Hotel Inspired Studio Unit MAKEOVER Philippines // by Elle Uy

Hotel Inspired Studio Unit MAKEOVER Philippines // by Elle Uy

Hi this is Elle Uy.. Hi… Hi.. Hi this is Elle Uy.. aaah! Hi this is Elle Uy. Welcome back to another makeover. My project today is another studio unit, because I love doing small spaces. The concept is very hotel chic. Since the client is from Zamboanga She will use this place when she visits her family in Manila. That’s why I’m calling this project City Retreat. We’re actually done with the construction. I’m here at the hallway a little sneak peek of the hallway. But we have a lot of styling, decorating, and cleaning to do so before I show you the reveal, I’l first show you how we started with this unit their last renovation was I think more than 10 years ago already that’s why as you can see the space is already dated. the one living here before is her son, but once he started his family he moved to a bigger unit the remaining items in here are mostly their excess stuff So watch out for the reveal later to see how we transformed that very dated space to this hotel chic inspired unit hi! wave.. oh is that video recording It’s finally reveal day of this Project City Retreat I’m excited to show you the outcome of this project let’s go inside this is their main door. I really love the color that we’ve chosen the concept of this unit renovation is very relaxing and calming that’s why the color choices here such as the walls it’s so… very soft light gray. that’s almost white but I made it a light gray to inject some warmth instead of stark white and we have this accent mint green this is their bathroom which has a mint green door as well then going straight here in the hallway we have this bird artwork I just really love this that when I saw this in store I know that it will be perfect for this makeover so I bought it even though I’m not sure where I’ll put it but it’s perfect for this wall on the other side is another gallery wall. we have this mirror so you can check yourself out before leaving that one.. I just like it. it’s really cute. it’s very geometric. but the placement is just for tall people like basketball player type πŸ™‚ this is their kitchen we have this sliding door installed since this kitchen is not for regular use this is just a place to stay while on vacation here in Manila we have this door installed so when the kitchen is not in use they can close the door for a cleaner look to keep the hotel vibe I really love this backsplash tile. It’s a glass tile it’s also geometric. You’ll see a repeating theme in this unit like soft greens, pastels, and geometric patterns We made it all open shelving here in the kitchen For easy storage access since it already has a sliding door that they can closed off this is their dining area we had this bar table custom-made it has shelves and extra drawer for storage I had it made in simple white since I wanted to highlight the chairs this is also custom-made and I had them put a pattern on the back side so this fabric has a pattern for a touch of whimsy so everything’s not too plain another gallery wall this one is not just for aeathetics, it has a purpose it’s covering the electric panel it’s easy to remove since it’s lightweight it’s just canvas art. when you don’t need access to the panel it’s so much nicer to look at this is their bed area this is a very big mattress, I think this is a california king so it’s comfy and cozy I wanted to do an accent wall, but instead of wall paper or bright color to keep the calm look, I had it made in wood but I had this geometric lines installed to match the modern geometric of the space since she wanted to have storage beside the bed this is the cabinet to maximize the space I had this niche made since she have this storage we do not have a space for a side table this niche will act as a table for you phone and it has an outlet and switch for the bedside lamp the opposite wall of the bed is the main storage area those are both wardrobe cabinets this is also storage and media center. The two big cabinets I had it made in white for a lighter look then we had the center as accent so I chose wood on the corner is the most important part is the vanity. Of course it’s important to keep yourself pretty we put in the corner so it’s beside the window for natural light but we also have this lamp I’m really pleased with the result of this project since we achieved the calm and relaxing space without being boring even though our decors and colors are just simple, we have touches of texture like the headboard wall we have patterns on the chairs and pops of color through art and some of our furniture have colors as well and we have splashes of black like our lights and counter, so overall the space has a feel of balance one of my priority is the lighting, since it’s really dark in here before so I wanted it to be really bright, we have ceiling lights.. we have hanging bar lights the bedside lamp as reading light since we do not have a traditional table in the kitchen we have two light sources, one on the ceiling and one for the counter for a brighter prep area and we have accent light on the tv area as well so everything feels bright That’s the tour of this unit. It’s a small space but I’m super happy with the result. If I can just check-in in here I’ll really use this is as a hotel If you want to see more before and afters budget makeovers, DIYs, and tips on decorating, those will be my future videos so just subscribe πŸ™‚ that’s it… Bye! bye. bye. bye!

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  1. Tnx po ate elle sa mga video mo lalo na sa mga budget makeover subrang nakakatulong sya sakin dahil i have a big family tapos subrang liit lng ng space namin as in nandun na lahat…. Tanong ko lng malas po ba ang double deck na bed… Tnx po

  2. Hi, Ms. Elle… super duper like ko po yung wall lamps sa vanity area nito… saan nyo po nabili yan? Thanx sooo much… mwuahhh πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  3. Panigurado maganda bahay nyo po.πŸ™‚ Ang galing nyo mag design. Pag mag papatayo ako ng bahay hahanapin kita para sa interior design. Hehe

  4. I like your designs than the one I watched before this. You chose light colors for the walls and it's very calming and light. ❀❀

  5. Hi elle πŸ™‚ hinanap ko pa ulit tong video para makita ung dining set.. hehe nakabisado ko na mga video mo πŸ˜… please pwede malaman saan napagawa and how much thanks so much!

  6. Hope you could post as well the renovation cost. Big thing for budgetarian moms like me. Would also be a big help if you could list down item (e.g. mirror, frame, etc) prices & suppliers so we can diy as well

  7. OMG hallway palang I super love it! I super duper duper love pastel colors. I love all your vids, Ms Elle. Good job2x. Ambaet nyo din po ❀

  8. New subscriber here from cdo.mayroon akong maliit na space nahirapan akong mag design at sa budget but salamat at may mga ideas din akong nakukuha sayo..excited to see more videos from you..

  9. Hello…can you make design my house 36 flr area total lot 45 hope to reach you soon and if hope that swak on my budget 😊

  10. we just purchased our condo as preselling a 20 sq.meter and hand over will be around next year.can I ask how much will it usually cost to furnished the studio.I prefer if meron isang pull out bed na separate for our only son

  11. Hi, amazing work! I am looking for someone who can makeover my 2 bedroom unit at dmci, it is a 65 sqm unit near Ayala Feliz. How can I contact you?

  12. I really love the way you maximize space but still makes it look sooooo nice and clean. I wish I could have a Santa that could send you here..wish..wish..wish!!!

  13. Love how this turned out. I’ve always wondered how much it would cost to get an interior designer. Care to share idea how much it would cost? Been wanting to hire one for a small clinic renovation

  14. another accomplished na nman Ms.Elle I really like it…simple,maaliwalas at minimal Lang ung mga gamit but it turns out so beautiful..galingπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.. good job..

  15. Sana meron din dito sa province of surigao city maam elle. Plan ko kasi parenovate din yung 4×4 room ko to make an studio type. Budget is 300k. Thanks po.

  16. Hi Elle! where did you customize the table and chairs? It looks really good. How much did it cost?Can i get the contact?

  17. mas bet ko talaga si Ms. Elle sa pagdedecorate ng mga spaces.. kac mas practical and hindi makalat… ung iba kac parang nag oooverdo ang outcome, makalat na tingnan sa dami ng nilalagay…

  18. Nagustuhan ko ito kc nag mukhang malaki, para g gusto ko ganito gawin mo sa aking Condo 29 sq m Lang pero ang gusto kong kulay black & white pero maaliwalas at may storageGaya nyan,, pwede kya yon mangyari yong gusto ko

  19. Its looks good and bright. But i dont liked the way you said about the wall decor bird " u bought it bcoz u liked it "isnt it because the owner liked it " ? Because when u hire interior dsgnr u shld follow the owner wants in thier place, unless u made suggestion and they liked it.

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