Homemade Vegan Pulled Pork with The Edgy Veg || $30 Dinner Party

Homemade Vegan Pulled Pork with The Edgy Veg || $30 Dinner Party

– Hi! Hi! Hi! OK. Hey, I’m Lee Kalpakis,
segment chef at Thrillist and this is “$30 Dinner Party.” Woo! Thrillist is sending me
all over New York City to help people just like you
throw killer dinner parties for very little money. None of this, only this. We’re gonna plan, we’re
gonna shop, we’re gonna cook, and we’re gonna serve your
people incredible food without breaking the bank. Plan, shop, cook. It’s not hard, it’s totally easy. Do you like exercise? Me neither. And I’m gonna show you how it’s done. Mel is currently transitioning
careers into education and is super-passionate about
sustainable urban agriculture. Right now money’s tight, but
she wants to prove to her carnivore friends once and
for all that plant-based food can be a delicious dinner for anyone. – Ya gotta eat your spinach
if ya wants to be strong. – To help plan the
perfect menu to win over even the most skeptical meat eaters — I’m looking at you — we went to YouTube’s resident
vegan superstar, Edgy Veg. – Today on “The Edgy Veg,” I’m
going to show you how to make bean and cheese taquitos, pumpkin chili, black ice cream, because
it’s cool and gimmicky. I’m Candice, The Edgy Veg,
and I just wrote a cookbook. It has really good food puns. – [Lee] Is there, like, a recipe that doesn’t have a pun in it? – No. I just did a pumpkin
video and I said, “Oh my gourd”. – [Lee] That’s a 10 out of 10. – [Candice] Thank you.
– [Lee] Mmmmhmm. You know about our friend Mel, right? – Now I think I can relate to Mel a lot, because I have friends that eat meat. You know, when you tell someone
you’re vegan or plant-based, right away they’re like,
OK, you eat, you know, salad, and granola, and I think
when people think “vegan,” they think that you have to buy really over-the-top ingredients. $8 almond milk.
– Yes. – But you can actually make
a lot of this stuff at home from scratch, using ingredients that you already have in your home. So I think we could definitely nail like a really good
dinner party for $30. – Hi! – [Candice] Hi! – Can I hug you? – [Candice] Of course!
– [Mel] I’m so excited! – Thank you so much for coming. – I’m nervous but I feel like it’s like you have a very chill vibe, so I feel like I’m
absorbing it, or trying to. So I feel like as a plant-based person, a lot of times I’m super excited about, you know, the newest
seitan or tempeh recipe and my friends are like,
“That sounds disgusting.” – We’re trying to convince
your friends that, like, plant-based is awesome and cool, and can be really hearty, so, like a pulled jackfruit
sandwich with some slaw — really meaty, lots of barbecue sauce. – That’s a rule, I think
that every meat eater loves barbecue, that’s a fact, We can all agree on that. – And then, like, a nice
salad, but like a good salad, not a boring salad, so like a kale salad? Maybe with some pesto?
– Yeah. – [Lee] That’s nice
and hearty for a salad, I like that, that’s pretty good. – So for the dessert
I’m thinking something really quick, easy, cheap, we could make a coconut-based ice cream? Grab some fruit, strawberries. – I don’t know if on $30 in New York, that’s gonna fly. – I’m a bit skeptical myself, but I think we can pull it off. – I’m willing to try. – I’m a little nervous. – I know what this is, but do you? – [Lee] If I smell it, I’ll know. – [Candice] Smell it. – [Lee] Horseradish. Actually
it just smells like dirt. These are those kiwi berries! – [Mel and Candice] What?
– [Lee] You bite into it and it’s like a baby kiwi. – Stop. – It’s the cutest thing ever. – This is like the size of a
child. Like you could like… – [Lee and Mel] Yep. – [Candice] Let’s go get some greens. – Let’s start with the salad. Let’s start with the pesto for the salad. You can buy a smaller amount of basil if you use the entire thing. The stems taste exactly
like the basil itself. Half the sunflower seeds here, and then we’ll use the other
half as a nice crunchy garnish. Some salt, and about a quarter cup of oil. My favorite way to cut kale is to roll it, and then cut it on an angle. Most people find kale to be
bitter, the typical heath food. – [Lee] Yeah, but then
Beyoncé wore a sweatshirt that said “kale” on it, and now… – Now everybody loves kale. – [Mel] I feel like kale kind of is like the hip and trendy thing, so
I feel like my dinner guests are gonna be excited for a kale salad. – Hip and trendy. – Hip and trendy! We’re so hip and trendy! – That’s what it should be called, “Welcome back to ‘Hip and Trendy.'” – [Candice] Toss the dressing in there. We’re going to wash our
hands and start massaging. – OK, let’s make some
pulled “pork” sandwiches. This is young jackfruit, and
you can do it in water or brine — just not syrup, or else you
will have a syrupy, sweet, disgusting mess. Salt, pepper, little
bit of cayenne pepper, and then some garlic powder. And toss it right into the pan here with a little bit of oil. Cook that down, and make
some homemade barbecue sauce. Because we’re on a budget. – [Lee] We’re gonna start
with a ketchup base, and then we have some maple syrup. Most barbecue sauce has
Worcestershire — anchovies in that — so instead, we have
liquid smoke, totally vegan, [and] just a little bit of soy sauce. Some white vinegar, some hot sauce. – [Candice] Take half of this
beautiful homemade sauce, and once we’ve thrown that into the pan, we can turn it down,
and just let it simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes or until the fibers start
to fall apart a little bit. Mash the heck out of it. You
can also do this with a fork, but I find the potato masher
is the quickest and easiest way to do it. Plus, you can
get out some aggression that you’ve been holding
on to from a long week. So for the slaw, you can just
buy a super-cheap slaw mix. And then we can put together
a nice little dressing, with just some apple cider
vinegar, some oil, some salt, and some garlic powder, and some cayenne. – [Lee] This is breaking
apart really nicely. That’s amazing.
– [Candice] Right? – [Lee] Yeah, it looks like
pulled pork, that’s so cool! – [Candice] Isn’t that wild? – [Lee] Yeah! – [Candice] Nature is amazing! So for dessert, we are going to make a super-simple strawberry ice cream. Start with the strawberries.
To help it break down, you can add a little bit of sugar. And then squeeze some
lemon juice on there, some coconut cream. You want to incorporate half
of this into the ice cream so there is a consistent
strawberry flavor throughout the whole thing, and then a
little bit of vanilla extract, about a teaspoon, and
then blend it up again. So you can pour that right into the pan, and then we are going
to fold the remainder of the mashed strawberries
into the ice cream. And put it in the freezer,
for I would say at least four hours, but it’s
much better overnight. OK Mel, I have all the
confidence in the world that you can pull this off. I know your friends will love this meal that you’re putting together. – [Mel] Hopefully I can convince some non-vegetarian or vegan
people that eating that way is awesome and tasty and just like what they’re eating every day. – [Candice] Exactly, and you
know what? I know you will. – I’m a little bit nervous,
I’m like really excited. I love dinner parties,
but I really don’t know how my non-veg friends are
gonna feel about this meal, I think it came out
really well, and I think Candice had some really good tips but we’ll see what they think. – I’m a little skeptical, I
don’t know what’s gonna happen. – I’m a little on edge. – I definitely think you
can make a really nice gourmet dinner for $30, you just have to be really
smart at the grocery store. – Tastes like barbecue. – [Friend in black shirt]
Yeah, that’s so good! Do you like it? – It’s OK. – [Friend in black shirt] All right. This is really good. – I think it went swimmingly, I mean, everyone seemed pretty
well-fed, it was on a budget, we had a good time, there
was good conversation, what’s not to like? – I thought Mel did a really awesome job. She made some incredible vegan food, she threw a really cool party, and she impressed her skeptical friends, all for just under $30. I think it’s safe to say
that we won this one. As for me, it’s taco time. – [Man] Taco time, I like that. – [Lee] Yeah! All right! – [Man] She’s good, she’s good. – [Lee] I’m good at tacos! – Don’t forget to subscribe to
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30 thoughts on “Homemade Vegan Pulled Pork with The Edgy Veg || $30 Dinner Party

  1. Kind of feel sorry for Mel when Candice and Lee made fun of her with the Hip & Trendy sarcasm…but not really. 😂 People are going to hate on this episode but I think all the food looked really tasty. 👍

  2. Yea… So "Vegan pulled pork" is just mashed jackfruit. You should just call it mashed jackfruit. Just by looking at the process and ingredients, there's no way you can replicate the smokey, rich flavor of authentic pulled pork. Also I didn't hear one person say anything close to "Holy shit, that's so good!"

  3. the second i heard "'''mel is transitioning…….'''" Oh gawd… here we go again…. "'''careers…"'' ohhhhh okay, right on. Lets do this.

  4. What if I told you that if the only reason your food is acceptable is when it imitates other food, your food isn't acceptable?

    Vegans, lmao.

  5. Would probably have received a lot less dislikes by removing vegan and putting veggie smashed jack fruit. Vegans are always trying to insert themselves into their food and it is so stupid. "Oh try this vegan or vegitarian stoofit is so GOOD!" would be more succesful "Oh hey what is this? Oh it is smashed jack fruit with "lists ingredients"" Oh so what does Jack fruit taste like?" Try some and find out!?

    See none of that is out of the ordinary or hard to do and is not pressing their views on others.

  6. So in our "$30" meal.. we didnt pay for Salt, Pepper, Oil, Ketchup, Maple Syrup, Ceyenne Pepper, Onion Powder, Liquid Smoke, Soy sauce, White vinegar, Hot Sauce?!, apple cider vinegar, sugar, OR vanilla extract… but we're just supposed to have all of that shit in our cabinets already right?….. Just sayin…

  7. Dig the show. I'm always looking for new/different vegetarian meals, especially ones that are hearty and filling. This is my first episode, but I'll definitely watch a couple others so I can get a feel for the "normal" flow of the show.
    Some constructive criticism: everything having to do with Mel felt over the top "scripted drama/reality television show" to me. Hey, maybe you were going for that, I'm not sure. If it is, then you nailed it, it's just not my bag. Maybe Mel's not used to being in front of a camera and had to answer questions prompted from the producer/director. I don't know the situation. Love the host, though! She's energetic and funny. The guest host/chef was good as well.

  8. This is about 80% useless fluff, misleading title and is too busy trying to be edgy instead of being an actual recipe. Even skipping over half the video didin't give the info I needed.
    Pretty sure you could not have screwed this up more.

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