to get the store to understand what he is doing to a 10 year valued customer

  26. Ever wonder why there's no video's of black people calling police on caucasian people? It's because black people mind they're own DAMN BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Isn't great that in America now thanks to George W. Bush and the patriot act false complaints to the cops are legal. I only say this because not once has a single person been charged with filing a false report.

  28. Hit them where it hurt in the wallet, sue them every damn time, thats how it work. The clowns who lost their jobs now have time to reflect on their own stupidity and ask if it was worth it, while the brotha get paid, I sure aint mad at him. What I saw there was dumb and dumber call a cop. As we say you cant fix stupid.

  29. This man got caught being Black in a hotel lobby?

    This Black man is staying at the hotel. What is wrong with that hotel guard?

  30. so he didn't ask people going to their room if they had a room, CAUSE THEY WERE GOING TO THEIR ROOM, came off the street and sat in lobby to take a call, said it was emergency but hung up. most people would go to their room to make a call
    why did you wait until after police are called to say you have a room, it's too late them. attitude = privilege

    they should have let it go when he showed room key, called him an ass and walked away
    most adult in this world have ran into another adult in power and learned, they will win even if they are wrong to show you their ass, act accordingly if you won't want to lose and be right!!!!!!
    stop blaming your skin for a bad learning curve

  31. 1:51, typical racist white person move by telling a black person to calm down when they’re being calm the entire time. That’s how they want the situation to escalate.

  32. i have seen alot of people mad at the cops here, please dont be. they did nothing wrong. be mad at them when they do something wrong, not for when other people are wrong.

  33. Damn man seem like if u black and u know the cops coming we might as well just get on the damn ground with our hands on top of our head with our feet crossed .. even still we can get shot.. then if they shoot there gonna lie about it as if you're bout to launch a kungfu death punch or some shit

  34. Young Turks: fake news 📰… the time was around 230am PST ⌚. The "guest" refused to comply with the security officer. The Portland Police 🚔, filed a report 📑, saying the guest(Massey) was irate, aggressive, claimed to be a FBI agent 🕵🏾‍♂️, the police trespassed the guest because he took things too far…

  35. Earl REALLY didn't want this PR issue. Now his OLD ass can't find a job anywhere. Even Wal-Mart won't hire his ass.

  36. I’m half black. I live in an all-white neighborhood. I’m educated and very clean cut.
    I have been harassed so much since I moved here (to be closer to my place of employment)
    that I could write a book about it. Here’s my two cents on this one:
    If I were in Mr. Massey’s shoes, I think the smartest thing to do would have been to
    let myself be escorted to my room by the security officer to collect my things
    and then off the property … filming the entire time.
    That way I would not have to confront a police officer.
    We all know what that could lead to.
    I must say that he did a great job of remaining very calm and analytical.
    I love the “Say hello, Earl” bit. That’s classic.
    Say hello to the camera and goodbye to your job, Earl.
    Honestly, I hate to see anybody lose their job in this country,
    especially a person who might might be subsequently unemployable just because of their age,
    but when one uses their position to gratuitously abuse others,
    the line in the sand has been crossed.
    And once that line is crossed, it’s over, and the fat lady has to sing.
    The smartphone with video camera is a godsend on this issue.

  37. I am black. I live in a gated city…not community…city (I didn't even know they had those). I've been here for almost 3 years and I have yet to be harassed by anyone. Granted, there seems to be maybe 6 black people total here and it is in the south, but I guess I just have that look about me that says, "I wish a muthaphuka would." LOL

  38. Black men are constantly harassing black women, so America really need to stop with the race bait! Black men are NOT VICTIMS!

  39. Because of your bias you lost your job and it went viral for our whole world to see just like the rest of you who call cops on black people for the dumbest things

  40. This b_tch is trash she always try 2 justify the wrong behavior of whites…. Get the under cover racist off of here ….. Talking bout Ana

  41. Why defend the cop. Jermaine paid for a hotel room. Why defend the hotel for failing to provide the goods or services. That;s illegal.

  42. Are you guys going to do a show on how or why white people who have shot and killed people in masses are treated differently than a black person being “traffic stopped” or just minding their own business hurting no one?

  43. In his video explanation, he says his cell phone was dying and he wanted "privacy"… yet he uses his "dying" cell phone to film for minutes on end in a crowded lobby. A lot more privacy in the room he paid for AND he can charge his phone there. More to this story than video shows.

  44. I’m disappointed Young Turks, the video clearly started in the middle of the confrontation. We have NO idea what happened at the start.

    It is clear he is using more aggressive language and is getting riled up.

    If you refuse to show proof you have a room there at first then show proof later, it doesn’t take away the aggression at the start. You are hurting your case from the logical base of people (like myself) to want to support your cause.

  45. Definitely looks like he's the ONLY black person around…
    Homeboy is in a public area of a place he PAID to be in.
    And loitering, on public property, is not constitutionally lawful charge…

  46. The cops could have checked that Earle had his facts right first. They could have spoken to Earle with the same level of scepticism that they used for the hotel guest.

  47. “Earl” claimed that Massey said he was a former FBI agent and held. The guy video taped it all. Dumbass Doubletree. And just an FYI for people. I’m very sympathetic with Massey. I’ve seen both side of the law enforcement issue having been a Leo for a short time when I was young, and I’ve also seen illegal police activity. But the cops could 100% believe Massey and it wouldn’t matter. The hotel can just say they want him off the premises and that’s it. I just don’t want others to get jammed up. Massey did the right thing. He left and sued Doubletree.

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