Hotel Responds To Kicking Us Out Because Of My Service Dog

Hotel Responds To Kicking Us Out Because Of My Service Dog

Hi everybody! Welcome to another episode of dog vlog! We got got ourselves a win-win dumb situation But we did lose a lot of our— We actually lost a lot of our dignity. I thought I would be “apropropropro” to give you guys an update on the whole hotel situation. “Been through this over and over and over and over.” In the customer service realm of the check in process down at the Windgate by Wyndham in Richmond, Virgin… ia. A little over a week ago when we posted the video about us going into the Wyndham down in Shortpump(?), Virgina and um, I guess documenting our mistreatment there. Since the video went up I wanted to give you guys an update. That day that the video was released Ironically we got a call from from from the Wyndham They were like “Hey!” [laughs] Do you remember like when you asked a girl out and then like but she rejected you and then like you Take a summer to like do a bunch of push-ups and sit-ups and you have a growth spurt of anywhere between a half of an inch to an inch and a half and then you come back and talk to that girl and all of a sudden she’s the first one to approach you and be like “Heeeeeeeeeeeey.” “Want to try to check in with me?” “Now?” You’re like ‘Nah bitch, I got lats now,’ which by the way we held off on releasing ’cause we were trying to get in contact with the- with the Wyndham. Up until that time even still thereafter the corporate Wyndham claims they had nothing to do with it. This is simply the hotel’s– the local hotel’s responsibility, which to me is– *laughs* What a- I didn’t know you can pull that as the defense like it’s still your hotel like that’d be like- if like if your kid hit some other kid in Kindergarten and did teacher called you, and you’re like. Well. I mean that was… That’s my kid this time, it wasn’t me. I don’t go punching kids yeah, I birthed him through my through my vaginal canal, but We’re not this… we’re not related Yeah, is it too bad to say vaginal canal? I mean he’s not I mean a mean He’s not- I mean, he’s not mine. I just- I didn’t dry his placenta He was- he was- he was- he was- he was air dried Too far? Who knows. Let me know. Overly offended cat guy? “Do you own a little wooden boat, Drew? Do you paddle it around Venice? Are you a gondolier?” “Then I don’t want to hear the word canal! Unless you’re a gondolier, I don’t want to hear the word canal it is gro- it is dis-” *gagging* *gagging intensifies* To offer compensation, they said, “We can give you a free night.” I love how you can have a bad experience at a place and they’re like “No, no – we’ll offer you MORE of that! *laughs* They also offered us points. Not like “Here you- here’s here’s a bunch a nights.” They were like, “Here’s- here’s one one one night and then points to get to We’re gonna- we’re gonna offer you a punch card and After your ninth Froyo cup you get the ten- ten- ten- tenth one free, but you gotta keep coming back.” I politely declined I appreciate this- the- the- the sentiment, and then the local ha ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho Ho oh, huh- *beep* Take two. the ho- The hotel- the… Take 3, take 3. *beep* the Hilton Garden Inn & Suites Taken by Liam Ne- Take- *beep* Take it or – Take it or- Take it. Take it. Take it or leave it. Take it in the butt – 8. *beep* The owner of the of the lo- lo- the local hotel, which is supposedly not an affiliate of Wyndham even though they have the name ‘Wyndham’ on the hotel spelt the sa- spelt the same. They called us and said “Hey, sorry you tried to get in contact with us for a number of weeks regarding this very legal matter,” he said. He was out of the the country he called and he said “So… so I I just wanted to say personally that I’m sorry,” which I appreciate. I appreciate… I appreciate the apology and he was nice- He was a nice guy. He told us that Titus Is going is going to have a sit-down with the comedy club where they’re going to discuss The ca- the case, what happened, what went wrong. Or he has to just… Recite a rehearsed apology. Where it’s like Dwight in The Office where he’s like “I state my regret.” Okay, separately From the front this whole matter I’ve got I’ve gotten a lot of questions from you guys saying “Hey, Drew!” “Will you be able to be able to still go to these cities? What’s the- What’s the- What’s the update with the comedy club?” The comedy club has Put the dates back into play. We’re actually Full- full- full steam- full steam- full steam side… Full steam sideways going to your guys’… you guys. So those dates are back in order. Make sure you check out my- web site. Some of them have become single nighters and some of them are still- are still weekends so just check on- uh- my website. I just want to say I said say I appreciate all the support that you guys gave us. I- it was never my intention to cause a ruckus or, uh, get anybody fired or make any money or do any- any of that. All I’ve ever wanted to do is tell my version of the story and I appreciate you guys showing compassion towards and acting on what you saw what you saw fit. I wanted to give you guys an update and let you guys know that The situation has been ta- has taken steps to being rectified. I think it’s important to point out the fact that we tried for weeks to get a hold of the Wyndham and we held off even on releasing the video because we wanted to handle it internally, but I think it speaks to… what it is that… You guys are able to do, and the fact that you guys came together to support us only in after releasing the video That we were able to even get anything done I could have just as easily been someone that was dismissed into the pile of discriminated cases by not having the audience of people who either have service dogs or know somebody who has service dogs, or know somebody that knows the law? The fact that you guys, I mean… We’re so lucky to be able to Do a video like that and be heard. At least be heard by you guys Only because of you guys were we able to get anything done. We… We’re so grateful that we… that we weren’t just Put- push- pushed to the side. Nobody puts- nobody puts- nobody puts- nobody puts Baby… a couple of… A couple babes in the in the corner. Nobody puts babes in the corner! Just… *claps* Thank you. Thank you from the bo- the bottom of my heart and from the- from the middle of… Stella doesn’t doesn’t have a heart, so… from the middle- From them from the bottom, and now we’re… And now we are here. That’s been our show Please check out our… My- my tour schedule again as these dates are renewed and buy your tickets because many of these these these places are selling out, so Y’know, y- uh… So get your take get your tickets. Also? Check out my, uh- my, uh- I was gonna say check out my you to you to YouTube channel. I’m a- I’m a- I’m an idiot. check out my you- Check out my… *laughs* This isn’t my you do you YouTube channel, this is the Ham- This is the Hampton Inn’s, so… *laughs* Check out my Youtube… No, check out- Subscribe in my- Damn it! Unsub- Forget these- hate these… dislike these videos. If you guys like Snapchat, Feel free to follow me there where you can see crazy characters Whenever I get my- get my stupid voice back. I’ll be like this: “I don’t use deodorant because I have a natural musk that attracts women.” *clangs from trash can* “Bath time.” Alright, alright, everybody. That’s- that’s been our show Check in. Ch- ch- ch- check out. Oh, this is my Mister Right mug. And this is my- my even- my even more- my even more right mug.

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  1. Hey guys, as always thank you for watching and thank you so much for all your support, your comments, advice, calls, offers of places to stay… I was sincerely touched by how many of you reached out. Second, I hope I don't come across as rude towards the steps that the corporate Wyndham and the local Wingate took to try to rectify the situation. While I do appreciate that they finally reached out, their timing was coincidental to say the least. The fact that it had to get to that point just to receive a call back from them is so frustrating, because I could just as easily have been anyone else who didn't have an audience. Regardless of their offers, that's something that's hard for me to ignore. If anything, I hope that in the future they'll try to be more proactive so that nobody else has to be put in a similar situation. Like I said in the video, I was never out looking for any money, compensation, "revenge," etc. At this point, I feel like the situation is as right as it is ever going to be. I've made the decision to keep the original video up because it serves as a reminder for what people with service animals or disabilities have to deal with, and what they should never have to deal with. Heck, someone could be put in a situation where they're treated unfairly for any random, unlucky reason even if they don't have a disability. But I do want you guys to know that I consider this to be over. Sometimes a resolution doesn't feel like a 'victory' for either side, but that usually means the scales in some way ended up balanced. Negativity can be a real trap and at some point we all have to move forward rather than sit and dwell. I love you guys. Thank you.

  2. Are you gay dude. Du du du du du du du du get a life gay boy and stop causing problems for the hotel i would check in there. You caused a lot of problems you suck and suck. Du du du du du du du duadu du du du du get a life. I would not waist my time seeing you so stop causing problems for the hotel. They did nothing wrong and he had the right to ask for the papers. You pull the bitch bbn move because i am disabled feel for me. I dont so stop crying a river cunt gay boy you like dicks. Go suck cat mans dick

  3. I guess I never realized there were assholes out there that give people problems over their service animals. Sad state when that happens. You have a beautiful dog…. They must all be dog haters in which case you shouldn’t want anything to do with them anyway. What kind of human doesn’t like mans best friend?????? Keep on keeping on bruh…

  4. Are there videos about the day in the life of Stella? I understand she is a service dog but her disposition is not of alertness of a service dog but of depression and stress. EDIT: This isn't hate to Drew, I love his gumption and his humor.

  5. First time viewer. What is the dog for service wise? Emotional support? Those dogs are super important and shouldn't be overlooked.

  6. Even if Wyndham is a privately owned hotel, it is still open to the public and has to abide by federal law. ADA is federal law and legally they cannot make you leave because of your service dog. The only reason they can make you leave is if your service dog is being disorderly. That is the only reason a public space can legally kick you out.

  7. Titus should have been fired. End of story. He should be taught and used as example that you do not treat anyone this way let alone someone with disabilities. It is beyond bullying it is hate.

  8. Just curious why is it that you have a service dog? Don't me wrong I'm trying to be a begrudging judgmental cunt or anything I'm just curious what is the actual need/purpose? With all due respect

  9. What did people do without their dogs before they made it legal for them to bring dogs in stores and shit because the owner has anxiety.? LeVe them at home unless you are blind or have a physical condition. Some woman was in the grocery with a dog in the cart where people sit their babies, food, and small children. I think a dogs ass in a grocery cart is pretty disgusting

  10. I’m sorry but justice was not served. Titus should of been fired and he wasn’t so now I’m sure something worse will befall him because that’s just how karma works. I only wish I had stumbled across this earlier.

  11. What type of work or tasks has Stella been trained to do? She’s seems like an ESA if anything (I could be wrong) but in the case she is an esa then the hotel is in the right. If I’m wrong I would just like clarification on what she is tasked trained to do if she is in fact a SD.

  12. It would be my intention to get Titus not only fired but I would bring a lawsuit as well. Kill two birds with one stone. Get paid and educate an idiot all in one go.

  13. The comment rap battle I will start ,(Drew is an innocent little fella with a doggo named Stella) your turn

  14. Man I've been watching your videos and what your doing is awesome I have a service dog and people flip all the time cause hes a pit but when they yell and act redic they dont realize when I'm there petting him while their doing this it's not cause he will attack them it's for me cause I will attack them and it's been very hard for me to hold back but obi is there for me and if they only knew how much its needed they would definitely stop it's just sad people dont realize dogs are better then humans period

  15. I gotta be honest, I don’t even notice the stutter until you comically point it out with graphics, otherwise I don’t notice it and that’s so weird to me, I have to fight to get it to sound wrong.

  16. It is quite clear the emotional strain this adds to you. I’m glad it’s been somewhat resolved. My husband and I appreciate you sharing your experience!

  17. OMG I Love the Quots over Stella's head. Priceless! Love you hope you come to Florida one day. Would love to see your show!

  18. I realize it's been over a year and just my opinion but your dog doesn't seem to find of you I've seen her interact with other people and she's so affectionate

  19. I know I'm late to this, but as an attorney, you had a legitimate case for both defamation and ada violations. I know you weren't interested in money, but there are other ways to ensure this doesn't happen to others in the future, such as getting injunctions and declaratory judgments.

  20. That manager cost you earnings, broke a federal law, discriminated against you, committed perjury, etc. If you had been vindictive about it and sued the hotel you could have walked away with millions (tax free). They're lucky you are such a class act.

  21. I'm pregnant and going thru hormonal distress but YOUR VIDEOS make me LMMFAO!!! Loved u since AGT….keep being the phenomenal and high spirited person/blessing that u are ❤💙❤💙

  22. Independently owned hotels can buy a name for a certain price and not be attachedto the hotel of the same name that is corporate so I don't believe they were lying about that

  23. Today is the 2 year anniversary of when you uploaded this video. 🤓

    EDIT- 11:03 P.M.: finishes video 10 minutes later
    It's a shame that all you got were meager offers and an insincere apology.

  24. I’m so glad it all worked out, but I still think that a**hat manager owes you an apology. Not only was he messing with the rights of a service dog owner, but he was messing with your earnings as well. Also I just love Stella! She reminds me of my Vizsla ChaCha, but much better trained. When the manager got all up in her face and over her shoulders, ChaCha would have made lunch out of his huevos! 😂

  25. I stayed in a Wyndham hotel a few years ago and me and my service dog Axle were kicked out as well. This so dumb that nobody cares about people who really need their service dogs.

  26. This has gone from painful to quite lovely to watch. You and (let's be honest, mainly) Stella have some bloody lovely followers. It enough to restore anybody's faith in humanity. Drew, you are gracious in success. Love to Stella.

  27. The only way to get any recompense after getting wronged by a company is to blast them on social media. My husband is a pro at this. He spams up their twitter/facebook until they say, "Please stop. We'll give you things." Works every time.

  28. Is this a service dog or a "support" animal. Big differnce. One is amazing and the other is people ruining it for actual people who need service animals.

  29. I don't live too far from Richmond… I'm tempted to create a fake service dog certificate, drive to that hotel, present it to him (whilst secretly recording it) and have him be so excited that FINALLY someone proved he's right, then tell him flat out "these papers are fake. There's no paperwork that a dog gets for being a service dog. You're a fucking idiot"

  30. Hi Drew! You are such a cutie and I absolutely love your sidekick(dog). I realize that the situation has ended but it was totally uncalled for that the manager of the Windham acted and treated you like he did. What a ass. In my opinion they should have fired him right away. Giving him training does not punish him in anyway. I would get in contact with Windham and recommend that he looses his job. He not only treated you and your service dog rudely, he walked outside when you were attempting to leave and continued to harass you by claiming you had the key and he even got in contact with the comedy club and downright lied about you which could have cost you your upcoming shows as well as the money that you would have made for doing those shows. You could have had a heck of a law suit but you chose not to which I respect but he doesn't deserve to have his position at the Windham any more. I hope you have a wonderful evening and I can't wait until your next video.

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