37 thoughts on “HOT LUNCHES 🍎🍎 NEW Foods!

  1. Great ideas! I liked the lunch with the Edamame, Gyoza and Sesame Sticks. I need to try all that from Trader Joe's! So fun! I really have a new found outlook about making my lunch and it's all because of your videos. I've always liked making my own meals, but preparing a lunch used to be something I'd put off until it was too late. Then I'd have to go out for lunch, which just made me mad. Now, I see that it's a PRIME opportunity for me to be REALLY creative and now I really look forward to planning, making and eating my lunches. A long message to really just say, Thanks, so much!

  2. Barbecue chicken looks good you should do butterfly theme and you should try a chicken Alfredo for lunch or spaghetti 🍝

  3. Not your fault about the oatmeal, by it being "protein" you have to eat it right away, or else it sticks thickly same with steel cut oats but its soo good! Love your videos they honestly make me wanna meal prep again per day! I also want to start shopping at TJ's and Costco lolol! You're amazing, please don't change, ❀

  4. ummmmmm so i learnd if you heat up milk till it is very hot you put that into the oat meal in stead of water you should try it ^^)

  5. if you can find it i highly suggest you try pink flesh dragon fruit!! they’re a LOT sweeter, & have a better flavor. πŸ™‚

  6. i love your vids may i get a shoutout please btw i love how much you care about there lunches which is amazing you have such cute kids

  7. Your videos are really amazing, I was wondering where you get your thermos and your ice packs? They seem to work for you so I want to give them a try πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Jenn I was wondering if you could make more teen lunch ideas because I need some ideas before school start back

  9. Family fudge your lunches are adorable! I think what would be a good idea is having a winner who eats most of there lunch at the end of the week and the winner gets some sort of junk food ❀️love you family fudge!!✌️

  10. Just a tip for boiled eggs. An over cooked boiled egg will have the greenish gray ring around the yolk. Putting them in a pot, adding water and boiling for 8 minutes will give a fully cooked egg yolk without overcooking it and getting the rubber texture and green ring

  11. How do you make seasonal fruit in winter fun?im in Canada and we have serious lack of fresh fruit choice that are affordable? πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»

  12. Hi quick question where did you find the funnel you useΒ to fill the thermoses. I am working on my lunch supply collection and that tool would help me so much!!! Thanks a bunch for all your hard work making the videos. I love them ALL!!!!

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