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  1. showerhead is cleaned every time. but walls around toilet pot not every week, only when there is seen dirt, otherwise maybe once a month:):):). sofas are cleaned according to necessity. sometimes every day. but blankets are not cleaned four times a year. maybe twice or once. in order to understand why all is so messed up with hotel cleaning, person must work in that position and see how little time is given to do things. moto is to use as less time as possible… its disqustng, but every minute is counted for, sadly

  2. That wasn't my experience as a housekeeper. We were made to clean EVERYTHING, and in a timely manner on top of that. It wasn't so much as a "deep clean" but there couldnt be a trace of dust anywhere or the head housekeeper would have our heads. I can always tell if the housekeepers at hotels I stay at are the same way by brushing my finger across the top of headboards, mirrors, picture frames, etc…The shower curtain I could see, but blankets were washed whenever used, and if something happened to bedspreads, they were replaced with new ones.

  3. I would say it's untrue. I've done housekeeping for a 3 star hotel. Upon check out, all shower curtains will be changed, as well as All beddings except for mattress and the inner part of pillows, all furniture will be sanitized and bathroom surfaces and chromes needs sanitizing everyday. Tough job. Respect.

  4. Ihave talked to several people, who worked in different hotels; the maids there had just few minutes time limit for every room; even if they would be superefficient robots, they would not manage to make things really clean for such a short time. So,- it was not any kind of deep cleaning, – just quick light "polishing". And they said, that the best idea is to bring with you to any hotel your own bedlinen and package of dezinfection servets,- the last ones to clean shower head, doorhandles and lampswitches.

  5. i was a maid at a 5 star hotel and we never cleaned the bedspreads or blankets unless it was that scheduled time to do so, or if someone spilled on them. NEVER, ever cuddle up with a hotel blanket or bedspread make sure your sheets are the only thing touching you. I always just throw the bedspread on the floor.

  6. My family just stayed at a resort with a ton of other families, and one of the other families said they had pubes in their bathtub…

  7. For everyone freaking out, please remember that this is a THREE STAR HOTEL. Meaning it's not very fancy. Also meaning that chances are, five star hotels are probably cleaned better. And this is just one hotel, perhaps not all hotels clean like this.

  8. Somewhere along the line you're probably sleeping on some guy's semen or a girl's discharge, probably a lot more than just one or two. Just think on that. Let that sink in.

  9. Actually the only thing there that actually bothered me was the shower curtain and then I remembered that if there was something visibly wrong with the room they'd clean everything and so I don't really have a big problem with anything here. I think hotel rooms are brilliant unless there's bedbugs and I always check. Who can complain about free stuff= something all hotel rooms have!

  10. My family has good manners because they're from Europe. Whenever we go to a hotel, we make the beds cause we thought everyone did. In Canada we made the bed and left to see Niagra. We come back the maid or what they're called left a note that said "Thank you SO much for making your bed." Does that mean people leave without cleaning and leave a mess. I think that is rude that they would leave messes!

  11. Okay, honestly I don't believe the bedsheets one, maybe because I don't want to believe it since I'll be going to a hotel this weekend.

  12. Okay, honestly I don't believe the bedsheets one, maybe because I don't want to believe it since I'll be going to a hotel this weekend.

  13. now when I go tto a hotel, im always are going to find a way to clean the sheets, then ill clean the reet of the room. I also think they should clean the sheets after somone is in the hotel. plus I will bring my oopwn sheets and stuff if I have too

  14. no, you're not actually "sleeping on 3 months of other guests." That's how often those things are thrown out and replaced, not how often they're cleaned.

  15. what ever hotel that is seems to be behind the times, I recently started cleaning hotel rooms and alot of that is cleaned daily, but I guess it just depends on the manager.

  16. I told myself not to look…But I looked.-The girl on the train.
    Who also have this movie commercial before watching any videos?

  17. I worked in a really well respected hostel that also has private rooms (even a couple apartments for really important clients) and except for a couple things being switched around this was pretty accurate. I'd expect it is for most mid-level hotel and motels.
    Always keep that duvet cover on guys and NEVER use the pretty quilt on top.

  18. I'm bringing a sleeping bag, a bottle of disinfectant spray, and my own cleaning products next time I go to a hotel. Yuck.

  19. Once I was in a hotel (I was like 8) and I brought a stuffed animal. When room service came we were just leaving to go to the pool. When we came back she had propped up my little stuffed animal on the bed. It was so cute •3•

  20. One time, it said hang up the towels and you won't get new ones. We hung up our towels every day and kept getting new ones

  21. That's not always true tho I worked at a hotel and we would have to take a black light over everything before someone was aloud to check in it

  22. Even if the bed sheet was only cleaned four times a year, which I doubt, but they have so many sheets that every time they replace them, they're clean even if it's been a few months

  23. I'm pretty sure the mattress part is wrong. Most of the hotels do clean the place (entirely) once in every week. They change the sheets after every guest leaves.

  24. In hotel I went to had 1 housekeeper and the floors where so dirty I walked around like normal and about an hour later my feet where so black you couldn't tell I was a white boy if you looked at just my feet right then, (I'm sorry if anyone got offended I'm not racist) when I took a shower I couldn't get all of it off even though I used a whole bar of soap. The hotel was cheaper than is is to send animal poo to a random person (it is $20) also the TV was crap but you'd probably already guess that and someone there with us opened the door that had a regular key not a room that needs a card to open, and it fell off the hinges then the only person there except the housekeeper opened the door after we fixed it and broke it and blamed my mom for it and she was like 10 feet away. Please give this a bad review the hotel is in Pueblo Colorado and called hotel USA I don't live in Pueblo anymore though idk what website you can do this on but I think you can on hotel.com or hotels.com plz I need this place to get shut down not to mention the crappy service…

  25. ive worked in a hotel and ive seen it where the comforters dont get washed or if they have that blanket by the edge of the bed as decoration

  26. 😂😂😂😂😂 I did my best to clean everything in every rooms.so far 1 time only the guest complain, because the reception let them to check in even it's not time yet.

  27. I always stay in 3 and 4 star hotels. A lot of places only do a refresh of the room till you have to leave. I ask for a full cleaning 2 times in a week when we are on vacation. I always tip them right away so they go the extra mile. A lot of hotels will play stupid when u ask for a full cleaning. I always have to hound the front desk. 4 star hotels and up never.

  28. I work as a housekeeper at a Hampton inn and idk about other hotels but where I work every inch of a room has to be cleaned daily beds changed everything must be dusted, wiped and vacuumed if not then the housekeeper that tried to cut corners will be sent back to the rooms to complete them or be fired.

  29. I just started working at a hotel. All I can is, NEVER drink from the cups or glasses they provide you. They only rinse and then dry with a DIRTY af towel.

  30. I work in a nice Hotel. I wash everything listed in the video on a daily basis. Blankets, counters, toilet paper holder ECT. Also if the guest feels that something is not clean enough for them, then request it be cleaned or that you would like clean linen and it'll be brought right to you. Every hotel is different, if you work at a hotel then clean it good. Guest pay a lot of money to sleep there.

  31. Not correct for all hotels, I work in one western Canadian brand hotel and we change the duvet covers, sheets, pillows cases and shower curtains each time a guest leaves, and change the sheets every week when a guest stays long term.

  32. wrong information after the guest ckeck out.. all the linen towels will be change by housekeeping . imagine in 1 week if the bed sheet never change what would you expect .. its smelly and dirty .. common sense my friend

  33. Hang on a min, I am a house keeper and we clean the rooms daily, from top to bottom, from every corner of the room and don't leave until the room is clean, don't judge every hotel by this video please, as not all hotels are like this

  34. In the motel I'm working right now(cheap motel)when a customer stay for a month or more we change /wash everything on the bed except the bed cover.we wash the pillows, mattress pad,bed spread etc.we actually deep cleaned the room.from fridge,microwave,everything.lucky that I'm working in a motel without room quata which means I can thoroughly clean each room.

  35. That is so not true….I work for a hotel and we wash blankets and the top covers. We even wash pillows. WE wash everything. We even wash our couch cushions covers.

  36. I live in a motel, Due to my house being burned down. I've been to 3-4 hotels including this one I'm in still. The only requirements for motels is vacuum make the bed, And clean the bathroom. Doesn't matter how many times she does it either. Everyday or once a month. Everything else is based on if she's asked or not. The red roof inn, They bring 5 maids in and clean top to bottom of a room, Which is nice but also watch out for the manager, They are disgusting human self untitled human beings who will do anything to pull a power move on a customer or worker. This is for any red roof in NY. Not sure about other states.

  37. I’m a housekeeper and during training I was trained to clean more than what this video said we clean daily🤷🏻‍♀️

  38. I'm a housewife and I want to update my cleaning routine, would love to know if anyone has a link to that cleaning checklist photo. I could use it as a template for my home cleaning routine….

  39. lmao this is false. Mattress pads and duvets get cleaned regularly unless the hotel is a shithole. Shower curtains are also changed fairly regularly because they get water stains on them that are very noticeable if they're not washed frequently.

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